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high visibility vests basics make sure safety is always in sight when to replace your high visibility vest the need to replace high visibility vests varies greatly based on usage if worn every day the life expectancy of a vest is around 6 months but it can last up to 3 years with infrequent use look for signs of • fading from sun exposure • tears cracks and deep scratches • dirt or heavy soiling • inability to be seen from 300m day or night in a world of constant distraction inattentive drivers pose an enormous risk for anyone who works on or near roads parking lots and freeways pro-safe® high visibility vests bring you back into the driver’s focus so you can stay safe visible and comfortable on the job browse our entire spectrum of high visibility clothing available in a variety of colors styles and ansi classes find your type 0                   !/           

high visibility vests high visibility vests standard mesh vests sleeveless surveyor s zipper vest • lightweight mesh • hook and loop closure      • two 360-degree horizontal stripes • two vertical shoulder stripes size chest size in ansi class yellow orange medium 37-39 2 87041414 87041364 large 39-43 2 87041406 87041356 x-large 43-46 2 87041422 87041372 87041067 2x-large 46-49 2 87041430 87041380 87041075 3x-large 49-52 2 87041448 87041398 size chest size in ansi class yellow orange medium 37-39 2 87041091 87041042 large 39-43 2 87041083 87041034 x-large 43-46 2 87041109 87041059 2x-large 46-49 2 87041117 3x-large 49-52 2 87041125 • fully dielectric nonconductive front zipper • 9 outside pockets • 3 inside pockets      • two 360-degree horizontal stripes • two vertical shoulder stripes non-ansa compliant vests short sleeve breakaway vests • hook and loop fasteners at the top

rainwear rainwear light duty 3-piece rain suits  9> storm , ;97 dangers of working in the rain ® when weather is at its worst you can rely on pro-safe® 3-piece rain suits to keep you warm dry and visible whether you’re dealing with drizzle or downpours our rain suits can be adjusted with snaps on the ankles and wrists plus a detachable hood that can be tightened or loosened with a drawstring we use hardware that is nonconductive and noncorrosive so you can feel             no matter how wet it is outside underarm vents two pockets with flaps • • • • slippery surfaces lightning electrocution limited visibility to drivers compromised vision while wearing goggles • injury from non-waterproof gear • detachable hood with drawstring     !  • elastic waist pants #     • underarm vents • adjustable snaps at wrists and ankles

cut resistant basics applications for cut resistant garments • metal fabrication • glass handling • automotive • aerospace • appliance manufacturing • plastics and molding • direct food contact • food processing • foodservice • grocery/retail meat and poultry protection that makes the cut pro-safe® ata® composite garments are the answer for your complete cut protection needs made from extremely strong composite materials these garments offer unmatched cut and abrasion resistance while keeping the wearer cool and comfortable cut resistant garments are worn over almost any type of clothing and are lightweight and non-restrictive ideal for protection against mechanical hazards in the toughest environments and highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals rely on garments made from ata® fabric for lasting protection the ata® yarn core combines cut resistant components running         

arc flash basics protect yourself from arc flash arc flash can be caused by many factors including • • • • • • • arc flashes can occur with no warning and the results can be catastrophic to property and life as much as 80 of all electrical injuries are burns caused by an arc flash and ignition of flammable clothing pro-safe® offers a range of protective clothing to keep you safe and comfortable in your work environment even when arc flash is a risk dust dropping tools accidental touching condensation material failure corrosion faulty installation what is nfpa 70e      c  # =         a              #  8 #  #      h   h1  j! =            #   #                         

flame resistant welding basics tough protection for tough jobs what fire resistant clothing do you need taking into account nfpa standard 70e roughly 90 of all electrical trade workers generally fall into category 1 and 2 meaning they require frc with an atpv rating of 8 or higher category 1 has a minimum arc rating of 4 it is the responsibility of the employer to understand the hazards in  !          clothing is required if you’re a welder who needs tough clothing pro-safe® leather jackets are as tough as they come welders everywhere trust pro-safe® flame resistant clothing for its durability reliability and ultimate protection against sparks flames spatters and extreme heat and with jackets aprons bibs and sleeves we have you covered with a full range of welding protection non-leather protection how to measure ,  c               #          !/  7

flame resistant welding flame resistant welding bib apron split leg apron • constructed of chrome-tanned leather double stitched with kevlar® and riveted seams for added protection • feature a 2 compartment chest pocket w in l in order 24 36 01881028 24 42 01881036 24 48 01881044 w in l in order 24 24 01881069 • cotton aprons feature fray-preventing serged edging and white ties around neck and waist • leather aprons have adjustable side snaps and the split leg aprons feature a 2 compartment chest pocket w in l in material order 24 36 cotton whipcord 66550849 24 36 split leather 66550856 waist apron • constructed of chrome-tanned leather double stitched with kevlar® and riveted seams for added protection • adjustable side snaps leggings 5 flare • constructed of chrome-tanned leather double stitched with kevlar® and riveted seams for added protection • leggings are 2-ply construction consisting of fabric layered 

flame resistant welding flame resistant welding welding sleeve balaclava hoods • constructed of 100 11oz cotton sateen fabric • sleeves feature 21/2 elastic ends l in order 18 • soft comfortable feel 66550922 material color hrc added protection rating carbon x black 2 non-flammable non-melting 77949857 pbi — flame resistant 77949865 nomex® white 2 flame resistant 77949873 • fit most head sizes • fit under or without hat order • warm and washable denim sleeves • non-fr blue denim sleeve available with white serged elastic on both ends or blue-gold elastic strap on both ends • order a qty of 1 and receive one pair of sleeves cuff type l in beige electric arc protective headgear order elastic opening at both ends 18 06649826 • includes blue nylon dielectric hat bracket face shield and hard hat elastic cuff 18 77948396        [         and elastomeric attachment 2 elastic cuff 18

aluminized clothing aluminized clothing 0c/b= your cool n  aluminized protective clothing doesn’t need to be too heavy and rigid to keep you safe when working in high heat environments pro-safe® utilizes modern technology to protect you from radiant heat and molten metal splash without restricting your movement or causing you to lug around extra weight pro-safe® aluminized jackets also feature safety stitched seams and reinforced snaps for extra durability you can count on to keep you protected    carbon kevlar® • resists both molten iron and aluminum splash • outstanding cut abrasion and heat resistance aluminized heat protection clothing bib apron ‡[ˆ &    &  & ‰‡Š radiant heat • durable 19 oz per sq ft material construction in each product w in 24 l in 39 order blended kevlar® carbon kevlar® 54164686 54164694 • adjustable length web neck

aluminized clothing aluminized clothing aluminized blended kevlar® leggings chaps 40 length ‡[ˆ &    &  & ‰‡Š radiant heat • durable 19 oz per sq ft material construction in each product size universal order • removable outer cover over tempered steel spring in each desc l in order blended kevlar® carbon kevlar® • kevlar® & [‡      !&  leggings 14 54165402 54165527 54165519 hip leggings 36 54165386 • adjustable web belt and d-ring fasteners • open back for extra comfort aluminized carbon kevlar® leggings pants 32 inseam ‡[ˆ &    &  & ‰‡Š radiant heat • durable 19 oz per sq ft material construction in each product size waist size in order small 28-30 54165238 medium 32-34 54165261 • feature reinforced waistband belt loops and covered snap

talk ,   the pro-safe® team is here to help your team face any risk or challenge with our trusted protective clothing solutions for assistance call 800.645.7270 fax 800.255.5067 ensure compliance no-hassle guarantee more choices less time expert support we meet or exceed ansi standards to keep your team protected get exactly what you need when you need it or your money back a broad range of high-quality products in stock and ready to ship get immediate support from safety experts who are ready to help for our full line of pro-safe® products visit 75 maxess road melville ny