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benefits from other m.t.h product lines even if you re not interested in tinplate one gauge or ho scale our products in these other areas have benefits for you because new features developed for other scales or gauges may eventually appear in premier and railking o gauge trains our one gauge triplex for example is north america s first production model with a smoking whistle a feature we re currently developing for o gauge steamers our proto-sound 3.0 ho engines have smaller electronics compatible with both our dcs system and the dcc command control system popular with 2-rail modelers around the globe our ho diesels have operating scale proportioned protocouplers that like their o gauge brethren can be triggered anywhere on the layout unlike most other model train companies we have a research development team located in its own facility in michigan that benefits hobbyists across a wide range of interests and scales

gp-7 diesel features die-cast truck sides pilots and fuel tank colorful paint scheme metal chassis metal handrails and decorative horn intricately detailed abs body locomotive speed control in scale mph increments 2 precision flywheel equipped motors 2 remotely controlled proto-couplerstm metal wheels axles and gears directionally controlled headlights operating smoke unit proto-sound® 2.0 with the digital command system featuring freight yard proto-effectstm unit measures 14 3/4 x 2 1/2 x 3 3/4 operates on o-31 curves

operating rolling stock great white shark operating action car 30-79302 $69.95 monster alligators operating action car 30-79301 $69.95 action car features moving backlit scenes unit measures 11 1/2 x 2 3/8 x 2 5/16 operates on o-27 curves fire rescue flat car with operating helicopter 30-79299 $59.95 flat car with helicopter features operating helicopter motorized launch base unit measures 11 5/8 x 3 3/8 x 4 1/2 operates on o-27 curves requires 40-1008 operating track section police flat car with operating helicopter 30-79300 $59.95

center i-beam flat car cp rail center i-beam flat car 30-76421 $49.95 union pacific center i-beam flat car 30-76420 $49.95 bnsf center i-beam flat car 30-76419 $49.95 csx center i-beam flat car 30-76418 $49.95 features simulated wood load unit measures 15 x 2 3/8 x 3 15/16 operates on o-31 curves railking rolling stock

milwaukee road 4-6-4 hiawatha steam engine 20-3437-1 proto-sound 3.0 $1099.95 with the bold slogan nothing faster on rails the milwaukee road inaugurated its chicagotwin cities hiawatha passenger service on may 29 1935 pressured by intense competition on the route between chicago and minneapolis st paul including the burlington s pioneering diesel twin zephyrs the milwaukee road had turned to the american locomotive works to design the fastest steam locomotives of the day the results did not disappoint the hiawathas were initially headed by oil burning alco 4-4-2 atlantics created specifically for intense 100 mile per hour daily operations the engines and their entire trains were renowned for their colorful aerodynamic styling by industrial designer otto kuhler who lamented however that i did get disgusted every time an uninitiated person asked me is that a diesel the hiawathas seduced passengers with luxurious surroundings that included the tip top tap room the first standup

6-car european modern kesselwagen set wascosa omv 6-car european modern kesselwagen tank car set 20-90919 hi-railwheels $439.95 20-90923 finescalewheels $439.95 gatx 6-car european modern kesselwagen tank car set 20-90917 hi-railwheels $439.95 20-90921 finescalewheels $439.95 bp 6-car european modern kesselwagen tank car set 20-90916 hi-railwheels $439.95 20-90920 finescalewheels $439.95 wascosa 6-car european modern kesselwagen tank car set 20-90918 hi-railwheels $439.95 20-90922 finescalewheels $439.95

dash-9 diesel features -1:48scaleproportions -directionallycontrolledheadlights -intricatelydetailedabsbody -metalwheels,axlesandgears -die-casttrucksides,pilotsandfuel tank 2remotelycontrolled proto-couplerstm -metalhandrailsanddecorativehorn 2precisionflywheelequipped motors -locomotivespeedcontrolinscale mphincrements -proto-scale3-2tm3-rail/2-rail conversioncapable -lightedcabinterior -illuminatednumberboards -lightedmarkerlights 2engineercabfigures -moveablerooffanblades -metalbodysidegrilles -operatingditchlights -operatingsmokeunit -proto-sound®2.0withthedigital commandsystemfeaturing freightyardproto-effectstm -unitmeasures 183/4 x23/4 x37/8 -hi-railwheelsoperateon o-42curves -scalewheelsoperateon 42 radiuscurves

u25b diesel features -die-casttrucksides,pilotsand fueltank -intricatelydetailedabsbody -authenticpaintscheme -metalbodysidegrilles -moveablerooffanblades -metalchassis -metalhandrailsanddecorativehorn -directionallycontrolledheadlights -metalwheels,axlesandgears 2remotelycontrolled proto-couplerstm 2precisionflywheelequipped motors -lightedcabinterior -illuminatednumberboards -operatingsmokeunit 2engineercabfigures -locomotivespeedcontrolinscale mphincrements -proto-scale3-2tm3-rail/2-rail conversioncapable -1:48scaleproportions -proto-sound®2.0withthedigital commandsystemfeaturing freightyardproto-effectstm -unitmeasures:16 x31/8 x4 -hi-railwheelsoperateon o-42curves -scalewheelsoperateon 31 radiuscurves

ps-2 hopper pittsburgh lake erie ps-2 hopper 20-97263 $49.95 maryland midland ps-2 hopper 20-97264 $49.95 detroit toledo ironton ps-2 hopper 20-97265 $49.95 bnsf ps-2 hopper 20-97266 $49.95 features -oscalekadee®compatiblecoupler mountingpad -operatinginteriorlighting -eachcarmeasures10 x29/16 x33/8 -operatesono-31curves 2-rail bettendorf die-cast freight car two-truck pack 20-89001 $14.99 premier rolling stock

o-gauge or 2-rail o scale couplers trucks end-of-train-device roller bearing freight truck thislongrequestedaccessorycanconvertanym.t.h.premierlinefreightcartoanend-of-traincarinjustminutes thealldie-castsprungrollerbearingtruckincludesa center-railpickuprollerthatpowersabrightflashingled reproducingtheend-of-traineffectfoundonmodern freightdrags theetdtruckeasilymountstoyourexistingfreightcarsin justafewminutes 3-rail railking 3-rail bettendorf freight car two truck pack 30-89001 $12.99 railking 3-rail roller bearing freight car two truck pack 30-89002 $12.99 premier 3-rail bettendorf freight car two truck pack 20-89003 $14.99 premier 3-rail roller bearing freight car two truck pack 20-89004 $14.99 features -die-castconstruction -fullyassembled -self-poweredstrobelight -mountstoanym.t.h.freightcar -unitmeasures:1 high 2-rail lightweight passenger car two truck pack 20-89007 $24.95 premier 2-rail 2-rail heavyweight passenger car two truck pack 20-89014 $24.95 2-rail 64 woodsided

try itatyourlocaldcs democenterorlearnmore withacomplimentary dvd ondcs&m.t.h.technology simply the best way to run a railroad tm follow us online take your favorite proto-sound 2.0 or 3.0 locomotive to any demo center and experience the additional features your engine has with dcs control to find your nearest dcs demo center or request your complimentary dvd visit www.mthtrains.com 6 58081 29370