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r50e.pdf !note • please read rating and !caution for storage operating rating soldering mounting and handling in this catalog to prevent smoking and/or burning etc • this catalog has only typical specifications therefore please approve our product specifications or transact the approval sheet for product specifications before ordering jul.23,2012 pvz2/pva2 series notice 1 c notice operating and storage conditions 1 store in temperatures of -10 to +40°c and relative humidity of 30-85 2 do not store in or near corrosive gases 3 use within six months after delivery 4 open the package just before using 5 do not store under direct sunlight 6 if you use the trimmer potentiometer in an environment other than listed at right please consult with a murata factory representative prior to using the trimmer potentiometer should not be used under the following environmental conditions 1 corrosive gaseous atmosphere ex chlorine gas hydrogen sulfide gas ammonia gas sulfuric acid gas nitric oxide gas etc 2 in liquid ex oil medical liquid organic solvent etc 3 dusty/dirty atmosphere 4 direct sunlight 5 static voltage or electric/magnetic fields 6 direct sea breeze 7 other variations of the above c notice rating 1 when using with partial load rheostat minimize the power depending on the resistance value 2 the maximum input voltage to a trimmer potentiometer should not exceed p·r 1/2 or the maximum operating voltage whichever is smaller 3 if the trimmer potentiometer is used in dc and high humidity conditions please connect wiper 2 for plus and resistive element 1 or #3 for minus pvz series only c notice soldering and mounting 1 soldering 1 reflow soldering method and soldering iron are available this product cannot be soldered using the flow soldering method dipping if you use the flow soldering method the trimmer potentiometer may not function 2 use our standard land dimension excessive land area causes displacement due to the effect of the surface tension of the solder insufficient land area leads to insufficient soldering strength of the chip 3 soldering conditions refer to the temperature profile if the soldering conditions are not suitable e.g excessive time and/or excessive temperature the trimmer potentiometer may deviate from the specified characteristics 4 apply the appropriate amount of solder paste the thickness of solder paste should be printed from 100 micro m to 150 micro m and the dimension of land pattern used should be murata s standard land pattern at reflow soldering insufficient amounts of solder can lead to insufficient soldering strength on pcb excessive amounts of solder may cause bridging between the terminals 5 the soldering iron should not come in contact with the case of the trimmer potentiometer if such contact does occur the trimmer potentiometer may be damaged 2 mounting 1 do not apply excessive force preferably 4.9n max ref 500gf when the trimmer potentiometer is mounted to the pcb 2 do not warp and/or bend the pc board to protect trimmer potentiometer from breakage 3 in chip placers the recommended size of the cylindrical pick-up nozzle should be outer dimension 1.5-1.8mm dia and inner dimension 1.3mm dia 3 cleaning 1 in case there is flux on the resistive element clean sufficiently with cleaning solvents and completely remove all residual flux 2 isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol are applicable solvents for cleaning if you use any other types of solvents please evaluate performance with your product continued on the following page 8