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k35e.pdf jun.15,2015 cars and the future an indispensable element in an “omnipresent network society” – murata technology links people and the ever-evolving automobile ever-evolving automotive technology is no longer confined to the basic vehicle functions of propulsion steering and braking it is now expanding into a variety of disciplines remarkable advances in automotive technology most notably in areas such as telematics advanced safety features and environmental compatibility have led to tremendous evolution in our vehicles and our automotive society since the days when vehicles were merely a means of getting around this evolution has been facilitated by electronic components that monitor the vehicle inside and out and exchange information among the components murata produces components that are so small and light you wouldn’t even notice them on your fingertip and sensors and modules made of materials we have engineered at the molecular level we are

k35e.pdf jun.15,2015 work in automotive infotainment 1 4 amr sensors saw filters sf series 5 kanda isolated dc-dc converters mp series 2 ceramic esd protection devices lxes series asakusa 1min area search weather route convenience comfort/in vehicle lan ceramic filters sfecf series common mode choke coils dlw series 3min waseda 2min destination multilayer lc filters lf_v series dc-dc converters mp series crystal units xrcha_f_a series rf inductors lqw/lqg series 3 ionizer mhm series ceramic resonators ceralock® cstce/cstcr series polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors ecas series 6 electrical double layer capacitors dmt series 12 3 1 7 2 5 11 10 8 dc-dc converters h8 series 4 9 6 powertrain 6 ultrasonic sensors ma series 7 wi-fi®・bluetooth® connectivity modules 03 8 shock sensors pkgs series 9 antenna coils msa series 10 12 ultrasonic sensors open structure type ma series wi-fi modules ® 11 safety standard certified ceramic capacitors de6 series ptc thermistors

k35e.pdf jun.15,2015 circuit applications pim power inverter module ivi in vehicle infotainment bms battery management system airbag combined stability controller c1 c2 obc on board charger murata manufacturing co ltd chip monolithic ceramic capacitors for 250v or more c3 chip monolithic ceramic capacitors soft termination type c4 metal terminal monolithic ceramic capacitors kc3 series/x7t gcm series/u2j gcj series/x7r kcm series/x7r c5 chip monolithic ceramic capacitors high allowable ripple current type c6 safety standard certified ceramic capacitors de6 series c7 chip monolithic ceramic capacitors gcm series c8 low esl ceramic capacitors ll series c9 3-terminal capacitors nfm series f1 saw filters sf series l1 chip common mode choke coils dlw series l2 rf inductors lqp/lqg/lqw series gc3 series/x7t l3 inductors for power lines lqm/lqh series q1 connectivity modules lbw series q2 dc-dc converters mp series s1 combined gyroscopes and accelerometers scc series s2 accelerometers sca

k35e.pdf jun.15,2015 specific use products lineup powertrain combined gyro sensors and accelerometers murata is the market leading manufacturer and supplier of sensitive low-g acceleration and inclination sensors to the global automotive industry we are the pioneer in the active application of silicon sensor technology to road safety isolated type dc-dc converters â–  combined gyro sensors and accelerometers for battery management system of phev/hev solutions requiring smaller size and lighter weight murata provides custom high reliability high efficiency and low noise emission isolated multi-output dc-dc converters lead type ceramic capacitors tc code d mm rated voltage v de6b3 b 8 to 9 ac300 r.m.s de6e3 e 7 to 12 ac300 r.m.s 1p 10p scc1300 1-axis gyro 3-axis accelerometer scr1100 capacitance range f 0.1p no of axis d this is an iec60384-14 class x1 y2 certified product basic insulation the x1 y2 class products satisfy the safety standards of ul/enec vde series series 100p

k35e.pdf jun.15,2015 products lineup capacitors connectivity modules bluetooth® wi-fi ® this product can be used for communication in one stop solution of multimedia environment in the automotive gps fm and others application matrix product name chip multilayer lc filters available for consumer grade use only ultra-small and low-profile filters based on ceramic multilayer technology ■ low pass filters lfb18_v series lfb21_v series 25 lfl18_v series 1 2.0 1.05 max in mm 1.6 0.7 max 2.0 0 8 25 1 1.05 max 1.6 0.7 max 0 8 ■ band pass filters lfl21_v series in mm chip multilayer baluns available for consumer grade use only 2.0 25 1.6 8 0 1.05 max 1 0.4 max smd baluns constructed with a copper conductor and ceramic material ideal for high-frequency applications small-size and low-loss baluns can be customized for balance impedance of 50Ω to 200Ω mlcc in mm ldm18_v series ldb21_v series chip multilayer hybrid dividers available for consumer grade use only 25

k35e.pdf jun.15,2015 chip monolithic ceramic capacitors/lead type ceramic capacitors powertrain/safety series series name gcm general purpose products for automotive gcd specially designed product to reduce shorts gce specially designed product to reduce shorts resin electrode products gcg conductivity adhesive compatible type gcj resin external electrode products gc3 high effective capacitance high allowable ripple current kcm metal terminal type for automotive kc3 metal terminal type/high effective capacitance high allowable ripple current for automotive de6 safety standard certified iec60384-14 class x1/y2 for automotive rce 125°c compatible type for automotive rhe 150°c compatible type for automotive characteristics series name grm for general purpose infotainment/comfort ga2 products based on the electrical appliance and material safety law of japan ga3 safety standard certified type gjm high frequency high q type 1005in mm 0402in inch size max gma top bottom electrode

k35e.pdf jun.15,2015 electrical double layer capacitors nf□ comfort series rated voltage v nominal capacitance mf tolerance esr@1khz mΩ size mm operating temperature °c 4.2 470 ±20 130 21.0×14.0×3.5 -40 to +85 dmt infotainment/comfort type size mm the number of product rated voltage vdc tzy2_ac01 smd 2.5×3.2×1.25 8 25 tzb4 smd 4.0×4.5×3.0 8 100 dl□ variable range pf 0.1 1 10 signal lines type 100 dl□ 1.4pf-50pf noise suppression products powertrain safety comfort infotainment blm nfm nfz dlw plt emigard® emifil® with varistor function vfc disc type emifil® dss ferrite cores fs capacitance f 2706 6816 33p-3300p size code in inch in mm common mode impedance Ω at 100mhz 1206 3216 2200 size code in inch in mm common mode inductance µh at 100mhz 1812 4532 11-100 size code in inch in mm common mode impedance Ω at 10mhz — 45-1000 dlw31s series dlw43s large current common mode choke coils for automotive available

k35e.pdf jun.15,2015 bl□ size code in inch in mm impedance Ω at 100mhz blm_eb•eg•he 0201-0603 0603-1608 250.6a 15000.5a signal lines type blm_hg•hd •hb• hg 0201-0603 0603-1608 120-1800 signal lines type blm_gg•ga 0402-0603 1005-1608 75-470 size code in inch in mm cut-off frequency mhz 0603 1608 50-500 size code in inch in mm capacitance f 1206 3216 22p-2200p universal type [power lines/signal lines for ghz band noise for high-ghz band noise nf□ nfl18zt series lc combined type universal type [power lines/signal lines nf□ nfe31zt dl□ signal lines type inductors application matrix product name effective frequency range applicable frequency ranges are only for reference 10khz 100khz 1mhz 10mhz 100mhz 1ghz 10ghz lqp rf inductors multilayer type lqg rf inductors/power lines wire wound type lqw power lines/general circuit multilayer type lqm power lines/general circuit wire wound type lqh effective frequency range applicable

k35e.pdf infotainment ptgl 2 3 cstcr_g15c 4 5 series sensing temperature °c max voltage v operating temperature range °c prf +65 to +145 32 -40 to +150 7.2 0 operating temperature range °c ±20 16 to 20 -40 to +105 prg cstcc_g_a ptc thermistors posistor® lead type operating temperature range °c ±10 -40 to +125 ±20 -30 to +85 max voltage v cstcr_g_b 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40 50 70 series crystal units xrc ceramic resonators ceralock® cstcr/cstce powertrain safety comfort 2.5 infotainment 2.0 1.0 max 0.8 max operating temperature range °c ±0.15 4.00±0.5 7.99±0.5 ±0.2 8.00±0.5 13.99±0.5 -40 to +125 ±0.15 14.00±0.5 24.00±0.5 in mm xrcha_f_a frequency range mhz 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40 50 16.0000±0.1 24.0000±0.1 powertrain safety infotainment low temperature co-fired ceramic functional substrates lfc® substrates provide high reliability under harsh conditions such as high temperatures and strong vibration 70 100 ceramic composition

k35e.pdf jun.15,2015 products for radio communication safety comfort infotainment cerafil® 10.7mhz chip type 5 sfecf 1.5 sound components to generate acknowledgment tone in instrumental panel power slide door alarm ultrasonic sonar operation alert and other alarm sounds in mm sfeck/sfecv 3db bandwidth khz series type defghjk 350 330 280 230 180 150 110 — — sfecf10m7� standard type sfeck10m7� high-reliability type — — — — — sfecv10m7� standard type — — — — — sfecv15m0� standard type — — — — — comfort infotainment piezoelectric sounders 6.9 1.3 3 1 compact and lightweight filter for if circuits adapting the piezoelectric function of ceramic 9 2 3.4 sound components — series type features pklcs smd type super-compact and low-profiled workable with automatic mounting and reflow soldering pkm_epph pin type general-purpose products low

k35e.pdf jun.15,2015 corporate activities providing a network to link the world and solutions without borders murata’s globally accepted electronic components for all of its leading products murata maintains a market share that is one of the highest in the world murata’s electronic components play an important role inside many types of devices around the world chip monolithic ceramic capacitors murata’s electronic components are used throughout the world in fields ranging from home intelligent appliances to industrial electronics and car electronics the production and supply of these components is supported by a global network consisting of production and sales offices in over a dozen countries by this worldwide network murata is actively involved in a borderless and far-reaching effort to turn even more ideas into reality ceramic filters/resonators 35 70 emi suppression filters saw filters 35 45 .murata’s share in all transaction markets quality management

cat no k35e-3 global locations for details please visit note 1 export control for customers outside japan no murata products should be used or sold through any channels for use in the design development production utilization maintenance or operation of or otherwise contribution to 1 any weapons weapons of mass destruction [nuclear chemical or biological weapons or missiles or conventional weapons or 2 goods or systems specially designed or intended for military end-use or utilization by military end-users for customers in japan for products which are controlled items subject to the “foreign exchange and foreign trade law” of japan the export license specified by the law is required for export 2 please contact our sales representatives or product engineers before using the products in this catalog for the applications listed below which require especially high reliability for the prevention of defects which might directly damage a third party’s