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c 542 cd player · cd cd-r and cd-rw compatible · hdcd® decoder with automatic detection · burr-brown sigma-delta 24 bit digital to analogue converter · nichicon muse capacitors · coaxial digital output · optical digital output · low output impedance · separate power regulators for analog and digital sections · vfl display with selectable track time and repeat · repeat mode for single track or entire cd · program play up to 20 tracks · random play · external ir input · 12v trigger input · nad cd-6 full function remote control quickly accessed using the skip function forward and back and the scan function forward and back gives an aural précis of individual tracks giving the listener the opportunity to reach specific sections of the track the vacuum fluorescent display provides clear and understated yet comprehensive information to the listener the track number is displayed and for those who regularly transfer cds to cassette minidisc or cd-r the button displays the

filter was chosen for its excellent low-level linearity and detail retrieving capabilities metal film resistors and polypropylene capacitors are used in key areas to ensure a highly accurate frequency response high quality burr brown 2134 professional grade op-amps are used instead of the much lower grade and type normally found at this price level apart from the single output capacitor no other capacitors are used in the signal path the output impedance is very low at 300 ohms making the nad c 542 less sensitive to cables or the ancillary equipment it is partnered with we urge you to listen to the nad c 542 with a wide range of program material and with the best ancillary equipment to fully appreciate the refinement of this modest looking ­ and by high end standards inexpensive ­ cd player you can spend a lot more money for a cd player but we think you ll have a difficult task finding a more musically complete and rewarding performance than that offered by the nad c 542 a new