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k35e.pdf oct.3,2012 application matrix specific application products powertrain classifications product name series page ecu hev.ev at/cvt eps cruise control esc/abs air bag tpms safety adas hid led lamp afs rke body/comfort air immo power condi meter burglar navibilizer window tioner alarm gation products under development/individual specification products information audio etc connec ethernet tivity dsrc ceramic substrates ceramic multilayer substrate low temperature co-fired ceramic functional substrate general purpose products lfc grm/gnm gcm grj 09 09 09 09 10 09 09 10.11 10 11 11 11 resin external electrode products gcj low esl type high frequency type mlcc specially designed product to reduce shorts capacitors conductivity adhesive compatible type large capacitance and high allowable ripple current metal terminal type kcm for smoothing of high voltages safety standard certified type lead type general purpose products trimmer capacitors chip type prg ptc thermistors resistors

k35e.pdf oct.3,2012 motor driver obc on board charger c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 c7 l1 l2 p1 metal terminal monolithic ceramic capacitors for 250v or more chip monolithic ceramic capacitors for 250v or more chip monolithic ceramic capacitors soft termination type metal terminal monolithic ceramic capacitors chip monolithic ceramic capacitors high allowable ripple current type safety standard certified ceramic capacitors chip monolithic ceramic capacitors chip common mode choke coils for signal lines chip common mode choke coils for power lines chip ceramic resonators ceralock® kc3 series/x7t under development gcm series/u2j gcj series/x7r kcm series/x7r gc3 series/x7t de6 series gcm series dlw43sh series plt10h series cstc series murata manufacturing co ltd

k35e.pdf oct.3,2012 series tc code l×w mm

k35e.pdf oct.3,2012 lead type monolithic ceramic capacitors l w this is a general purpose lead type monolithic ceramic capacitor the lead wires can be provided in cu or cp as required as a product that can be mounted by welding l×w mm 5.0×3.51 4.0×3.5 rated voltage vdc 100 50 100 50 100 rper3/r7 r/x7r 5.0×3.51 50 25 4.0×3.5 rhel8 x8l 5.7×4.5 6.0×5.5 6.0×8.0 100 50 100 50 50 50 1000pf 1000pf 0.033f series rpe c rhe5g tc code capacitance range f 0.1p 1p 1pf 1pf 100pf 100pf 220pf 220pf 0.47f 0.022f 0.10f 0.10f 1000pf 10p 100p 1000p 0.01 1500pf 0.1 1 10 100 operating temperature 1000 range °c -55 to +125 c /c0g 0.01f x8g -55 to +150 1500pf 0.047f 2.2f 1.0f -55 to +125 -55 to +150 0.15f 1.5f 2.2f 4.7f 10f 1 some parts will be different depending on capacitance and lead form thermistors/resistors ptc thermistors posistor® chip type optimal for overheat detection at heat generation areas including power transistors power diodes and power ics series prf sensing temperature °c +65

k35e.pdf oct.3,2012 noise suppression products chip emifil® nfmh/nfeh series for powertrains and safety equipment nfm/nfa/nfl/nfe/nfw/nfr series for comfort accessory and information equipment equipment circuit nfm series input output input gnd gnd no polarity no polarity output gnd no polarity nfl18st/nfe series nfl18sp/nfl21sp/nfw series input output input nfr series output gnd no polarity powertrain safety equipment series type capacitor type nfmh lc combined type large current nfeh operating temperature range °c -55 to +125 -55 to +125 size code inch mm 0805 2012 1206 3216 2706 6816 capacitance pf 22 to 470000 33 to 3300 rated voltage vdc 10 to 100 100 rated current ma 700 to 2000 2000 nfmh nfeh comfort accessory information equipment series type capacitor type nfmc/nfa operating temperature range °c -55 to +125 nfm -40 to +85 nfa -55 to +125 nfl18/21,nfa -40 to +85 nfl,nfw -40 to +85 nfe31 -25 to +85 nfe61 size code inch mm 0603 1608 to 1806 4516 0402 1005 to 1206 3216 1206

k35e.pdf oct.3,2012 ceramic resonators ceralock® 0 mhz chip type for automotive tight frequency tolerance an ideal tight frequency tolerance is achieved for can-bus this product can be mounted with pb free soldering sn-ag-cu 2 4 5 1 3 1.2 max 0.8 max 1 3 3.2 3.2 1.0 max 3.7 in mm cstcr_g15c cstce_g15c cstce_v13c series cstcr_g15c cstce_g15c cstce_v13c frequency range mhz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910 7.99±0.1 8.00±0.1 14.00±0.1 13.99±0.1 20.00±0.1 20 30 40 50 70 100 temperature stability temperature range °c 4.00±0.1 ±0.13 -40 to +125 mhz chip type for automotive standard frequency tolerance this product can be mounted with pb free soldering sn-ag-cu 3 0 7.2 1.8 max 1.6 max 3 1.4 max 3 3 2 0.8 max 1.2 max 1.0 max 1.4 max 3 3.2 1 1 1 1 0 4.5 3.7 3.2 in mm cstcc_g_a cstcr_g_b cstce_g_a cstce_v_c cstcv_x_q csacv_x_q series cstcc_g_a cstcr_g_b cstce_g_a cstce_v_c cstcv_x_q csacv_x_q no built-in load capacitance frequency range mhz 1 2.00±0.5 4.00±0.5 8.00±0.5 14.00±0.5 20.01±0.5

k35e.pdf oct.3,2012 gyro sensors for direction and position detection of automobiles part number mev-50c-r mev-50d-r supply voltage vdc 4.75 to 5.25 4.75 to 5.25 angular velocity deg sec output vdc 2.5 2.5 scale factor mv/deg sec 25 25 offset drift deg sec 6 max 6 max operating temperature range °c -40 to +85 -40 to +85 weight g 0.3 max 0.35 max ±70 ±70 shock sensors used to detect tire revolutions to save battery power in tpms and used in acceleration sensors for airbag subsensors to detect collisions inclination angle of electric charge primary axis sensitivity deg 25 0 45 0.205pc/g 0.80mv/g 0.77mv/g resonant frequency khz 39 typ 39 typ 37 typ operating temperature range °c part number pkgs-25ta-r pkgs-00tav-r pkgs-45tav-r1 insulation resistance m 500 min 500 min 500 min capacitance pc 240 245 195 size mm -40 to +125 4.8×2.3×1.3 rotary position sensors angle detection feedback sensor for motor actuators etc position detection replaces limit switches switching replaces

k35e.pdf oct.3,2012 products for power supply ionizer modules ionissimo® high-concentration ion compact design ozone control ionissimo® is an ionizer module with unprecedented compactness and high efficiency capable of generating the largest amount of ions in the industry owing to murata s own high-voltage technology and structural design the ion generator is connected to the driving power supply for modularization and ease of incorporating into equipment surveyed by murata as of march 2011 mhm series features ion is generated at low voltage 2.0kv with high efficiency resulting in high ion concentration compact equipment may be designed due to small ionizer element and driving power supply ozone amounts may be optimized for specific applications by controlling the generation of ozone without changing the number of ions dc-dc converters used for power supplies of all circuits and actuators in the car navigation system including digital signal processing circuit vics circuit dvd

k35e.pdf oct.3,2012 environment continuing our quest for harmony with the environment in all our corporate activities including development design and production we assess the impact of our products on the environment from the development and design stages to ensure that every product we offer our customers takes the environment into consideration we classify products that go even further towards contributing to reduced environmental impact as eco-friendly products and we are working to create a wider range of these products eco-products eco-products standards eco-products environmentally conscious design environmentally friendly products selection by murata of products that display a high level of environmental consideration through miniaturization low power use etc product assessment management of chemical substances with environmental impact conservation of resources conservation of energy reduction of waste products green procurement realization of product

k35e.pdf oct.3,2012 car and