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smart home control hems smart appliance lighting security smart home control hems smart appliance lighting security home security system ceiling light home appliance cloud server smart phone tablet temperature weather information renewable energy batter ev smart meter smart home control • • • • 6 enabling iot applications hems home energy management systems smart appliances lighting security pg 8 pg pyroelectric infrared sensor pg 9 10 pg amr magnetic sensor pg piezoelectric shock sensor 11 14-15 pg small energy device uma series pg ultrasonic sensor 20-21 16-17 w-lan bluetooth smart module pg ionissimo® mhm series ionizer/ozonizer 23 power supply for led lighting enabling iot applications

sensors amr magnetic sensor broad product portfolio design flexibility narrower sensitivity range and higher reliability t he amr series comprises sensors that include an ic to detect changes in the magnetic resistance of a magneto resistive element that is effected by an external magnetic field this is achieved from a ferromagnetic nife alloy thin film that is deposited over the ic circuit we can offer more than 30 part types that support a broad range of applications backed by our experienced design consulting service mrus74s 1.5 mm x 1.8mm open-close detection sensitivity m t part number mrms20 series dimensions mm 2.9x2.8x1.1 0.5 to 2.5 mrms50 series 1.45x1.45x0.55 features applications std performance compact package std performance ultra compact package std open-close position detection low-speed rotation detection features applications flow metering by rotation detection part number sensitivity m t dimensions mm mrss29d 0.8 to 2.5 2.9x2.8x1.1 mrus74s 1.0 to 2.5 hon high voltage

sensors high accuracy mems sensor 3d mems technology enables higher performance at lower prices g yroscope components and combined sensors including gyroscope and accelerometer are based on our proven 3d mems technology and highly integrated electronics industrial gyroscopes offer a performance level that has typically been available only for expensive module products sensing elements and the measuring circuitry are assembled into a pre-molded plastic dualin-line dil package protected with silicon gel and covered with a stainless steel lid all products are rohs compatible and suitable for lead-free reflow soldering features robust mems technology field proven reliability high performance in demanding applications good offset stability over temperature and time high accuracy in demanding applications eg high temperature variation high vibration environment etc excellent mechanical shock endurance can withstand high impact/dropping for construction monitoring distortion abnormal

storage devices sensor nodes beacons tracking devices with energy harvesting generators block diagram energy source energy harvester energy storage power management one-chip microcomputer e.g ble 1.8-2.7v -light -vibration -heat buck–boost charger low power boost converter load rf function cpu rom uma sensor function 1 ram -etc… sensor function 2 i/o specifications type product description nominal capacity max discharge current esr nominal voltage charge voltage cut-off voltage operating temperature range size typ umac cylinder type umac040130a003ta01 3mah 30ma 10 c 800mΩ 2.3v 2.7v 1.8v -20 to 70°c ø4x12mm w/o terminals umal laminate type umal361421b024ta01 24mah 240ma 10 c 100mΩ 2.3v 2.7v 1.8v -20 to 70°c 21x14x3.6mm enabling iot applications

solutions for smart homes small low voltage ozonizer ionissimo® mhm series what is an ozonizer surface discharge is made by ac high voltage applied between the top and bottom of the dielectric substrate the discharge makes ozone from oxygen molecules around the electrode o2+o=o3 the ozonizer module will ozonize oxygen molecules efficiently utilizing the above principle features applications our unique design is capable of creating large amounts of ozone with high efficiency ozone density will be duty cycled controlled intermittent operation can save power consumption of the ozonizer module the ozonizer module can have a longer life than the needle type part number ion type amount of ozone generation functions 2.5mg/h air purification deodorizing elimination of bacteria odor/mold negative positive mhm500 washing machine oven hood typical value under the condition 20°c/50%rh refrigerator dishwasher sterilizing test data in refrigerator colon bacillus 10000000 deodorizing test for

software support customizable software solutions software customized for secure control and conversion of data is required to suit various customers needs in development of wireless communication equipment we provide a high quality software package that matches various capabilities in a small footprint promising a reduced load on your development resources example gateway software structure web pages ddns agent ssdp ntp rtc zigbee commissioning network notification agent restful interface web server file system database tools libraries wlan driver node and device management historical data control center end user interface system application program interface rules engine zigbee alliance certified stack glibc linux user space linux kernel space linux kernel bsp drivers murata developed chip vendor provided murata optimized third party sw murata licensed open source chip vendor provided murata optimized and enhanced emc support with emc lab because almost all devices related to the

smart lighting smart led lighting control system uart control center main system zigbee zigbee gateway dimming and on-off control becomes more efficient with our led power supplies which also support digital interface for wireless control we can control all the lighting through gateway zigbee zigbee zigbee tablet pc smart phone wi-fi amr sensor node individually control task lighting and ambient lighting wirelessly type-aam function open/close detection power supply coin cell pir sensor node type-aap function motor detection power supply lithiun battery 63 power consumption reduced power consumption can be reduced by 63 by simply using this lighting system we are currently using it ourselves in our murata tokyo office zigbee 3.0 profile compliant 22 enabling iot applications

magicstrap® for sensor networks rfid technology our unique multi-layered circuit rf technology enabled one of the world smallest rfid tag magicstrap® has a robust package with built-in ic compliant with industry standards features construction diagram small size includes rf function into ltcc both hf and uhf band rfid ic ceramic multilayer substrate broadband circuit antenna glue or solder electromagnetic coupling ltcc include rf function magicstrap® for item level tagging lxms21ncnh-147 lxms33hcng-134 lxms33hcnk-171 standard iso/iec 18000-6 type c,epc/g c1g2 iso15693 iso14443 type a nfc forum type 2 frequency band uhf hf hf 13.56mhz size 2.0 x 1.2mm 3.2x3.2mm 3.2x3.2mm thickness 0.6mm max 0.7mm max 0.75mm max read range 10mm max 50mm max 15mm ic nxp g2im nxp slix nxp ntag210 appearance contents subject to change without notice applications tool management 24 anti-counterfeit authentication enabling iot applications auto counting verification

product lineup capacitors the most comprehensive product lineup in the industry providing ideal solutions responding to all possible requirements u sing our unique material technology we offer a variety of capacitors covering a wide range of voltages murata also offers technical support that includes design kits and a comprehensive set of software tools to simulate virtually any circuit condition satisfying the demands of numerous applications capacitor page http products/capacitor noise suppression products emi suppression filters broad lineup of noise suppression products and emi suppression filters u sing our ceramic processing technology and unique material we offer a variety of noise suppression products and emi suppression filters emi filters page http products/emc inductors coils broad lineup of chip inductors and power inductors o ur chip inductors are optimally designed making full use of multiple construction techniques such as the multilayer

my murata my murata find what you need when you need it the new ‘my murata’ portal is designed to respond to your individual needs this space acts as a conference room in which you and murata can meet focused on products and solutions this service provides you with the information you need quickly our aim is to make you will feel like you have a murata salesman or engineer at your side get the latest product information you can find out about the latest ceramic capacitor product lines updated regularly as well as some unreleased product information exclusively available on ‘my murata’ plus much more ‘my murata’ knowledge exchange to get feedback from the engineering community post your questions onto the ‘forum’ which is provided to allow customers with similar experiences to exchange ideas and knowledge through discussions with murata engineers find product specifications mounting know-how noise suppressions solutions plus much

cat no k71e-2 enabling iot applications global locations for details please visit note 1 export control for customers outside japan no murata products should be used or sold through any channels for use in the design development production utilization maintenance or operation of or otherwise contribution to 1 any weapons weapons of mass destruction [nuclear chemical or biological weapons or missiles or conventional weapons or 2 goods or systems specially designed or intended for military end-use or utilization by military end-users for customers in japan for products which are controlled items subject to the “foreign exchange and foreign trade law” of japan the export license specified by the law is required for export 2 please contact our sales representatives or product engineers before using the products in this catalog for the applications listed below which require especially high reliability for the prevention of defects which might directly damage a