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ceramic capacitor murata high voltage noise suppression common mode choke magnetic pattern recognition sensor high voltage ceramic capacitors dc dc converter dc dc convert dc dc converters dc dc convertes high voltage power supply high voltage power supplies high voltage power supply component low pass filters manufacturer chip multilayer diplexer 7bb 20 6c multilayer emi suppression filters lvds common mode choke emi suppression filters emi suppression filter smd dc dc converter common mode choke common mode chokes double layer capacitor low voltage ceramic capacitors low loss balun high voltage high frequency ceramic capacitors noise suppression common mode choke usb high power ceramic capacitors high voltage ac capacitors high voltage vacuum capacitors rotary position sensor high voltage ceramic resistor antenna for gps high voltage power capacitor band pass filter usb common mode choke ac line filters automotive dc dc converter low pass filter low pass filters 24v dc switch high voltage coaxial cables emi suppression filters application guide high voltage coaxial cable low pass filter equipment step up dc dc converter circuit type a 14 14 x1 14 water flow sensor core for common mode choke water flow sensors industrial wireless remot controller dc dc power connectors power management ics toilet seat with light ceramic capacitor murata ceramic capacitor murata power

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k70e.pdf jan.17,2013 capacitors capacitors the no 1 most abundant lineup in the industry responding to all possible needs and proposing ideal solutions summary using murata s unique material technology we offer a variety of capacitors covering a wide range of voltages murata also offers technical support that includes design kits and a comprehensive set of software tools to simulate virtually any circuit condition satisfying the demands of many applications lineup oceramic capacitors smd lead type mold type opolymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors oceramic trimmer capacitors oelectrical double layer capacitors web content convenient search substantial technical information informatio various search methods software tools simsurfing web various downloadable data frequently asked questions faq characteristics data reliability test data safety certificates by series http

k70e.pdf jan.17,2013 capacitors capacitors 1 10 100 1000 0.22f 2.2f 4.7f 10f 33000pf 33000pf 47000pf 0.10f 0.15f 68000pf 0.10f 0.10f 0.22f 1.0f 0.47f series gcj32 lxw mm

k70e.pdf jan.17,2013 noise suppression products/emi suppression filters series universal type power lines signal lines blm02ax blm03ax blm15ax blm03ag blm15ag blm18a blm21a blm18t 4 circuits array 4 circuits array size code max rated current mm inch 10 ma 0402 01005 0603 0201 1005 0402 0603 0201 1005 0402 1608 0603 2012 0805 1608 0603 2010 0804 3216 1206 0603 0201 1005 0402 1608 0603 2012 0805 2010 0804 3216 1206 1608 0603 2012 0805 0603 0201 0603 0201 1005 0402 1608 0603 2012 0805 3216 1206 4516 1806 1608 0603 1608 0603 1005 0402 1608 0603 1608 0603 0603 0201 0603 0201 1005 0402 1005 0402 1005 0402 1608 0603 1608 0603 1608 0603 1608 0603 750 1000 1740 1800 900 2200 3000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 1500 2000 800 10 5 10 5 10 5 10 22 22 22 22 10 10 10 10 10 impedance at 100mhz 100 70 120 80 120 30 70 120 80 70 120 70 120 240 220 240 220 600 1000 600 1000 600 1000 600 1000 effective frequency range 10khz 1mhz 100mhz 10ghz 100khz 10mhz 1ghz 1000 220 470 600 1000 120 150 330 220 470 600

k70e.pdf jan.17,2013 resonators a stable timing source for microprocessors in various electronic devices summary -uratagsceramicprocessingtechnologyandunique piezoelectricmaterialhasledtothedevelopmentofa rangeofsmallandthinceramicresonatorsthatoffer highoscillationfrequencyandremarkableoscillation tolerance lineup o#rystal2esonators o#eramic2esonators 2 r ic part number resonator search h 3earchfor2esonatorsby partnumberorsearch for partnumberby2esonatoronourwebsite artnumberby2esonatoronourwebsite tispossibletosearchbyeitheroscillatingfrequency ssibletosearchbyeitheroscillatingfrequency y orfrequencyrange too uencyrange too httpsearchmuratacojp#eramy search!ctiondos,angen searchmuratacojp#eramy search!ctiondos,a detailed catalogs &ormoredetails pleaserefer toourprintedcatalogsandthe 0 catalogsonourwebsite s#eramic2esonators 2 r s#eramic2esonator 2 r!pplication-anual s#rystal2esonator #at.o0 #at.o0 #at.o0 httpwwwmuratacomproductsresonatorcatalog 33

k70e.pdf jan.17,2013 filters for communication equipment ceramic filters cerafilr small and light filters for if in communications equipment using unique piezo-electric material cerafilr 10.7mhz chip type 3.4 3 1 5 1.3 in mm sfecf series type standard type series sfecf10m7p d 350 3db bandwidth khz e f g 330 280 230 h 180 p is filled in with a letter denoting 3db bandwidth 4.5 1.0 max 3.8 in mm sfsce series type wide bandwidth series sfsce10m7wfpp 3db bandwidth khz min 03 04 05 f500 f400 f325 p is filled in with a number denoting 3db bandwidth cerafilr 450/455khz chip type 8 4 m ax 7.0 5.0 max 4.0 max 3.0 max 7 .5 m ax 6.0 7 5 m ax 11 5 in mm sfpka series cfukg cfukf series cfwka series type high-selectivity series sfpka455kp 4 elements a f17.5 eebf15 e e 6db bandwidth khz min cdeff12.5 f10 f7.5 f6 eeegf4.5 h f3 high-selectivity miniature cfukg455kp 4 elements gdt flat type miniature high-selectivity cfukf455kp 4 elements cfwka450kp 6 elements eeeeeeep is filled in with a letter

k70e.pdf jan.17,2013 rf components capacitance change +30 -80 series clb0g clb0h clb0j clb09 clb1a size mm 0.7g0.5 0.71g0.38 0.76g0.76 0.9g0.9 1.00g0.64 0.25g0.25 0.38g0.38 0.5g0.5 0.64g0.64 0.76g0.76 0.9g0.9 rated voltage vdc 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 capacitance range at 25°c pf 0.1 1 10 100 150 130 200 200 240 36 56 91 130 220 330 390 150 220 390 560 680 200 150 300 390 360 1000 operating temperature range °c -25 to 85 -25 to 85 -25 to 85 -25 to 85 -25 to 85 -25 to 85 -25 to 85 -25 to 85 -25 to 85 -25 to 85 -25 to 85 +30 -90 clb0a clb0d clb05 clb0f clb0j clb09 some capacitances are not available in the clb0a/b/c/d/e clb1c series all single layer microchip capacitors are produced after receiving an order thin film circuit substrate rusubr suitable for photo diode module c features srusubr technology provides a single-layer capacitor and thin film resistor formed in one chip it reduces not only the number of parts to build a device but also the assembly costs it

k70e.pdf jan.17,2013 thermistors ptc thermistors posistorr for heater standard type these posistorr are designed for various applications for constant temperature 23 37 11 in mm ptwsb series series ptwsb curie point °c 92 to 225 rated voltage v 100/220 maximum voltage v 260 inrush current a 5.0 steady state current steady state current at 120vrms at 220vrms ma ma 32 to 78 17 to 39 inrush current based on 220vrms operating temperature range ptwsb1 -20 to 60°c ptwsb2 -20 to 85°c thermistors detailed catalogs for more details please refer to our printed catalogs and the pdf catalogs on our website sntc thermistors sposistorr for circuit protection sposistorr for heater sptc thermistor posistorr application manual sptc ntc for surface mounting application cat no r44e cat no r90e cat no r19e cat no r16e cat no r01e http for more details on each series please refer to our website product search http

k70e.pdf others wireless communication w m ati modules available for a wide range of applications such as automotive mobile computing devices and household appliances jan.17,2013 wi-fi modules bluetoothr · wi-fi combo modules c features compact highly efficient and flexible custom-made correspondence c applications mobile phones automotive tablet pc pos ht electric equipment smart grid etc bluetoothr modules bluetoothr low energy modules c features compact highly efficient and flexible custom-made correspondence c applications mobile phones automotive pmp pos ht healthcare wireless remote control etc please contact us about wireless communication modules others ceramic applied products contribution to high integration and miniaturization requirements of the automotive industry and rf modules ltcc low temperature co-fired ceramics multilayer substrates ltcc low temperature co-fired ceramics is a multi-layer glass ceramic substrate that is co-fired with low resistance metal

k70e.pdf application guides jan.17,2013 televisions 1 tuner 2 3 display panel 6 interface usb hdmir lan signal processor 4 sound circuit 5 hdd/dvd/bd 7 control circuit 8 10 power supply remote controller connectivity 9 dc-dc converter 1 tuner microchip transformers baluns dxp18b series p48 2 crystal resonators xrcgb series p34 signal processor ceramic resonators ceralockr cstce/cstcr series p34 chip inductors chip coils lqw series p28 polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors ecas series p20 trimmer potentiometers pvz2 series p31 esd protection devices lxes series p77 crystal resonators xrcgb series p34 3 terminal capacitors nfm series p24 3 display panel dc-dc converters okl series metal terminal type monolithic ceramic capacitors krm series p10 thermistors ncp/prf series p59 switching power supplies mpf series p69 p66 5 hdd/dvd/bd shock sensors pkgs series p56 polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors chip common mode choke coils dlw/dlp series ecas series p20 p25 power inductors lqh

k70e.pdf application guides jan.17,2013 microwave oven 1 sensor 3 driver 4 display panel buzzer cpu m magnetron 2 steam pump 5 connectivity 6 7 power supply m fan motor motor driver 1 sensor thermistors ncp/nxr/prf series p59 2 steam pump microblowers 3 cpu ceramic resonators ceralockr cstls/cstce/cstcr series p73 p34 4 display panel/buzzer piezoelectric sounders pkm/pklcs series 6 motor driver thermistors ncp/nxr/prf series p59 ceramic resonators ceralockr cstls/cstce/cstcr series p34 p71 5 connectivity bluetoothr modules p74 7 sub-ghz modules nfc modules p74 power supply medium high voltage ceramic capacitors dea/des series p16 wi-fi modules monolithic ceramic capacitors for medium voltage gr/ga series p3 safety standard certified ceramic capacitors type kx/ky p17 chip multilayer antennas lda series p46 chip dielectric antennas anc series p46 coaxial connectors p50 micro dc-dc converters lxdc series p67 trimmer potentiometers pvg3 series p31 thermistors ntp/ptg series p60

k70e.pdf jan.17,2013 cat no