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locomotive features traditional or 21st-century electronics great smoke lionel corporation offers you the choice of enjoying tinplate trains that perform just like new toys of eighty years ago or updated with modern features and technology most of our locomotives are offered in both traditional and proto-sound® 3.0 configurations proto-sound steam engines feature fan-driven protosmoke™ the most powerful smoke system in the hobby you can vary the intensity with the smoke “volume” control on the locomotive or remotely with a dcs handheld traditional versions don’t just look like the pre-war originals they operate like them too traditional locomotives feature open-frame ac motors and mechanical e-units reverse units for operators who want to recreate the full tinplate experience — complete with buzzing e-units growling motors and the smell of ozone in the air proto-sound 3.0 versions feature the same accurate nostalgic appearance on the outside but

no 340e coal train freight set 11-5008-1 proto-sound 2.0 originally cataloged in 1929 $599.95 ready-to-run standard gauge sets include everything you need to get your model railroading adventures started • no 318e electric locomotive or no 384 steam locomotive and tender with protosound 2.0 or 3.0 including smoke whistle bell and dozens of other additional sounds • two or three car freight or passenger set depending on the model • lighted caboose • 12 piece realtrax oval • ul approved 50-watt transformer with digital remote control • lighted track lockon with color-coded wire harness jersey central no 384e steam passenger train set 11-5010-1 proto-sound 3.0 $599.95 9 available in steam locomotives

gray chrome no 295e o gauge distance control steam passenger train set 11-6030-1 proto-sound 3.0 $699.95 originally cataloged from 1936-1938 black medium blue no 279e o gauge distance control steam passenger train set 11-6046-1 proto-sound 3.0 $699.95 11-6046-0 traditional $699.95 originally cataloged from 1936-1937 red comet 600 series 3-car passenger set 11-80039 $269.95 red comet o gauge 605 passenger baggage car 11-80036 $89.95 red comet 264e o gauge steam engine 11-6047-1 proto-sound 3.0 $429.95 11-6047-0 traditional $429.95 originally cataloged from 1935-1936 15

lionel o gauge baby blue comet sets during model railroading’s early history standard gauge tinplate locomotives ruled the day immensely appealing for all their color and flash these giant locomotives consumed vast amounts of real estate in their owner’s homes the call went out to pre-war model railroad manufacturers for smaller model trains soon thereafter o gauge model railroading was born first appearing in 1936 the tinplate 263e steam locomotive replaced the o gauge 260 engine and was decorated in two colors blue or gray the blue versions headed up the tinplate o gauge blue comet passenger cars while the gray version originally headed two versions of 800 series freight sets today the 263e returns to the lionel corporation tinplate lineup but just beneath the graceful lines of the tinplate boiler lies the excitement of proto-sound 3.0 whose revolutionary electronics control a smooth-running chassis capable of running at just a few scale miles per hour cracking open

american flyer 4694 passenger sets in 1928 lionel and american flyer jointly purchased the bankrupt ives manufacturing company flyer in need of a steam engine for its wide gauge line — so-called because lionel had already trademarked the term “standard gauge” — almost immediately modified the ives 1134 steam engine casting to fit its own motor and reintroduced it as the american flyer model 4694 steamer flyer’s 1929 catalog writers of course took full credit for this “new” die-cast engine “the 15” long locomotive and the realistic 10” tender follow exactly every element of design construction and finish found in the real locomotive.” the following year the former ives engine was cataloged with a new vanderbilt tender and appeared at the head of several sets among them the warrior carried over from the 1929 catalog and a new less expensive set called the iron monarch the warrior american flyer 4694 steam passenger

lionel standard gauge 408e state set two-tone brown 408e tinplate electric engine 11-2017-1 proto-sound 2.0 $899.95 11-2017-0 traditional $899.95 originally cataloged from 1930-1933 34

lionel lines 400e std gauge presidential steam engine 11-1021-1 proto-sound 3.0 $999.95 11-1021-0 traditional $999.95 chrome plated 41

union pacific no 513 std gauge cattle car 11-30119 $99.95 red with brass trim no 516 std gauge coal car 11-30087 $99.95 originally cataloged from 1930-1934 red with nickel trim no 516 std gauge coal car 11-30026 $99.95 originally cataloged from 1936-1937 pennsylvania no 517 std gauge illuminated caboose 11-30129 $119.92 waddell coal no 516 std gauge coal car 11-30128 $99.95 santa fe no 517 std gauge illuminated caboose 11-30130 $119.92 47

lionel #300 hellgate bridge white/silver hellgate bridge 11-90002 499.95 measures 28 3/4” x 10 7/8” x 11” originally cataloged from 1935-1942 “nothing so elaborate or architecturally perfect as this bridge has ever been made for use with a model electric train.” green/cream hellgate bridge 11-90001 499.95 measures 28 3/4” x 10 7/8” x 11” originally cataloged from 1928-1934

transformers while the z-1000™ that comes with every lionel corporation tinplate ready-to-run set provides plenty of power to operate your set and several accessories you’ll find as you add more track cars and accessories to your layout that you may need more power to keep everything running fortunately we have you covered if you want to power up gradually you can purchase additional 100-watt z-1000 transformers as the need arises featuring a u.l approved design the z-1000 utilizes a separate controller that contains a super-smooth throttle control as well as bell horn and direction buttons that can operate any manufacturer’s locomotives and sound systems — including proto-sound-equipped steam diesel and electric locomotives if you want to max out your power potential the 400-watt z-4000® is the most powerful transformer to receive the ullisting for the model railroading hobby the z-4000 has two separate throttles to let you power two different tracks and

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