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proto-sound 3.0 ® the richest set of whether you operate with a conventional transformer or in command mode with dcc or dcs™ m.t.h.’s digitial command system the proto-sound 3.0 system found in every locomotive in this catalog offers more realism more fun and more variety than any other locomotive control system in any scale f e at uresinmodelrailroading adjusting bell horn or whistle and chuff volume and most steam engines have quillable whistles which can be “played” like a real engineer does with the whistle cord station sounds proto-sound passenger engines offer passenger station proto vivid engine sounds proto-sound features crystal-clear digital sounds we strive to make our sounds as authentic as possible using the correct prime mover sounds for each diesel for example with our optional dcs system you can tune each engine to your preference by individually 2 effects™ a complete arrival and departure sequence that you can activate from your dcc

emd f3 diesel from 1942-1945 electro motive division’s f-unit was the only road freight diesel built in america while the war production board limited competitors alco and baldwin to diesel switcher and steam locomotive production during world war ii emd’s 1,350 hp ft became a runaway best-seller by war’s end electro motive had a lead over its competitors that would last until they closed their doors with production restrictions lifted and the u.s economy humming with pent-up demand railroads clamored for new diesels to replace a steam fleet exhausted by wartime traffic in july 1946 emd introduced a new model f-unit the f3 horsepower was upgraded to 1,500 and lessons learned on the ft gave the f3 better reliability and lower maintenance under the hood throbbed an improved 567-series v-12 engine with 567 inches of displacement per cylinder this same engine would power virtually the entire first generation of emd diesel locomotives the f3 hit the market in an era

ps-2 covered hopper norfolk southern ps-2 covered hopper 35-75003 car no 233548 $59.95 35-75004 car no 233635 $59.95 milwaukee road ps-2 covered hopper 35-75001 car no 99618 $59.95 35-75002 car no 99614 $59.95 norfolk southern 6-car ps-2 covered hopper set 35-70002 $329.95 milwaukee road 6-car ps-2 covered hopper set 35-70001 $329.95 bnsf ps-2 covered hopper 35-75015 car no 405600 35-75016 car no 405619 each road name is available in 8 different car numbers 2 individual cars and a 6-car set $59.95 $59.95 $59.95 $59.95 bnsf 6-car ps-2 covered hopper set 35-70003 $329.95 southern 6-car ps-2 covered hopper set 35-70004 $329.95 until the advent of the covered hopper bulk commodities like grain and cement were usually packed in sacks and loaded into box cars loading and unloading was a tedious time-consuming labor-intensive affair in the 1930s responding to shipper demand for a more efficient process a few railroads took the basic coal hopper design and added a roof with loading

bessemer lake erie ps-2 covered hopper 35-75009 car no 3732 $59.95 35-75010 car no 3735 $59.95 detroit toledo ironton ps-2 covered hopper 35-75013 car no 11120 $59.95 35-75014 car no 11135 $59.95 detroit toledo ironton 6-car ps-2 covered hopper set 35-70006 $329.95 bessemer lake erie 6-car ps-2 covered hopper set 35-70005 $329.95 scale operator add 35-1109 code 110 scale wheel set see page 16 lehigh valley ps-2 covered hopper 35-75007 car no 50835 35-75008 car no 50879 maryland midland ps-2 covered hopper 35-75005 car no 5152 $59.95 35-75006 car no 5186 $59.95 maryland midland 6-car ps-2 covered hopper set 35-70008 $329.95 features intricately detailed durable abs body separate metal handrails and grab irons photo-etched roof walk detailed ab brake system die-cast sprung metal trucks metal wheels and axles american flyer-compatible couplers s scale kadee-compatible coupler mounting pads 1:64 scale dimensions unit measures 7 1/8 x 1 15/16 x 2 9/16 operates on

bessemer lake erie 70-ton ore car 35-75017 car no 20090 $59.95 35-75018 car no 20093 $59.95 canadian national 70-ton ore car 35-75019 car no 123060 35-75020 car no 123064 $59.95 $59.95 canadian national 6-car 70-ton ore car set 35-70014 $329.95 bessemer lake erie 6-car 70-ton ore car set 35-70015 $329.95 scale operator add 35-1109 code 110 scale wheel set see page 16 great northern 70-ton ore car 35-75027 car no 89001 35-75028 car no 89003 soo line 70-ton ore car 35-75031 car no 81950 35-75032 car no 81956 $59.95 $59.95 soo line 6-car 70-ton ore car set 35-70013 $329.95 great northern 6-car 70-ton ore car set 35-70016 $329.95 seperate metal handrails features intricately detailed durable abs body separate metal handrails and grab irons detailed brake system die-cast sprung metal trucks metal wheels and axles american flyer-compatible couplers $59.95 $59.95 s scale kadee-compatible coupler mounting pads 1:64 scale dimensions unit measures 5 3/8 x 1 15/16 x 2 1/8

40’ woodsided reefer fairmont creamery 40’ woodsided reefer 35-78001 car no 30210 $59.95 35-78002 car no 30212 $59.95 pacific fruit express 40’ woodsided reefer 35-78011 car no 74780 $59.95 35-78012 car no 74781 $59.95 the coming of the railroad changed the way america ate and drank the advent of cheap fast refrigerated transport enabled local brewers growers and food manufacturers to become players on a regional or national scale from the late 1800s into the 1930s many of those businesses leased refrigerator cars and turned them into rolling billboards for their products unlike the massive fleets owned by railroads or large shippers like pacific fruit express each billboard reefer leased by the smaller shippers was an individually hand-painted piece of graphic art as proud bearers of company advertising billboard reefers tended to be washed frequently and kept in good repair even during the depression when nearly everything on rails looked dirty and downtrodden

steel rebuilt box car new haven steel rebuilt box car 35-74004 car no 36154 35-74005 car no 36450 $59.95 $59.95 new york central steel rebuilt box car 35-74006 car no 174992 $59.95 35-74007 car no 174995 $59.95 during and after world war i american railroads took delivery of tens of thousands of boxcars built to usra designs single or double-sheathed wooden sides wooden doors and steel ends roofs and underframes by the late 1920s however all-steel cars had become the norm although new car construction slowed to a crawl during the depression a cheaper alternative was rebuilding older usra cars replacing the wooden sides and doors with steel and re-using the existing underframe ends and/or roofs brake systems were also upgraded from the earlier k-brake to the more modern ab brake system as world war ii loomed and traffic began to pick 12 union pacific steel rebuilt box car 35-74014 car no 181679 35-74015 car no 181680 $59.95 $59.95 santa fe steel rebuilt box car 35-74012 car no

track accessories s-trax 5 straight 6-pack 35-1003 $29.95 s-trax 10 straight 6-pack 35-1002 $34.95 s-trax 15 straight 6-pack 35-1001 $39.95 s-trax 20” radius curve track 30 degree full section 6-pack 35-1006 $34.95 s-trax 20” radius curve track 15 degree half section 6-pack 35-1007 $29.95 s-trax 25 radius curve track 30 degree full section 6-pack 35-1008 $37.95 s-trax 25 radius curve track 15 degree half section 6-pack 35-1009 $32.95 s-trax 30 radius curve track 30 degree full section 6-pack 35-1010 $39.95 s-trax 30 radius curve track 15 degree half section 6-pack 35-1011 $34.95 twelve 30 degree curve sections make a full circle s-trax 40 flex track section 6-pack 35-1004 $59.95 s-trax 40 flex track section 24-pack 35-1005 $219.95 s-trax 5 straight with uncoupler 35-1022 $24.95 s-trax 5 track with bumper 35-1021 $21.95 s-trax 5 straight with accessory button 35-1023 $24.95 14 s-trax switch controller with 40 harness extension wire set 35-1020

#46 crossing gate and signal 30-11017 $39.95 measures 9 x 3 1/2 x 5 3/4 pea green #580-1 teardrop lamp set 30-1079a $19.95 measures 6 3/4 tall no 23774 floodlight tower 35-90004 $119.95 measures 4 7/8” x 6” x 13 3/4” no 23772 water tower w/bubbling pipe 35-90002 $119.95 measures 4 7/8” x 6” x 13” no 23769 revolving aircraft beacon 35-90003 $119.95 measures 4 7/8” x 6” x 13” lamplighter 35-90006 $179.95 measures 4 7/8 x 6 x 13 3/4 no 785 operating coaling tower 30-9158 $169.95 measures 9 1/2” x 8” x 12” open the clamshell bucket by remote control pick up a bucketful of coal and drop it in the loading bin inside this coaling tower then push a button to dump the coal into a hopper or gondola waiting under the tower with each push of the remote control button gabe the lamplighter climbs another step until he reaches the platform and lights the floodlights although packaged as an m.t.h railking accessory this

simply the best way to run a railroad tm dcs remote control system 50-1001 $329.95 dcs remote control handheld unit 50-1002 $159.95 100 watts z-1000™ ac transformer 40-1000 109.95 with 14 volt accessory port z-4000® transformer 40-4000 459.95 100-watt accessory ac power supply 40-1000a $89.95 400 watts dcs track interface unit tiu 50-1003 $189.95 dcs accessory interface unit aiu 50-1004 $99.95 proto-sound 2.0 battery charger 50-1019 $16.95 two ac throttles each with its own complete set of controls plus 10-volt and 14-volt ac accessory outputs z-dc1 transformer 40-200 24.95 z-dc300 30 watt dc transformer 40-300 79.95 z-500™ ac transformer 40-500 59.95 z-4000 remote control system 40-4001 149.95 railking controller set 40-750c $59.95 dcs commander get into dcs on a budget aa nicad proto-sound battery 50-1024 $11.95 6’ mini-to-mini cable 50-1009 $9.95 tiu/tmcc-legacy 6’ connector cable 50-1032 $24.95 proto-sound battery tiu/barrel jack adapter cable

join the club mthrrc baltimore ohio rebuilt steel box car s gauge membership is $55.00 the basic club membership does not include a club car basic membership is $25.00 get the most from model railroading join online it’s easy just go to www.mthtrains.com as a member of the m.t.h railroaders club you’ll receive limited-edition club car the crossinggate™ club magazine each year we produce beautifully decorated cars exclusively for our club members members automatically receive the car that matches their club membership railking premier tinplate s gauge ho or one gauge and have the option to collect the other club cars as well you will receive our quarterly full color club magazine jam-packed with product news layout visits rail history and step-bystep articles on how to enjoy m.t.h products even more 1st class mailing of m.t.h catalogs club members get all of our catalogs earlier than all our other mailing list members via first-class mailings so they can order