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m.t.h trains are more fun arrival or departure steam chuff or diesel roar and crew conversations station sounds proto-sound passenger engines feature arrival and departure announce-ments of famous passenger trains freight engines include freight yard proto effects™ a symphony of freight terminal sounds remote dcs commander m.t.h ho train sets featuring proto-sound 3.0 equipped locomotives come outfitted with a wireless walk-around remote control that makes accessing some of the features builtin to the locomotive easy and fun to operate with the remote commander you’ll have one-touch access to volume adjustment freight yard sound effects speed settings and startup and shutdown sound effects just to name a few command control m.t.h trains are more fun because they feature the sights and sounds that make real trains dramatic and exciting features that you can control from the handheld remote digital commander as you walk around your layout speed control many toy trains

christmas f-3 diesel freight set proto-sound 3.0 set includes remote control christmas f-3 diesel r-t-r deluxe freight train set 81-4006-1 proto-sound 3.0 $229.95 81-4006-0 dcc ready $169.95 81-4006-6 proto-sound 3.0 euro powerpack $229.95 for more than a century toy trains and christmas have been a magical combination what better way to create your own family’s version of a classic tradition than to include this beautifully decorated christmas set around your tree trimmed in traditional christmas colors the m.t.h christmas express freight set captures the spirit and fun of model railroading in an affordable train set that will last for years and when you want to expand your railroad the rugged eight-wheel-drive christmas diesel has all the power you’ll need to pull a long string of cars trailing the locomotive are three cars bearing distinctive christmas operating action car 81-99014 $54.95 christmas paint schemes as with all of our ho sets the christmas express

m&m’s® f-3 diesel freight set proto-sound 3.0 set includes remote control m&m’s® brand f-3 diesel r-t-r deluxe freight train set 81-4004-1 proto-sound 3.0 $239.95 81-4004-0 dcc ready $179.95 81-4004-6 proto-sound 3.0 euro powerpack $239.95 in the days before air conditioning eating chocolate in the summer was a messy affair legend has it that forrest mars sr son of the founder of mars inc got the inspiration for m&m’s® in the late 1930s on a trip to spain during the spanish civil war he encountered soldiers eating pellets of chocolate encased in a hard sugary coating that prevented it from melting back at his kitchen mr mars invented the recipe for m&m’s® plain chocolate candies just in time for m&m’s® to become a favorite snack of american soldiers in world war ii in 1954 the famous slogan “the milk chocolate that melts in your mouth—not in your hand”® debuted in the first m&m’s® candy tv ads and in

operating action car this exciting car features a backlighted moving animation strip visible through each of the car’s four large viewing windows utilizing a quiet and efficient motorized player and bright led lighting the animated action really shines bright chesapeake blue crabs operating action car 85-99016 $54.95 sharks operating action car 85-99007 $54.95 large mouth bass operating action car 85-99008 $54.95 tropical fish operating action car 85-99005 $54.95

70-ton quadruple hopper car bessemer lake erie 70-ton quadruple hopper car 81-75011 89256 $21.95 81-75009 89249 $21.95 81-75010 89252 $21.95 chesapeake ohio 70-ton quadruple hopper car 81-75013 69252 $21.95 81-75012 69250 $21.95 81-75014 69257 $21.95 lackawanna 70-ton quadruple hopper car 81-75015 88248 $21.95 81-75017 88262 $21.95 81-75016 88250 $21.95

r40-2 woodside reefer snickers r40-2 woodside reefer car 81-94007 $34.95 ®/tm snickers and the snickers logo are registered trademarks of mars inc and its affiliates used under license by m.t.h electric trains® © mars incorporated 2012 milky way r40-2 woodside reefer car 81-94008 $34.95 ®/tm milky way and the milky way logo are registered trademarks of mars inc and its affiliates used under license by m.t.h electric trains® © mars incorporated 2012 40’ steel sided reefer pacific fruit express 40’ steel sided reefer 85-78020 #67629 $22.95 85-78019 #47625 $22.95 85-78018 #47620 $22.95

ho track accessories at m.t.h electric trains we believe a track system should allow your model railroad empire to grow the realtrax system includes 18” and 22” curves as well as 9” straight lengths that make a perfect solution for your first model railroad empire and every piece of realtrax is rugged realistic and reliable so you can have fun running your trains compatible with atlas ho track using 81-1011 adapters ho realtrax 9” straight code 83 track w/roadbed 4 pack 81-1001 $7.29 ho realtrax 22” radius curve code 83 track w/roadbed 4 pack 81-1022 $7.29 ho realtrax 18” radius curve code 83 track w/roadbed 4 pack 81-1018 $7.29 14 ho realtrax 9” straight code 83 track rerailer 81-1015 $7.99 ho realtrax track terminal pack 4 pack 81-1003 $3.99 ho realtrax track adapter pack 24 ct 81-1011 $7.99 ho realtrax track railjoiner pack 48 ct 81-1014

operating crossing signals see it in action on the web operating crossing signals 80-10001 $179.95 • • • • flashing warning lights slow-motion crossing gates ringing warning bell guards up to four tracks for the first time operating crossing signals come to the ho marketplace in an easy-toinstall package that can be up and running in short order each die-cast crossing signal features flashing led warning lights and the set includes warning bell sounds each crossing signal is fully decorated and ready-to-install with just two mounting screws the signals are controlled by a modular harness and activation lever that extend down through the base of the layout to easily installed control boxes like the signals themselves each control box attaches to the underside of the platform with just two screws and features modular plugs to accept the harness from the signal activation of the signals is handled through two sensors for each track the crossing signal set can

simply this remote is simple it speaks english not icons it can be operated easily with one hand it can b e upgraded for free over the internet the best it can run over 1300 proto-sound® 2.0 and 3.0 engines and every lionel® atlas weaver and third rail tmcc® legacy™ or eob engine ever made — and run 99 of them at the same time on the same track independently in command mode it can also run all conventional ac locomotives without the purchase of any additional hardware with the addition of an accessory interface unit aiu it can operate any accessory or switch it can create scenes and routes that are triggered with one push of a button number of different proto-sound® 2.0 engines cataloged through the 2009 volume 1 mth catalog while all tmcc features can be accessed by the dcs handheld remote at present some legacy features cannot be accessed by the dcs remote what can your remote do to request a complementary dvd on dcs and m.t.h technology email us or call

join the club there are eight different types of memberships based on the style of model railroading that most interests you basic membership ho membership 60-1000 the basic club member 81-97019 usra 55-ton steel twin hopper car ship does not include a club car ho membership is $30.00 basic membership is $25.00 as a member of the m.t.h railroaders club you’ll receive limited-edition club car the crossinggate™ club magazine 1st class mailing of m.t.h catalogs each year we produce beautifully decorated cars exclusively for our club members members automatically receive the car that matches their club membership railking premier tinplate traditions or one gauge and have the option to collect other club cars as well you will receive our fullcolor club magazines jam-packed with product news ideas from other members rail history step-by-step articles explaining how m.t.h technology can bring your railroad to life club members get all m.t.h catalogs earlier than other mailing

see it hold it run it at your local m.t.h authorized retailer or at your local model railroad club or exhibit see our trains in action hold them in your hands and run them yourself on an actual train layout — at dozens of see it hold it run it shr venues across the country for the nearest location visit us online at www.mthtrains/news/shr www.mthhotrains.com 6 58081 31625 3 ©2012 m.t.h electric trains 7020 columbia gateway drive columbia md