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this sleek steamer defines the quiet elegance of the tinplate traditions line.the ives #1134 is one of the largest standard gauge steam locomotives ever.the 1134 was patterned after the baltimore ohio’s 4-4-0 president washington but the wheel designation chosen on the model was 4-4-2 national limited 4-car std gauge 418 set 10-5100 $899.95 the styling of the engine captured the very essence of american steam engines but the lack of purity in the castings of the original ives releases threatened the lifespan of the beautifully crafted locomotive with its stamped steel body baked enamel finish and metal wheels and axles durability is not a problem for this m.t.h model today the 1134 returns to m.t.h.’s tinplate traditions lineup and sports just beneath the graceful lines of the tinplate boiler the excitement of proto-sound 3.0 whose revolutionary electronics control a smoothrunning chassis capable of running at just a few scale miles per hour cracking open the throttle

red #1134 ives steamer 10-1342-1 proto-sound 3.0 $999.95 10-1342-0 traditional $999.95 black #1134 dorfan steamer 10-1346-1 proto-sound 3.0 $999.95 10-1346-0 traditional $999.95 black #1134 ives steamer 10-1343-1 proto-sound 3.0 $999.95 10-1343-0 traditional $999.95 green #1134 dorfan steamer 10-1344-1 proto-sound 3.0 $999.95 10-1344-0 traditional $999.95 blue #1134 dorfan steamer 10-1345-1 proto-sound 3.0 $999.95 10-1345-0 traditional

#89 ives deluxe water tower 10-4021 $179.95 pennsylvania #89 ives deluxe water tower 10-4076 $179.95 features stamped metal construction fully assembled fully painted moveable water spout measures 9 1/2”tall the no 89 water tower appeared in the ives lineup between 1923 and 1930 in a variety of configurations from 1923 1929 it featured an orange tank black base and trim and featured “the ives railway lines” lettering on the tank.the exact same tank was featured in the anmerican flyer line as item 2020 in 1930 the no 89 dramatically changed in appearance with the tank becoming much larger painted in yellow and sporting a large decal the tank sat upon a black tower with a red ladder and a green/gray base a blue roof topped the tank and the base sported an etched brass plate interestingly the tower itself was the same tower used on the lionel no 438 signal tower the m.t.h ives no 89 water tower features the same tinplate metal construction as its 1930 cousin