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r50e.pdf !note • please read rating and !caution for storage operating rating soldering mounting and handling in this catalog to prevent smoking and/or burning etc • this catalog has only typical specifications therefore please approve our product specifications or transact the approval sheet for product specifications before ordering jul.23,2012 o part numbering trimmer potentiometers part number pv z3 a 103 qwerc01 r00 t y rtotal resistance qproduct id product id pv trimmer potentiometers wseries expressed by three figures the unit is ohm the first and second figures are significant digits and the third figure expresses the number of zeros that follow the two figures ex code eadjustment direction /lead type series code adjustment direction lead type z2 smd open 2mm size carbon resistive element a top r rear a2 smd open 2mm size code z3 2 smd open 3mm size carbon resistive element total resistance 100 10Ω 102 1000Ω 104 100000Ω 100kΩ tindividual specification a top series code a top pva2 a01 standard type g top h top c04 standard type high-heat resistance type/ultra-thin type c01 standard type high-heat resistance type/top adjustment f01 high characteristic carbon type only pvz3g e01 high-heat resistance type for rear adjustment k rear a top j-hook g3 smd sealed 3mm size g top gull-wing m4 smd sealed 4mm size a top g5 smd sealed 5mm square 11 turns a top h side 32 lead sealed 6mm round single turn h top triangle n side triangle 12 lead sealed 7mm round 4 turns p top triangle t side triangle 36 lead sealed 10mm square 25 turns w 37 lead sealed 6mm square 12 turns x side triangle pvz2 pvz3 individual specification code c01 standard type d01 high-reliability type pv32/pv12 a01 standard type top inline pvg3 pv36/pv37 c01 standard type x side inline pvg5 c03 standard type w top triangle pvm4 ypackaging code packaging b00 bulk r00 reel