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!note • please read rating and !caution for storage operating rating soldering mounting and handling in this catalog to prevent smoking and/or burning etc • this catalog has only typical specifications therefore please approve our product specifications or transact the approval sheet for product specifications before ordering selection guide applications automotive consumer/industrial tight tolerance standard tolerance tight tolerance standard tolerance smd smd smd smd cstcr_g15c cstcc_g_a 4.00–7.99mhz 2.00–3.99mhz cstce_g15c cstcr_g_b 8.00–13.99mhz 4.00–7.99mhz cstce_v13c cstce_g_a 14.00–20.00mhz 8.00–13.99mhz cstcr_g15l cstcr_gh5l 4.00–7.99mhz cstce_g15l cstce_gh5l 8.00–13.99mhz cstce_v13l cstce_vh3l 14.00–20.00mhz cstcc_g 2.00–3.99mhz cstcr_g 4.00–7.99mhz cstce_g 8.00–13.99mhz cstce_v_c cstce_v 14.00–20.00mhz 14.00–20.00mhz leaded cstls_g 3.40–10.00mhz cstls_x 16.00–70.00mhz notice ceralockr for consumer and ceralockr for automotive is different in the specification of operating temperature range environmental characteristics physical characteristics and so on please choose either for consumer or for automotive according to the required specification 2 p16e.pdf apr.25,2017