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p16e.pdf !note • please read rating and !caution for storage operating rating soldering mounting and handling in this catalog to prevent smoking and/or burning etc • this catalog has only typical specifications therefore please approve our product specifications or transact the approval sheet for product specifications before ordering apr.25,2017 notice for consumer/industrial usage -mhz chip type soldering and mounting cstcr_g/g15l/gh5l cstce_g/g15l/gh5l cstce_v/v13l/vh3l series 1 soldering 1 reflow soldering please mount the component on a circuit board by reflow soldering flow soldering is not acceptable flux please use rosin based flux not water soluble flux solder please use solder sn-3.0ag-0.5cu under the following conditions standard thickness of soldering paste 0.10 to 0.15mm recommendable soldering profile pre-heating 60 to 120s 220°c min 30 to 60s upper limit 260°c 1s max lower limit 245°c 5s max heating peak temperature 150 to 180°c temperature °c recommendable flux and solder peak 260 245 220 heating 220°c min 180 150 pre-heating 150 to 180°c 60 to 120s gradual cooling 30 to 60s temperature shall be measured on the surface of component 2 soldering with iron if compelled to mount the component by using a soldering iron please do not directly touch the component with the soldering iron the component terminals or electrical characteristics may be damaged if excessive thermal stress is applied recommendable soldering with iron heating of the soldering iron watt shape of the soldering iron soldering time solder 350°c max 30w max ø3mm max 5s max at one terminal sn-3.0ag-0.5cu 4 other do not reuse components removed from a circuit board after soldering 5 conditions for placement machines the component is recommended with placement machines that employ optical placement capabilities the component may be damaged by excessive mechanical force please make sure that you have evaluated by using placement machines before going into mass production do not use placement machines that utilize mechanical positioning please contact murata for details beforehand 3 solder volume please make the solder volume less than the height of the substrate to avoid damage to the seal between the metal cap and the substrate 2 washing coating conformal coating or washing of the component is not acceptable because it is not hermetically sealed please contact us if you need a washable component continued on the following page 31