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s 3/6 express in 1871 germany became the last major european country to unify combining a hodgepodge of kingdoms and duchies but it would be another 50 years before the 11 provincial railroads were nationalized into the german imperial railway company drg with the logo dr in the meantime each road continued to develop its own locomotive designs one of the best was the class s 3/6 of the royal bavarian state railways abbreviated k bay sts b in german 2 regarded by european enthusiasts as one of the most beautiful and successful of all steam locomotives the class s 3/6 “s” for schnellzuglok indicating an express passenger engine and 3/6 to indicate 3 powered axles 6 axles total was built by a g maffei beginning in 1908 and showcased the talent of that firm’s chief designer heinrich leppla the stylish conical smokebox front of the s 3/6 was complemented by a handsome holly green paint scheme two inboard high pressure cylinders and two outboard low pressure cylinders

4-8-8-4 big boy just months before pearl harbor the american locomotive company delivered the first big boy to the union pacific railroad the up’s department of research and mechanical standards had designed the locomotive for a specific task to pull a 3600-ton train unassisted over the wasatch mountains in utah while the big boy is often cited as the biggest steam locomotive ever built in fact it is not the norfolk western’s y6 and a the duluth missabe iron range’s yellowstones and the chesapeake and ohio’s alleghenys were all in the same league and some exceeded the big boy’s weight and power but in the battle for hearts and minds the big boy won perhaps it was the name simple and direct scrawled on a locomotive under construction by an alco shop worker maybe it was timing as the big boys hit the road just when america needed symbols to rally around maybe the up’s publicity department 10 just did a better job of telling the world what

2-8-0 h10 the h10 was the last and largest in a line of pennsy consolidations that stretched back to 1875 nearly 500 h10s constructed by alco baldwin lima and the railroad’s own shops represented pennsy’s premier fast freight power in the era just before world war i with a good engine crew an h10 could hustle about 50 cars along level track or considerably more cars in drag service hauling coal or iron ore 18 when the h10 engines were constructed the pennsy was still divided into lines west — all of its affiliated railroads west of pittsburgh — and lines east the h10 was strictly a lines west phenomenon built from a standard boiler common to the h8 h9 and h10 classes but possessing the largest cylinders of any pennsy “consol.” when a 1920 reorganization abolished the division between lines east and west the railroad owned over three thousand 2-8-0’s a majority of them having a common boiler design it was a measure of the pennsylvania

alco fa-1 all proto-sound models include onboard dcc receiver the american locomotive company one of the nation’s premier steam locomotive builders joined forces with schenectady new york neighbor general electric to build the first standardized diesel-electric locomotives in the 1920s but when the diesel revolution began in earnest after world war ii dependability problems with alco’s model 244 prime mover doomed the company to forever playing second fiddle to industry leader emd the brawny good looks of alco’s fa and pa cab units however have endeared them to railfans and modelers for more than half a century designed to compete with emd’s ft four axel freight locomotive the fa-1 contained many of the same design elements but used a new 12-cylinder 244 engine many would argue that alco’s fa-1 and successor fa-2 diesels were both handsomer and more powerful looking than their major competitors emd’s f3 and f7 “covered wagons.” a

emd f3 all proto-sound models include onboard dcc receiver from 1942-1945 electro motive division’s f-unit was the only road freight diesel built in america while the war production board limited competitors alco and baldwin to diesel switcher and steam locomotive production during world war ii emd’s 1,350 hp ft became a runaway best-seller by war’s end electro motive had a lead over its competitors that would last until they closed their doors with production restrictions lifted and the u.s economy humming with pent-up demand railroads clamored for new diesels to replace a steam fleet exhausted by wartime traffic in july 1946 emd introduced a new model f-unit the f3 horsepower was upgraded to 1,500 and lessons learned on the ft gave the f3 better reliability and lower maintenance under the hood throbbed features • intricately detailed abs bodies • metal chassis • moveable roof fans • metal body side grilles • 2 engineer cab figures

sd70ace denver rio grande western sd70ace diesel engine cab no 1989 80-2281-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 80-2281-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e $319.95 80-2281-0 dcc ready $199.95 sd70m-2 bnsf sd70ace diesel engine cab no 9370 80-2069-0 dcc ready $199.95 norfolk southern sd70m-2 diesel engine with dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 80-2265-1 cab no 2657 $299.95 80-2266-1 cab no 2662 $299.95 80-2267-1 cab no 2668 $299.95 42 bnsf sd70ace diesel engine cab no 9374 80-2070-0 dcc ready $199.95 norfolk southern sd70m-2 diesel engine with dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 80-2265-5 cab no 2657 $319.95 80-2266-5 cab no 2662 $319.95 80-2267-5 cab no 2668 $319.95 norfolk southern sd70m-2 diesel engine dcc ready 80-2265-0 cab no 2657 $199.95 80-2266-0 cab no 2662 $199.95 80-2267-0 cab no 2668

gg1 automatic directionally controlled pantographs all models include onboard dcc receiver for more than two decades the pennsylvania railroad experimented with locomotive designs in search of a high-speed mainline passenger electric that search ended in 1934 with the gg1 a cooperative effort by the prr baldwin westinghouse and general electric based largely on neighbor new haven’s successful ep3 juice jack industrial designer raymond loewy cleaned up the original riveted body to create a design that looked contemporary for half a century 50 the gg1 fleet hustled passenger traffic of all types along the pennsy’s multi-track raceway from new york to washington and west to harrisburg including the famed congressional and broadway limited with 18 pullmans in tow a gg1 could hit 100 mph regeared for freight service and run as double-headers a pair of gg1s delivered about the same tractive effort as a union pacific big boy with virtually no noise no smoke much less wear on

rolling stock m.t.h electric trains has a long history of developing expansive offerings throughout our product line categories and ho rolling stock both freight and passenger is certainly no exception our selection of premium freight and passenger cars is certain to appeal to the most serious ho modeler as expected our ho premium cars are true 1/87 scale models of north american freight cars abundantly detailed with separate grab irons steps hatches and brake wheels these models will hold up to even the most discrminating eye outfitted with smooth rolling trucks and kadee couplers they are a favorite of operators who enjoy long consists of colorful liveries each available in multiple car numbers sporting crisp graphics in prototypical and colorful liveries m.t.h ho premium rolling stock cars are offered individually in multiple car numbers so that modelers can recreate real-life consists many of the same paint schemes are also offered in six car sets in up to 12 car numbers making

passenger cars northern pacific 5-car passenger set 81-60008 $399.95 all cars feature constant-voltage flicker-free interior lighting santa fe 5-car passenger set ribbed 81-60003 $399.95 santa fe 2-car parlor passenger set 81-60011 $179.95 denver rio grande 5-car passenger set 81-60005 $399.95

passenger cars new york central empire state express 5-car passenger set 80-60025 $469.95 prototypically designed to match real-life prototypes empire state express 2-car parlor/diner passenger set 80-60028 $189.95 empire state express 2-car coach passenger set 80-60027 $189.95 soft flexible end-of-car diaphrams empire state express baggage tavern car 80-60026 $95.95 new york central 1940 5-car passenger set 80-60017 $469.95 74 new york central 1938 5-car passenger set 80-60021

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