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testmate sport easy-to-use portable battery tester specifically developed for all 12v power sport motorcycle atv snowmobile personal watercraft starter batteries from 2 to 35ah sae rated capacity includes soft rubber holder for added protection now with 3 test programs • standard filler cap batteries sealed agm and gel mf batteries provides instant and reliable test displays • high power agm such as ytz ytx and odyssey • actual cca cold cranking amps choose between sae or din • residual charge as a of the rated ah capacity • gives short text message with test result summary 08-0329 testmate electronic battery tester ta-9 optimate test ts-121 battery and charging system alternator tester the 3 step test checks battery charge level records lowest start volts verifies charging voltage checks if alternator is compatible with lifepo4 lfp lithium batteries 08-0491 1578 ts-121 accumate pro 12v 24v 7.0 amps professional high power smart charger for all 12v 24v starter stand-by deep cycle battery applications the charge rate is adjusted according to ambient temperature to maximize battery service life 08-0252 accumate pro 12v-7a-24v 3.5a optimate test ts-127 state of charger battery tester tm-212 state of charge result in volts and tests all 12v lead-acid and lifepo4 lfp lithium batteries easy to use connect clips to the battery and read the result the optimate battery tester’s microprocessor circuit draws very low power from the battery itself to determine and display battery status 08-0492 ts-127