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five stars we ve always told you about the built-in superiority of nad systems happily the critics heartily agree for thirty years now they ve consistently given nad 5-star ratings what the critics give to us we happily pass on to you 5-star performance in home entertainment awaits you at your local nad

a/v with nad sound it s like adding just the right spice to a wonderful recipe to make it even better it s like using colour to bring a magnificent black and white drawing to life to a medium that s stunning to start with it s an advancement that adds extra expression and emotion it catapults your digital entertainment experience forward but nad didn t stop with performance with operational simplicity nad a/v separates have all the flexibility required to serve as the command centre for the most sophisticated home theatre systems shown above t 163 a/v tuner preamplifier top and t 973 7-channel power

consider this a film soundtrack governs your emotions `frightened `exhilarated `carefree `tense `suspicious `relieved dejected `triumphant ­ the music plays on your senses to help tell the story what s more the importance of audio in a/v lies in a soundtrack s complexity music dialog special effects atmosphere background noises ­ they all need careful handling to properly support the action as the first a/v makers to focus so keenly on the `a in a/v ­ the audio nad systems have the power to bring the work of the best directors home with passion shown above t 524 dvd/cd player top and t 773 a/v

great sound draws us into a film s special world like nothing else when even the finest acting and directing is presented in a cozily familiar setting the power of surround sound to involve us and absorb us makes the difference between experiencing great movie-making and merely watching tv nad understands this it s why nad home theatre components are so rigorously designed to preserve all the nuance and all the depth ambience and impact of today s most demanding movie-sound productions shown above t 524 dvd/cd player top and t 763 a/v

a/v perfection

entertainment with impact first there was dvd now there s the next-great-thing in dvd this evolutionary improvement is thanks to the talented engineers at nad they ve taken dvd performance one step further it s a music first approach that produces a more concentrated and heightened experience we won t be at all surprised by your newfound passion for your favourite films and music shown above t 514 dvd/cd player top and t 743 a/v receiver grey finish available in all markets titanium finish not available in north america

the essence of simplicity and excitement make room in the great museums of the world­museums with industrial design collections that is the nad solutions series is an artistic statement that s bound to thrill the sensibilities of the most ultra-modern of design curators we hope it equally pleases you but adding our system to a design collection would

shown above l 73 dvd receiver celebrate half its abilities because nad s solution series is also a supreme performer we predict you ll say it does more to put digital engineering performance on a pedestal than anything else you ll encounter shown above left l 53 dvd

shown above c 720bee stereo receiver shown above c 422 stereo tuner top c 162 stereo preamplifier centre c 272 stereo power amplifier superior nad engineers start with the latter point and dedicate themselves to improving on that that dedication is yours to savour when you audition any nad powerdrivetm system shown above left c 542 cd player top and c 372 stereo integrated

shown above c 521bee cd player top c 320bee integrated amplifier grey finish available in all markets titanium finish not available in north america shown above c 555 turntable top pp-2 phono preamplifier everything the artist can put into a track is now yours bottom end top end mid-range­suddenly you have a more complete musical story shown above left c 521bee cd player top and c 352 stereo integrated

audition nad with powerdrivetm w w w nadelectronics c o m powered by passio n nad electronics international reserves the right to change specifications or features without notice as design improvements are incorporated nad is a registered trademark of nad electronics international all rights reserved no part of this publication may be reproduced stored or transmitted in any form whatsoever without written permission of nad electronics international printed in canada