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cleaning solutions microfiber microfibers are microscopic fibers that are often 200 times smaller than a human hair making them efficient for cleaning a microfiber mop can absorb 7 times its own weight in water microfiber has a longer lifespan than cotton handles frames lightweight aluminum construction msc rcp description replaceable hook and loop strips attach all rubbermaid microfiber damp and dust mops 74138686 74138694 74138454 74138462 74138470 74138496 74138504 74138355 74138363 74138371 74138389 74138447 74138488 fgq75000yl00 fgq760000000 fgq55000yl00 fgq56000yl00 fgq57000yl00 fgq58000yl00 fgq59000yl00 fgq11000bk00 fgq18000bk00 fgq24000bk00 fgq36000bk00 fgq48000bk00 fgq57100gy00 58 quick connect handle 48 72 quick connect ergo adjustable handle 11 quick connect wall/stair frame 18 quick connect wet/dry frame 24 quick connect frame w squeegee 36 quick connect frame 48 quick connect frame hook/loop replacement 11in/28cm 18 hook/loop replacement hook/loop replacement

cleaning solutions traditional wet mops cont standard mops swinger loop blend mops looped-end tailbanded mop for greater floor coverage msc rcp description balanced 4-ply blend of cotton and synthetic yarn for absorbency and strength 04396297 61627196 04396313 04396321 09308305 04396339 04396347 09308313 04396354 01177492 fgc15106bl00 fgc15106gr00 fgc15206bl00 fgc15206gr00 fgc15206wh00 fgc15306bl00 fgc15306gr00 fgc15306wh00 fgc15406bl00 fgc15406wh00 swinger loop 5 hb small blue swinger loop 5 hb small green swinger loop 5 hb medium blue swinger loop 5 hb medium green swinger loop 5 hb medium white swinger loop 5 hb large blue swinger loop 5 hb large green swinger loop 5 hb large white swinger loop 5 hb xlarge blue swinger loop 5 hb xlarge white outperforms and outlasts premium cut-end mops two to one msc rcp description balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarns for absorbency and strength 72111628 61627154 fgd25206rd00 fgd25306rd00 super stitch blend 5 hb medium

cleaning solutions brooms brushes brooms angle brooms cut and shaped for easy sweeping msc rcp description long-lasting stain-resistant polypropylene bristles 09307752 00502096 00502104 fg637500gray fg638500gray fg638906bla angle broom flagged w handle angle broom angle reg flagged designed for rugged indoor/outdoor cleaning msc rcp description 100 natural broom corn fibers for long life and effective pickup 91917757 00502112 09002635 fg638100red fg638300blue fg638400oran 24 lb std brm 31 lb whse br 35 lb whse br msc rcp description 09002643 08558777 fg637300brn fg637400bla lobby brm corn lobby broom designed to pickup the finest debris msc rcp description ideal for highly polished or waxed floors 04762571 04762589 04762597 04762605 04762613 04762621 fg9b0000gray fg9b0100bla fg9b0200gray fg9b0300bla fg9b0400gray fg9b0500bla 18 fine sweep 18 fine sweep 24 fine sweep 24 fine sweep 36 fine sweep 36 fine sweep designed to round up heavier dirt from multiple floor surfaces msc

cleaning solutions cleaning carts janitorial cleaning carts flexible high-capacity storage solutions and tool organization msc rcp description more storage space and waste capacity 48495295 87186946 45753860 30492912 fg9t7200bla fg9t7900bla fg9t7500bla 1966881 hi cap janitor cart double capacity janitor cart hi security janitor cart vinyl bag for cleaning cart msc rcp description 00999839 09306804 89810246 09306754 09306598 fg252300beig fg252300bla fg261400gray fg296300gray fg264900gray step stool step stool brute bucket 14qt brute bucket 10qt maid caddy msc rcp description 81387078 81387060 fg421588bla fg421388bla dual action brushless dual action bristle s-hooks hold 5⁄8 to 11⁄4 diameter handles msc rcp description deep double hooks afford easy accessibility 09341694 09341702 08553612 fg199200gray fg199300gray fg199400yel closet org tool holder 18in/46cm gray closet org tool holder 34in/86cm gray value kit for 1992/1993 48495295 cleaning accessories step stools

proserve racks and carts proserve racks and carts versatile system specially designed to work with food pans food boxes and sheet pans impact-resistant structural web plastic components stand up to the most demanding kitchens msc rcp description 73013666 73013674 fg331600bla fg332000bla prep cart food box end loader max rack msc rcp description 89819783 89819791 fgp100s fgp250s scl pel mch 100lb scl mch sw 250lb msc rcp description 65360984 00422360 fg840w fgyg180r 40lbs 2oz increments 5bs 1/2oz increments racks and carts are designed with soft round corners that are easy on the walls doors and equipment stylish design and quiet handling moves food easily from kitchen to dining room minimizing expensive labor costs usda meat and poultry group listed nsf-certified for cleanability 73013674 scales briefcase utility mechanical receiving scales low profile receiving scale for foodservice industrial or office environments compact size stores easily and out of the way 89819791

22 call msc at 800.645.7270 today to learn about the latest newell rubbermaid

waste management solutions cont refuse containers utility wastebaskets rolled rims add strength and are easy to clean msc rcp description msc rcp description • fits under standard-height desk even when swing top is fully extended 09306614 05965546 05965561 09307273 05965553 02211415 05965587 89856850 05965595 92361435 fg294700gray fg295200beig fg295500beig fg295500bla fg295500gray fg295573blue fg295600beig fg295600bla fg295600gray fg295606grn 44 qt round 8.5 qt rectangle 14 qt rectangle 14 qt rectangle 14 qt rectangle 14 qt rectangle 28 qt rectangle 28 qt rectangle 28 qt rectangle 28 qt rectangle 09796004 05965629 09307265 05965611 02211423 05965645 05965652 05965660 05965678 fg295673blue fg295700beig fg295700bla fg295700gray fg295773blue fg306600beig fg306600bla fg306700beig fg306700bla 28 qt rectangle 41 qt rectangle 41 qt rectangle 41 qt rectangle 41 qt rectangle swingtop lid fits 2956 swingtop lid fits 2956 swingtop lid fits 2957 swingtop lid fits 2957 msc rcp

customize your refuse container enhance your buildings décor with our durable refuse receptacles rubbermaid commercial products offers infinite possibilities with its many custom options 30 call msc at 800.645.7270 today to learn about the latest newell rubbermaid

cube trucks a full line of trucks for waste collection material transport and laundry handling msc rcp description 8 cubic foot 6.4 bushel diamond caster pattern provides superior maneuverability 81746802 81746679 81746745 heavy-duty models come with metal body support band fg460800bla fg470800bla fg460900bla 300 lb capacity cube truck 700 lb capacity heavy-duty cube truck lid for 8 cubic foot cube trucks 12 cubic foot 9.6 bushel 81746810 81746687 81746752 fg461200bla fg471200bla fg461300bla 400 lb capacity cube truck 800 lb capacity heavy-duty cube truck lid for 12 cubic foot cube trucks 14 cubic foot 11.3 bushel 60926979 81746828 81746760 fg461100bla fg461400bla fg461500bla 500 lb capacity spring platform cube truck 500 lb capacity cube truck lid for 14 cubic foot cube trucks 16 cubic foot 12.9 bushel 81746836 02211472 81746695 81746828 fg461600bla 500 lb capacity cube truck fg461673blue 500 lb capacity recycling cube truck fg471600bla 1,000 lb capacity heavy-duty cube truck 20

storage brute totes the ultimate storage and transport container msc rcp description 04930806 04930814 04930822 04930830 fg9s3000gray fg9s3000wht fg9s3100gray fg9s3100wht brute tote 14g/53l gray brute tote 14g/53l wht brute tote 20g/75l gray brute tote 20g/75l wht msc rcp description 9789660 9789678 9789702 9789686 9789694 9789710 fg172100gray fg172200gray fg172000gray fg173100gray fg173200gray fg173000gray 19.5 x 15.5 x 10 1.3cuft capacity 19.5 x 15.5 x 13 1.6 cu ft capacity lid for 1721 1722 23.5 x 19.5 x 10 2 cu ft capacity 23.5 x 19.5 x 13 2.6 cu ft capacity lid for 1731 1732 msc rcp description 79167508 79167516 79167524 fg448900bla fg449000bla fg449100bla dunnage rack 24 x 36 dunnage rack 24 x 48 dunnage rack 30 x 60 stationary shelves feature molded feet for added stability msc rcp description mobile shelf trucks come with 4 swivel nonmarking casters two with brakes 69939254 09754938 69939247 69939213 69939239 69939205 72556657 fg9t3600bla fg9t3700bla