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benefits from other m.t.h product lines even if you re not interested in tinplate one gauge or ho scale our products in these other areas have benefits for you — because new features developed for other scales or gauges may eventually appear in premier and railking o gauge trains our one gauge triplex for example is north america s first production model with a smoking whistle — a feature we re currently developing for o gauge steamers our proto-sound 3.0 ho engines have smaller electronics compatible with both our dcs system and the dcc command control system popular with 2-rail modelers around the globe our ho diesels have operating scale proportioned proto-couplers that — like their o gauge brethren — can be triggered anywhere on the layout unlike most other model train companies we have a research development team — located in its own facility in michigan — that benefits hobbyists across a wide range of interests and scales

for many railfans emd s e-series symbolizes all that was right about the golden age of passenger service in the middle of the great depression general motors asked its detroit stylists to design a sleek streamlined engine to head up consists of the lightweight passenger cars that had become fashionable and because diesels did not have the pulling power of steam engines these new units needed to be equipped to run in multi-unit lash-ups when more horsepower was needed to pull a long train in addition to their modern appearance and multiple-unit capabilities the e-series engines were also safer for the cab crew than the earlier box cabs which put too little protection between the enginemen and any foreign object that might appear on the track fully outfitted with the power and performance of proto-sound 3.0 these streamlined workhorses may just be the pride of your passenger based motive power marvel at sound and sights as these landmark engines streak by at the head of a glamorous

modern tank car new york central modern tank car 30-73370 $49.95 new haven modern tank car 30-73369 $49.95 3-dome tank car norfolk southern 3-dome tank car 30-73366 $49.95 ab anheuser busch 3-dome tank car 30-73363 $49.95 © 2011 anheuser-busch inc all rights reserved 28 features intricately detailed durable abs body operating die-cast metal couplers die-cast 4-wheel trucks modern tank measures 10 1/4” x 2 3/8” x 3 9/16” 3-dome tank measures 10 7/8” x 2 3/8” x 3 7/8” operates on o-27

proto-scale 3-2â„¢ single-unit powered premier diesels in three road numbers illuminated number boards crew figures operate on 3-rail or 2-rail track with ac or dc power lighted cab interior windshield wipers sand filler cap lighted marker lights safety chain many premier steam and diesel engines in this catalog are equipped with proto-scale 3-2 a unique m.t.h feature that allows you to run the same engine on 2-rail or 3-rail track under ac or dc power engines cataloged with hi-rail wheels are intended primarily for 3-rail operators while engines with scale wheels are aimed at 2-rail dc operators as well as 3-rail ac operators looking for more scale realism scale-wheeled versions of diesels have more-realistic fixed pilots while hi-rail versions have swinging pilots to negotiate smaller-radius curves the conversion wheel kits listed on page 161 offer additional versatility each kit contains enough wheel sets for 2 power trucks scale wheels are polished turned metal with scale

dl-109/110 diesel set 54 features directionally controlled headlight intricately detailed abs bodies metal wheels axles and gears die-cast truck sides pilots and fuel tank 2 remotely controlled proto-couplers™ colorful paint scheme metal chassis 2 precision flywheel equipped motors in each unit locomotive speed control in scale mph increments lighted cab interior 2 engineer cab figures moveable roof fan blades metal body side grilles operating smoke unit proto-sound® 3.0 with the digital command system featuring passenger station proto-effects™ unit measures 19 3/8” x 2 1/2” x 3 3/4” operates on o-42

flat car with r-36 subway car trailer train flat car with r-36 subway car 20-98869 $109.95 trailer train flat car with r-36 subway car 20-98868 $109.95 flat car with m26 pershing tank u.s army flat car with m26 pershing tank 20-98857 $69.95 features operating die-cast metal couplers fast-angle wheel sets needle-point axles 1:48 scale dimensions o scale kadee compatible coupler moutning pads flat with m26 pershing tank measures 14” x 2 11/16” x 3 13/16” both operate on o-31 curves 66 pennsylvania flat car with m26 pershing tank 20-98856

6-car flat car with m26 pershing tank pennsylvania 6-car flat car withm26 pershing tank 20-90660 473288 473280 473295 473293 473276 473274 20-90661 473277 473272 473265 473160 473258 473254 u.s army 6-car flat car withm26 pershing tank 20-90662 38462 38460 38453 38458 38446 38445 20-90663 38420 38426 38419 38412 38405 38404 $399.95 $399.95 $399.95 $399.95 western maryland 6-car flat car withm26 pershing tank 20-90664 2653 2658 2669 2664 2678 2670 $399.95 20-90665 2682 2688 2673 2676 2695 2690 $399.95 bessemer lake erie 6-car flat car withm26 pershing tank 20-90666 5422 5429 5425 5437 5430 5434 $399.95 20-90667 5428 5423 5426 5433 5439 5435 $399.95 premier freight sets

traxx f140 ac-1 electric connecting europe traxx f140 ac-1 electric engine 20-5654-1 hi-rail wheels $449.95 20-5654-2 fine scale wheels $499.95 20-5654-3 non-powered $219.95 20-5654-6 non-powered scale wheels $229.95 mrce dispolok traxx f140 ac-1 electric engine 20-5655-1 hi-rail wheels $449.95 20-5655-2 fine scale wheels $499.95 20-5655-3 non-powered $219.95 20-5655-6 non-powered scale wheels $229.95 railion european traxx f140 ac2 electric engine 20-5634-1 hi-rail wheels $449.95 20-5634-2 fine scale wheels $499.95 20-5634-3 non-powered $219.95

british railways crimson cream lms standard baggage car 20-60009-2 fine scale wheels $109.95 british railways crimson cream lms standard passenger car 20-60010 hi-rail wheels $109.95 20-60010-2 fine scale wheels $109.95 british railways maroon lms standard baggage car 20-60012-2 fine scale wheels $109.95 london midland scottish railway lms standard baggage car 20-60006-2 fine scale wheels $109.95 london midland scottish railway lms standard passenger car 20-60007 hi-rail wheels $109.95 20-60007-2 fine scale wheels $109.95 features intricately detailed durable abs body metal wheels and axles die-cast 2-wheel trucks operating die-cast metal couplers hi-rail only colorful attractive paint schemes fast-angle wheel sets needle-point axles 1:45 scale dimensions o scale kadee compatible coupler mounting pads sprung bumpers ce rated european nem fine scale couplers included nem 365 coupler pocket nem 362 lenz® compatible coupler included hi-rail wheels operate on

100 watt power supply o bridge girder rust 40-1104 $29.95 o bridge girder silver 40-1102 $29.95 o bridge girder black 40-1106 $29.95 90 degree 031 curved tunnel 40-1072 $64.95 90 degree 036 curved tunnel 40-1073 $69.95 20” single track straight tunnel 40-1074 $64.95 power track pack 40-1071 $149.95 fully sceniced ready to use bridges now compatible with lionel® fastrack™ o 2-track bridge girder rust 40-1110 $34.95 o 2-track bridge girder silver 40-1108 $34.95 o 2-track bridge girder black 40-1112 $34.95 o steel arch bridge rust 40-1103 $69.95 o steel arch bridge silver 40-1101 $69.95 o steel arch bridge black 40-1105 $69.95 o subway trestle bridge 40-1048 $29.95 30” dual track straight tunnel 40-1075 $69.95 track train trestles not included over under tunnel 40-1070 $59.95 118 o 2-track steel arch bridge rust 40-1109 $99.95 o 2-track steel arch bridge silver 40-1107 $99.95 o 2-track steel arch bridge black 40-1111 $99.95 tunnel portal single

simply the best way to run a railroad â„¢ try it at your local dcs demo center or learn more with a complimentary dvd on dcs m.t.h technology follow us online take your favorite proto-sound 2.0 or 3.0 locomotive to any demo center and experience the additional features your engine has with dcs control www.mthtrains.com 6 58081 31097