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m.t.h trains are more fun tic steam whistle the bell alerting passengers to your arrival or departure steam chuff or diesel roar and crew conversations station sounds proto-sound passenger engines feature arrival and departure announcements of famous passenger trains freight engines include freight yard proto-effectsâ„¢ a symphony of freight terminal sounds synchronized chuff and puff like a real steam engine m.t.h steamers feature puffs of smoke and steam chuff sounds synchronized with the drive wheels better than any other toy train an m.t.h locomotive portrays the drama of a steam engine slowly chuffing and puffing as it pulls out of a station and gets up to speed remote uncoupling m.t.h trains are more fun because they feature the sights and sounds that make real trains dramatic and exciting features that you can control from the handheld remote digital commander as you walk around your layout great smoke our steam engines feature fan-driven protosmokeâ„¢ the most

bnsf sd70ace diesel freight set o gauge bnsf sd70ace diesel r-t-r deluxe freight train set 30-4220-1 proto-sound 3.0 $419.95 bnsf flat car with trailer 30-76462 $54.95 these intermodal double-stack freight trains are the hottest traffic in railroading today intermodal containers are loaded at factories that make products from toys to refrigerators and shipped to customers halfway around the world by boat train and truck shipments are door-to-door with containers packed and unpacked only once no matter how many forms of transportation they take this makes intermodal transport safer cheaper and less damage-prone than older forms of freight shipment while container sizes are standard the world over the united states is one of the few countries that can handle extra-height double-stack trains at the head of these double-stack freights is the electro-motive diesel sd70ace emd’s most modern and “greenest” locomotive its 16-cylinder 4300 horsepower motor was designed to

no 269e distant control freight set o gauge no 269e distant control freight set 11-5507-1 proto-sound 2.0 $499.95 11-5507-0 traditional $499.95 yellow brown no 2655 o gauge box car 11-70057 $59.95 burnt orange tuscan no 2656 o gauge cattle car 11-70059 $59.95 while lionel’s 1930 catalog described it as “a real locomotive in all but size,” standard gauge steam engines like the 384 were not so much scale models as cartoon-like caricatures wildly oversized drivers bright brass or nickel trim colorful gleaming paint and a cast iron frame topped by a sheet metal boiler and cab our lionel corp tinplate no 384 set replicates the starter sets that gladdened the heart of many a child on a holiday or birthday in the early 1930s — with one exception thanks to proto-sound 2.0 electronics our 384 steamer delivers smoother operation than any original standard gauge locomotive as well as huge plumes of puffing smoke — timed to the drivers’ revolutions

box car christmas box car 30-74692 $49.95 season’s greetings box car 30-74693 $49.95 new years 2013 box car 30-74694 $49.95 32 pure steam coffee box car 30-74691

bp #455 oil derrick 30-90435 $99.95 measures 9 3/4” x 5 3/4” x 13 3/4” #395 floodlight tower 30-11078 $54.95 measures 5” x 5” x 11 1/4” operating radar tower 30-9032 $59.95 measures 4 1/2” x 5” x 11 1/2” rational fully ope ump pickup d m mechanis operating coaling tower 30-9158 $149.95 measures 9 1/2” x 8” x 12” #262 crossing gate/signal 30-1073 $54.95 measures 9” tall

accessories pennsylvania dual stall engine shed 30-90424 $99.95 measures 24” x 8 1/2” x 13 1/2” feature buildings ighting interior l dual stall engine shed 30-90425 $99.95 measures 24” x 8 1/2” x 13 1/2” pennsylvania single stall engine shed 30-90422 $89.95 measures 24” x 5 1/2” x 13 1/2” oor opening d g in v mo gateman union pacific operating watchman’s shanty 30-9162 $64.95 measures 4 1/2” x 5 15/16” x 4 1/8” 50 single stall engine shed 30-90423 $89.95 measures 24” x 5 1/2” x 13

accessories fat heads bar 3-story city building w/fire escape blinking sign 30-90439 $79.95 measures 12 3/4” x 6 5/16” x 9 3/16” wiseguy’s pizza 3-story city building w/fire escape blinking sign 30-90438 $79.95 measures 12 3/4” x 6 5/16” x 9 3/16” gn blinking window si macintosh sons paints 3-story city building w/fire escape blinking sign 30-90409 $79.95 measures 12 3/4” x 6 5/16” x 9 3/16” butch’s sports bar 3-story city building w/fire escape blinking sign 30-90334 $79.95 measures 12 3/4” x 6 5/16” x 9 3/16”

100 watt power supply 8 piece elevated subway trestle set 40-1047 $34.95 power track pack 40-1071 $159.95 realtrax 24-piece graduated trestle system 40-1033 $54.95 realtrax 8-piece elevated trestle system 40-1034 $34.95 realtrax lighted lockon 40-1003 $5.99 realtrax track clips 24 40-1041 $7.95 realtrax non-slip track pads 50/pack 40-1046 $7.95 realtrax lighted bumper 40-1024 $14.95 realtrax track activation device i.t.a.d 40-1028 $24.95 layout builders realtrax grade crossing 40-1009 $9.95 realtrax layout builder 8 pcs 40-1023 $29.95 contains 2 3.5” half tracks 2 4.25” half tracks 2 5.0” half tracks 2 5.5” half realtrax figure 8 layout builder 40-1025 $59.95 contains 4 o-31 curves 4 10” straights 1 lighted lockon 1 90 degree crossover realtrax right hand track siding layout builder realtrax left hand track siding 40-1027 $89.95 contains 1 right-hand o-31 switch 4 layout builder 10” straights 1 o-31 curve 1 realtrax™ 40-1026

o gauge scaletrax™ scaletrax™ by mth electric trains is the ultimate track layout solution for which detail-oriented scale 3-rail model railroaders are searching no longer will an o gauge modeler have to accept the “tubular” track look because scaletrax™ offers maximum accuracy and the exceptional quality of mth products they are perfect for your authentic looking layout each scaletrax™ track section features two solid extruded authentically profiled nickel silver rails and one inconspicuous solid extruded center rail all affixed to accurately sized and spaced track ties no longer will your consists ride too high off the ground best of all the end-of-rail electrical connectors come pre-welded scaletrax™ 5.0” track section to the underside of each section there 45-1013 $3.50 simply is no need to plug in your soldering iron when using scaletrax™ scaletrax™ 1.75” track section whether assembling your first layout

the best transformers power up with in model railroading 100 watts z-1000™ ac transformer controller 40-1000 $109.95 100-watt accessory ac power supply 40-1000a $79.95 with 14 volt accessory port also supplied with most railking ready-to-run sets the z-1000 is the smoothest-operating most powerful train set transformer in o gauge whether you operate with conventional ac power or the m.t.h digital command system dcs our ul-approved transformers offer the best way to power your layout choose the 100-watt z-1000™ for a small to medium-sized layout or step up to the 400-watt feature-laden z-4000® the most powerful ul-approved transformer in the hobby all m.t.h transformers offer • • • • incredibly smooth wide range throttle for precise speed control bell and whistle/horn buttons that work with all makes of locomotives fast-acting circuit breakers to protect your equipment continuous useable wave power output compatible with all ac-powered engines

see it hold it run it at your local m.t.h authorized retailer or at your local model railroad club or exhibit see our trains in action hold them in your hands and run them yourself on an actual train layout — at dozens of see it hold it run it shr venues across the country for the nearest location visit us online at www.mthtrains.com/news/2012shr www.mthtrains.com 96 6 58081 31620 8 © 2012 m.t.h electric trains 7020 columbia gateway drive columbia maryland