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locomotive features traditional or 21st-century electronics lionel corporation offers you the choice of enjoying tinplate trains that perform just like new toys of eighty years ago or updated with modern features and technology most of our locomotives are offered in both traditional and proto-sound® 2.0 or 3.0 configurations traditional versions don’t just look like the pre-war originals they operate like them too traditional locomotives feature open-frame ac motors and mechanical e-units reverse units for operators who want to recreate the full tinplate experience — complete with buzzing e-units growling motors and the smell of ozone in the air and the locomotive speed control built into proto-sound 2.0 and 3.0 acts like the cruise control on a car keeping your train moving at the speed you select regardless of hills and curves great smoke brake sounds engine brakes squeal whenever you throttle back sharply or pull into a station in dcs mode you can trigger the brake

lionel lines orange blue 261e tinplate loco tender 11-6057-1 proto-sound 3.0 $349.95 lionel lines 605 baggage passenger car 11-80031 $89.95 lionel lines 607 coach passenger car 11-80032 $89.95 lionel lines no 2655 o gauge box car 11-70108 $69.95 lionel lines no 2657 o gauge caboose 11-70111 $69.95

o gauge boy’s freight set 11-6055-1 proto-sound 3.0 11-6055-0 traditional $899.95 $899.95 15

lionel o gauge union pacific city of denver sets introduced in 1936 as the lionel union pacific overland the no 299w streamliner was advertised as an “authentic model of the union pacific railroad’s new overland express that races at a top clip from denver to the coast.” by the following year the set was more accurately identified as the chicago–denver city of denver with a big front grille and long hood reminiscent of automobiles of the period lionel’s power car was actually a pretty accurate model of the city’s lead locomotives the rest of the 299w’s articulated consist however was borrowed from lionel’s flying yankee and bore little resemblance to the prototype lionel’s city was cataloged from 1936 when the actual train debuted until 1939 our model recreates the later version of lionel’s city of denver as delivered in the up’s armour yellow and leaf brown livery with all-yellow vestibules connecting the cars

lionel o gauge steam locomotives the 1930 lionel catalog trumpeted the release of the firm’s very first o gauge steam engine “boys here is the most remarkable “o” gauge steam type locomotive that has ever been produced dozens of blue prints and photographs of famous new locomotives from railroads all over the country were examined and the best features of each were utilized by lionel’s engineering department in designing this locomotive it is built for speed and power it is low long graceful and sturdy complete with its pacific type oil-burning tender it represents a miracle of model railroad engineering “the rhythm of its double action pistons and driving rods is characteristic of a great “mogul of the rails.” it will be the pride of every boy who owns one.” lionel lines red w/brass trim 261e tinplate loco tender 11-6056-1 proto-sound 3.0 $349.95 while its gleaming exterior is pure 1930s the proto-sound version of our 261e

lionel standard gauge boy’s train pennsylvania no 217 std gauge illuminated caboose 11-30181 $159.95 missouri pacific no 214 std gauge box car 11-30175 $149.95 baltimore ohio no 215 std gauge oil car 11-30177 $149.95 norfolk western no 216 std gauge coal car 11-30171 $149.95 erie no 219 std gauge derrick car 11-30179 $219.95 new york central no 212 std gauge gondola car 11-30173 $149.95 34

the introduction of the no 6 steam locomotive in 1906 along with its smaller sibling the no 5 was a watershed event for the young lionel corporation they were the company’s first steam engines and its first models in a new size audaciously named standard gauge at 2 1/8” between the rails standard gauge was smaller and more practical than lionel’s previous 2 7/8” gauge and introduced 3-rail sectional track that could be assembled and disassembled without tools catalog copy for the new engines indicated that lionel was pursuing two different markets animated window displays where joshua lionel cowen had started the business in 1900 and a newer interest in the toy market the no 6 was recommended “for those desiring a piece for a show window display or for the added attraction to a showroom or for a toy that is incomparable and will be appreciated all the time.” it seems likely that the less realistic but more attention-getting brass and nickel-plated

the largest and perhaps flashiest of joshua lionel cowen’s standard gauge electric locomotives wasn’t the company’s most expensive that distinction belonged to the 2-motored 408e but it was the 381e that has earned the distinction of being one of the most prized possessions that a pre-war tinplate collector can own state cars introducing the transcontinental limited in its 1929 catalog lionel described what would later become known as the state cars “never before has such a wealth of realistic detail been embodied in a model railroad car.” actually that was not far from the truth european manufacturers of the time were the only producers of comparably detailed cars in fact given the limited capabilities in the 1920s to faithfully recreate an accurate model of a real life prototype the 381e did a fairly good job of impersonating the milwaukee road’s bi-polar electrics that ran over the mountainous stretches between othello and tacoma washington

lionel #300 hellgate bridge “nothing so elaborate or architecturally perfect as this bridge has ever been made for use with a model electric train.” white/silver hellgate bridge 11-90002 499.95 measures 28 3/4” x 10 7/8” x 11” originally cataloged from 1935-1942 54

transformers whether you operate with conventional ac power or the m.t.h digital command system dcs our ul-approved transformers offer the best way to power your layout choose the 100-watt z-1000™ for a small to medium-sized layout or step up to the 400-watt feature-laden z-4000® the most powerful ul-approved transformer in the hobby all m.t.h transformers offer • incredibly smooth wide range throttle for precise speed control • bell and whistle/horn buttons that work with all makes of locomotives • fast-acting circuit breakers to protect your equipment • continuous useable wave power output compatible with all ac-powered engines 100 watts z-1000 transformer 40-1000 $109.95 100-watt accessory ac power supply 40-1000a $89.95 with 14 volt accessory port railking controller set 40-750c $59.95 includes z-500/z-750 transformer controller realtrax lock-on 40-1003 realtrax wire harness 40-1015 50 watts z-500 transformer 40-500 $69.95 designed for smaller

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