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power supplies switching power supplies mps series/mpw series 35 35 20 18 9 23 85 48 21 5 80 18 0 60 for soho equipment for communication equipment for audio visual equipment for lcd tv 41 45 33 24 0 27 0 0 13 13 0 75 35 5 97 for pdp for pbx for phs cell stations in mm o features 1 small size light weight high reliability 2 low noise overload protection up to safety standard application input voltage 115v ac output voltage safety standard facsimile voluntary standard ul csa iec ul csa iec ul csa iec emi standard remarks soho equipment 5v 0.3a 24v 4.5a peak 230v ac 115v ac 24v 1.0a rate 3.3v 0.2a 5v 0.6a 9v 0.9a 15v 0.2a 25v 0.05a -27v 0.05a 115v ac 3.3v 1a 5v 1.5a 9v 0.6a 15v 0.3a 25v 0.05a -30v 0.05a 24v 7.5a for 37 inch vcci fcc vde cispr vcci fcc vde cispr vcci fcc vde cispr models which provide a powersaving standby mode are also available communication equipment 230v ac power supplies audio visual equipment 230v ac lcd tv 100v/115v 230v ac 100 115v ac 230v 30v 15v

power supplies ultra low profile switching power supplies mpa series/mpn series 65 60 10 0 10 5 ac adapters 18 for communication equipment board-on type in mm o features 1 built-in ultra-low-profile multilayer transformer 2 ultra-low-profile high reliability light weight 3 low noise overload protection up to safety standard application input voltage 115v ac 230v ac -48v dc output voltage safety standard ul csa iec electrical appliance and materials safety law of japan 10.5 emi standard vcci fcc vde cispr vcci ac adapters communication equipment board-on type 15v 1.5a -5v 10a -3.3v 15a 12 !note · this pdf catalog is downloaded from the website of murata manufacturing co ltd therefore it s specifications are subject to change or our products in it may be discontinued without advance notice please check with our sales representatives or product engineers before ordering · this pdf catalog has only typical specifications because there is no space for detailed specifications therefore