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locomotive features traditional or 21st-century electronics speed control and slow speed capability lionel corporation offers you the choice of enjoying tinplate trains that perform just like new toys of eighty years ago or updated with modern features and technology most of our locomotives are offered in both traditional and proto-sound® 3.0 configurations original tinplate locomotives often had two speeds fast and faster proto-sound 3.0 locomotives can throttle down to a slow crawl highball down the main line or maintain any speed in be intensity with the smoke “volume” control on the locomotive or remotely with a dcs handheld traditional versions don’t just look like the pre-war originals they operate like them too traditional locomotives feature openframe ac motors and mechanical e-units reverse units for operators who want to recreate the full tinplate experience — complete with buzzing e-units growling motors and the smell of ozone in the air

ready-to-run standard gauge sets include everything you need to begin your model railroading adventure christmas no 318e freight set 11-5013-1 proto-sound 3.0 $599.95 • no 318e electric locomotive or no 384 steam locomotive and tender with protosound 2.0 or 3.0 including smoke whistle bell and dozens of other additional sounds • two or three car freight or passenger set depending on the model • lighted caboose or passenger cars • 8-piece 42” circle of standard gauge track with roadbed • ul approved 50-watt transformer with digital remote control • lighted track lockon with color-coded wire harness available in steam locomotives only pennsylvania no 384e steam passenger train set 11-5014-1 proto-sound 3.0 $599.95

olive green/chrome 616 flying yankee o gauge passenger train set 11-6041-1 proto-sound 3.0 $589.95 11-6041-0 traditional $589.95 originally cataloged from 1938-1941 red/silver 616 flying yankee o gauge passenger train set 11-6040-1 proto-sound 3.0 $589.95 11-6040-0 traditional $589.95 originally cataloged from 1938-1941 in 1935 lionel first cataloged the o gauge flying yankee — a die-cast and chrome plated streamlined set replicating the famous boston maine speedster that raced from boston to portland maine every morning originally configured with a no 616w power car two no 617 coaches and a trailing no 618 observation car the flying yankees were offering in a number of different liveries touted in the 1935 catalog to be the finest streamliner produced since lionel’s golden brown union pacific set the yankee’s chrome plated cars are connected to one another with a truck mounted vestibule allowing two cars to share a single connecting truck each car contains

lionel 263e passenger sets chessie 4-car o gauge 2600 series set 11-80049 $429.95 chessie 263e tinplate loco tender 11-6053-1 proto-sound 3.0 $499.95 11-6053-0 traditional $499.95 black w/nickel 263e tinplate loco tender 11-6052-1 proto-sound 3.0 $499.95 11-6052-0 traditional $499.95 22

lionel brute showroom passenger sets lionel lines 3-car std gauge show room set 11-40083 $1599.95 in an age of outlandish advertising copy the “brute” surely would have inspired some of the greatest flights of fancy ever to grace a catalog page — had it ever been manufactured hand-built in italy around 1927 most likely by lionel’s societa meccanica la precisa tool and die works the brute was a pre-production model of what would later become lionel’s largest and flashiest standard gauge electric the 381e but even for the roaring twenties the brute was a bit over the top at 28” in length — a foot longer than the production 381e — this was a toy that few children could even pick up like lionel other tinplate manufacturers built electric locomotives based on the milwaukee road’s bi-polar electrics but only the brute duplicated the actual engine’s articulated body equipped with three motors the brute was designed to run on

lionel green comet and passenger sets state green 400e std gauge steam engine 11-1027-1 proto-sound 3.0 $999.95 11-1027-0 traditional $999.95 lionel lines green comet std gauge comet coach 11-40080 $399.95 lionel lines green comet std gauge comet baggage car 11-40079 $399.95 34

“a thing of beauty and a joy forever” the no 6 steam locomotive made its debut in lionel’s 1906 catalog as the most perfect miniature model ever placed on sale similar in every respect to the no 6 the no 7 was introduced in 1910 sporting a heavy sheet metal brass body instead of the previous russian iron construction built along the lines of the newest powerful express passenger locomotives the no 6 and no 7 both featured a 4-0-4 wheel arrangement-known as the american since this arrangement was widespread at the beginning of the 20th century lionel not surprisingly chose to base their toys off of this popular model built with the same care as the no 5 these locomotives were equipped with a 4-wheel pilot truck electric headlight and reinforced phosphor bronze bearings these features made for a durable outfit that would last indefinitely lionel earnestly recommended these locomotives “for those desiring a piece for a show window display or for the added

lionel standard gauge #8 #9 trolleys introduced in 1909 the no 9 pay as you enter trolley is one of the ultimate collector’s items for tinplate trolley enthusiasts two different models were created with a slightly larger version appearing in the no 9’s second year 1910 and lasting to the end of production in 1912 the 1910 version was actually created from the no 8 pay as you enter trolley also introduced in 1909 in fact the only difference between the 1910 no 8 and this 1910 no 9 was that the no 9 was equipped with two motors the body was identical to the no 8 and was painted the same dark olive green and cream colors the lionel corporation tinplate version of the no 8 and no 9 pay as you enter trolley are a faithful reproductions of the pre-war classic the body and running gear are made entirely of stamped metal and all painted surfaces are finished in beautiful baked enamel this model will undoubtedly become a favorite on your standard gauge layout or display choose

lionel #300 hellgate bridge white/silver hellgate bridge 11-90002 499.95 measures 28 3/4” x 10 7/8” x 11” originally cataloged from 1935-1942 “nothing so elaborate or architecturally perfect as this bridge has ever been made for use with a model electric train.” green/cream hellgate bridge 11-90001 499.95 measures 28 3/4” x 10 7/8” x 11” originally cataloged from 1928-1934

transformers whether you operate with conventional ac power or the m.t.h digital command system dcs our ul-approved transformers offer the best way to power your layout choose the 100-watt z-1000™ for a small to medium-sized layout or step up to the 400-watt feature-laden z-4000® the most powerful ul-approved transformer in the hobby all m.t.h transformers offer • incredibly smooth wide range throttle for precise speed control • bell and whistle/horn buttons that work with all makes of locomotives • fast-acting circuit breakers to protect your equipment • continuous useable wave power output compatible with all ac-powered engines railking controller set 40-750c $59.95 100 watts 20 watts z-dc1 dc transformer 40-200 $29.95 z-1000 transformer 40-1000 $109.95 100-watt accessory ac power supply 40-1000a $89.95 with 14 volt accessory port • u.l approved • smooth operating throttle knob • built-in circuit breaker protection 30 watts z-dc300

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