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c&o class h-8 2-6-6-6 allegheny new tooling the biggest engines east of the mississippi were not rostered by the biggest railroads there were no legendary articulateds racing along the nyc’s water level route or charging over the pennsy’s horseshoe curve it was the smaller scrappier eastern roads dedicated to wrestling coal out of appalachia — the c&o n&w virginian clinchfield western maryland — that owned articulateds rivaling anything in the west and the king of them all was the chesapeake ohio’s class h-8 allegheny with four fewer drivers than a union pacific big boy an allegheny could deliver nearly a thousand more horsepower to the rails its massive firebox was big enough to host a board meeting — so big it required a unique 6-wheel trailing truck to support it its drivers carried the highest axle load of any steam engine ever to make the allegheny fit the c&o’s existing 115-foot turntables its tender was made taller at the rear

union pacific 4-8-8-4 big boy just months before pearl harbor the american locomotive company delivered the first big boy to the union pacific railroad the up’s department of research and mechanical standards had designed the locomotive for a specific task to pull a 3600-ton train unassisted over the wasatch mountains in utah while the big boy is often cited as the biggest steam locomotive ever built in fact it is not the norfolk western’s y6 and a the duluth missabe iron range’s yellowstones and the chesapeake and ohio’s alleghenys were all in the same league and some exceeded the big boy’s weight and power but in the battle for hearts and minds the big boy won perhaps it was the name simple and direct scrawled on a locomotive under construction by an alco shop worker maybe it was timing as the big boys hit the road just when america needed symbols to rally around maybe the up’s publicity department 12 just did a better job of telling the

bavarian class s 3/6 express new tooling in 1871 germany became the last major european country to unify combining a hodgepodge of kingdoms and duchies but it would be another 50 years before the 11 provincial railroads were nationalized into the german imperial railway company drg with the logo dr in the meantime each road continued to develop its own locomotive designs one of the best was the class s 3/6 of the royal bavarian state railways abbreviated k bay sts b in german 22 regarded by european enthusiasts as one of the most beautiful and successful of all steam locomotives the class s 3/6 “s” for schnellzuglok indicating an express passenger engine and 3/6 to indicate 3 powered axles 6 axles total was built by a g maffei beginning in 1908 and showcased the talent of that firm’s chief designer heinrich leppla the stylish conical smokebox front of the s 3/6 was complemented by a handsome holly green paint scheme two inboard high pressure cylinders and two

union pacific red stripe dash 9 diesel engine cab no 9800 80-2309-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 80-2309-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $319.95 80-2309-0 dcc ready $199.95 union pacific red stripe dash 9 diesel engine cab no 9812 80-2310-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 80-2310-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $319.95 80-2310-0 dcc ready $199.95 union pacific red stripe dash 9 diesel engine cab no 9820 80-2311-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 80-2311-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $319.95 80-2311-0 dcc ready $199.95 union pacific cnw flag logo dash 9 diesel engine cab no 9807 80-2308-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 80-2308-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $319.95 80-2308-0 dcc ready $199.95 models an ex-chicago north western unit acquired in the up takeover norfolk southern dash 9 diesel engine cab no 9197 80-2299-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 80-2299-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $319.95 80-2299-0 dcc ready $199.95 norfolk southern dash 9 diesel engine cab no

pennsylvania alco pa a/b set a unit no 5756 b unit no 5756b 80-2215-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $529.95 80-2215-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $569.95 80-2215-0 dcc ready $349.95 pennsylvania alco pa a unit cab no 5755 80-2216-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $289.95 80-2216-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $309.95 80-2216-0 dcc ready $189.95 pennsylvania alco pa b unit cab no 5752b 80-2217-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $289.95 80-2217-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $309.95 80-2217-0 dcc ready $189.95 union pacific alco pa a unit cab no 602 80-2219-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $289.95 80-2219-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $309.95 $189.95 80-2219-0 dcc ready union pacific alco pa b unit cab no 602b 80-2220-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $289.95 80-2220-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $309.95 missouri pacific alco pa a unit cab no 8008 80-2225-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $289.95 union pacific alco pa a/b set a unit no 600 b unit no 600b 80-2218-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $529.95 80-2218-5 dcc/dcs

sd70ace emd demonstrator sd70ace diesel engine cab no gm70 80-2259-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 80-2259-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $319.95 80-2259-0 dcc ready $199.95 emd demonstrator sd70ace diesel engine cab no gm71 80-2260-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 80-2260-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $319.95 80-2260-0 dcc ready $199.95 emd demonstrator sd70ace diesel engine cab no gm73 80-2261-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 80-2261-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $319.95 80-2261-0 dcc ready $199.95 western pacific sd70ace diesel engine cab no 1983 80-2264-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 union pacific heritage series diesel all proto-sound models include onboard dcc receiver denver rio grande western sd70ace diesel engine cab no 1989 80-2281-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3.0 $299.95 80-2281-5 dcc/dcs proto-sound 3e 3-rail $319.95 80-2281-0 dcc ready $199.95 union pacific heritage series diesel george h.w bush sd70ace diesel engine cab no 4141 80-2282-1 dcc/dcs proto-sound

emd gp38-2 new tooling produced from 1972 to 1986 the gp38-2 helped inaugurate electro-motive’s “dash-2” series of locomotives and became one of emd’s all-time best sellers with over 2200 engines sold throughout north america rare was the railroad that did not roster these reliable second-generation emd workhorses building on the success of the gp38 introduced in 1966 the dash-2 model looked almost identical on the outside but incorporated a host of internal upgrades that lowered exhaust emissions and improved reliability ease of maintenance and tractive effort most significant was the replacement of the maze of hard-wired circuits switches interlocks and relays — which had characterized first-generation diesels and had been the source of many of their service issues — with modular solidstate electronics other improvements toughened the pistons 60 rings and bearings of the 2000-horsepower non-turbocharged model 645 prime mover the result was an

rolling stock m.t.h electric trains has a long history of developing expansive offerings throughout our product line categories and ho rolling stock — both freight and passenger — is certainly no exception our selection of premium freight and passenger cars is certain to appeal to the most serious ho modeler as expected our ho premium cars are true 1/87 scale models of north american freight cars abundantly detailed with separate grab irons steps hatches and brake wheels these models will hold up to even the most discrminating eye outfitted with smooth rolling trucks and kadee couplers they are a favorite of operators who enjoy long consists of colorful liveries each available in multiple car numbers sporting crisp graphics in prototypical and colorful liveries m.t.h ho premium rolling stock is offered in multiple car numbers so that modelers can recreate reallife consists many of the same paint schemes are also offered in six car sets in up to 12 car numbers making it

gerber products r40-2 woodside reefer 80-94013 no 1004 $34.99 80-94014 no 1008 $34.99 gerber products 6-car r40-2 reefer set 80-90025 numbers 1002 1006 1007 1005 1009 1000 fairmont creamery r40-2 woodside reefer 80-94017 no 30210 $34.99 80-94018 no 30212 $34.99 fairmont creamery 6-car r40-2 reefer set 80-90027 numbers 30215 30218 30219 30211 30224 30222 $199.95 $199.95 all cars feature 2 #158 die-cast scale kadee® whisker food products r40-2 woodside reefer couplers otoe 80-94019 no 4001 $34.99 80-94020 no 4003 $34.99 otoe food products 6-car r40-2 reefer set 80-90028 numbers 4002 4004 4005 4006 4007 4008 $199.95 m.k goetz brewing r40-2 woodside reefer 80-94021 no 14310 $34.99 80-94022 no 14313 $34.99 m.k goetz brewing 6-car r40-2 reefer set 8-90029 numbers 14312 14314 14315 14319 14311 14316 nickel plate road r40-2 woodside reefer 80-94027 no 701 $34.99 80-94028 no 700 $34.99 nickel plate road 6-car r40-2 reefer set 80-90032 numbers 903 904 708 705 907 900 great falls

southern pacific 5-car passenger set 80-60029 $469.95 80-60029-5 ho 3-rail $499.95 southern pacific lines 5-car passenger set 80-60041 $469.95 80-69041 ho 3-rail $499.95 soft flexible end-of-car diaphrams southern pacific 3-car diner/kitchen/coffee passenger set 80-60030-5 ho 3-rail $299.95 southern pacific lines 3-car diner/kitchen/coffee passenger set $279.95 80-60042 80-69042 ho 3-rail $299.95 southern pacific lines articulated chair/chair passenger car set 80-60010 car no 2458 2457 $189.95 80-60011 car no 2460 2459 $189.95 southern pacific articulated chair/chair passenger car set 80-60004 car no 2464 2463 $189.95 80-60005 car no 2466 2465 $189.95 southern pacific lines articulated chair/chair passenger car set w/antenna car no 2474 2473 $189.95 80-60009 80-60008 car no 2462 2461 $189.95 southern pacific articulated chair/chair passenger car set w/antenna car no 2470 2469 $189.95 80-60002 80-60003 car no 2476 2475 $189.95

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