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p16e.pdf apr.25,2017 cat no p16e-26 global locations for details please visit www.murata.com note 1 export control for customers outside japan no murata products should be used or sold through any channels for use in the design development production utilization maintenance or operation of or otherwise contribution to 1 any weapons weapons of mass destruction [nuclear chemical or biological weapons or missiles or conventional weapons or 2 goods or systems specially designed or intended for military end-use or utilization by military end-users for customers in japan for products which are controlled items subject to the “foreign exchange and foreign trade law” of japan the export license specified by the law is required for export 2 please contact our sales representatives or product engineers before using the products in this catalog for the applications listed below which require especially high reliability for the prevention of defects which might directly damage a third party’s life body or property or when one of our products is intended for use in applications other than those specified in this catalog 1 aircraft equipment 2 aerospace equipment 3 undersea equipment 4 power plant equipment 5 medical equipment 6 transportation equipment vehicles trains ships etc 7 traffic signal equipment 8 disaster prevention crime prevention equipment 9 data-processing equipment 10 application of similar complexity and/or reliability requirements to the applications listed above murata manufacturing co ltd www.murata.com 3 product specifications in this catalog are as of march 2017 they are subject to change or our products in it may be discontinued without advance notice please check with our sales representatives or product engineers before ordering if there are any questions please contact our sales representatives or product engineers 4 please read rating and caution for storage operating rating soldering mounting and handling in this catalog to prevent smoking and/or burning etc 5 this catalog has only typical specifications therefore please approve our product specifications or transact the approval sheet for product specifications before ordering 6 please note that unless otherwise specified we shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any conflict or dispute that may occur in connection with the effect of our and/or a third party’s intellectual property rights and other related rights in consideration of your use of our products and/or information described or contained in our catalogs in this connection no representation shall be made to the effect that any third parties are authorized to use the rights mentioned above under licenses without our consent 7 no ozone depleting substances ods under the montreal protocol are used in our manufacturing process.