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!note • please read rating and !caution for storage operating rating soldering mounting and handling in this catalog to prevent smoking and/or burning etc grm • this catalog has only typical specifications therefore please approve our product specifications or transact the approval sheet for product specifications before ordering c02e.pdf nov.27,2017 gjm series temperature compensating type part number list grj gr3 → 0.6×0.3mm t max rated tc voltage code 0.33mm 25vdc ch cap 6.6pf tol part number p ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e6r6wb01 p157 6.7pf 0.33mm 25vdc ch cap gjm 6.8pf ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e7r9cb01 p157 8.0pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e8r0wb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e7r9db01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e8r0bb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e8r0cb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e6r7bb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e8r0db01 p157 8.1pf ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e8r1bb01 p157 ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e6r8wb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e8r1cb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e8r1db01 p157 8.2pf ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e6r8db01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e8r2bb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e8r2cb01 p157 ga2 ga3 gb ga3 gf ga3 gd ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e7r0wb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e8r3cb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e8r4bb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e8r4cb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e7r1bb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e8r4db01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e8r5bb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e8r5cb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e7r2db01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e8r6bb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e8r6cb01 p157 llm ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e8r6db01 p157 8.7pf ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e8r7bb01 p157 ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e7r4wb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e8r7cb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e8r7db01 p157 8.8pf ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e7r4db01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e8r8bb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e8r8cb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e7r5bb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e8r8db01 p157 8.9pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e8r9wb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e7r5db01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e8r9bb01 p157 ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e7r6wb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e8r9cb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e7r6bb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e8r9db01 p157 9.0pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e9r0wb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e7r6db01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e9r0bb01 p157 ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e7r7wb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e9r0cb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e7r7bb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e7r7cb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e9r0db01 p157 9.1pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e9r1wb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e7r7db01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e9r1bb01 p157 ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e7r8wb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e9r1cb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e7r8bb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e7r8cb01 p157 7.9pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e8r8wb01 p157 ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e7r5wb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e7r6cb01 p157 7.8pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e8r7wb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e7r3db01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e7r4cb01 p157 7.7pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e8r6wb01 p157 ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e7r3wb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e7r4bb01 p157 llr nfm krm ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e8r5db01 p157 8.6pf ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e7r3bb01 p157 7.6pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e8r5wb01 p157 ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e7r2wb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e7r2bb01 p157 kr3 gma 8.5pf ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e7r1db01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e7r2cb01 p157 7.5pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e8r4wb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e7r0db01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e7r5cb01 p157 !caution /notice gmd ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e8r3db01 p157 8.4pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e7r1wb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e7r1cb01 p157 lll lla ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e8r3bb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e7r0cb01 p157 7.4pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e8r3wb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e6r9db01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e7r3cb01 p157 148 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e8r2db01 p157 8.3pf ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e7r0bb01 p157 7.3pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e8r2wb01 p157 ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e6r9wb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e6r9bb01 p157 7.2pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e8r1wb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e6r7db01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e6r9cb01 p157 7.1pf p 7.9pf ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e6r8bb01 p157 7.0pf part number ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e6r6db01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e6r8cb01 p157 6.9pf tol ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e6r7wb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e6r7cb01 p157 gr7 gr4 rated tc voltage code ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e6r6bb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e6r6cb01 p157 gqm t max ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e9r1db01 p157 9.2pf ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e9r2wb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e7r8db01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e9r2bb01 p157 ±0.05pf gjm0332c1e7r9wb01 p157 ±0.25pf gjm0332c1e9r2cb01 p157 ±0.1pf gjm0332c1e7r9bb01 p157 ±0.5pf gjm0332c1e9r2db01 p157 refers to the page of the “specifications and test methods” part number indicates the package specification code.