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only nad brings the director s passion

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a/v perfection

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a genetic advantage thirty years of acclaim for engineering and design was just the starting point for our greatest achievement yet our new silver series communicates every nuance of a performance to you it leaves the cutting edge behind with engineering innovations that dramatically improve your entertainment experience but we don t stop there because here engineering superiority comes with a quantum leap in design the silver series is the beneficiary

nad s powerdrivetm a new power to move you the most prestigious hi-fi magazines the toughest critics for thirty years now they ve raved about a particular level of clarity and stereo imaging that s become synonymous with nad engineers fanatical about performance­that s the reason nad stands apart in the debate between `what s good enough and `what

nad sets the standard for five-star performance feast your ears nad hi-fi has the power to make your favourite performer even better new dimensions and new subtleties emerge you ll acquaint yourself with an intensity of performance never before

the essence of simplicity and excitement make room in the great museums of the world­museums with industrial design collections that is the nad solutions series is an artistic statement that s bound to thrill the sensibilities of the most ultra-modern of design curators we hope it equally pleases you but adding our system to a design collection would

expand your entertainment enjoyment suddenly your entertainment system goes further with a host of multi-room capabilities your entire living space can resonate with music and video thanks to nad performance and nad highresolution audio it takes advanced engineering to meet the demands of custom installation not every company is up to the challenge but our engineers relish the task so with nad you have the benefits of `bullet-proof reliability and real strength in specifications and design we ve combined our 30-year heritage in amplifier design superiority with the demanding requirements of the custom installation market our custom installation multi-channel amps boast 80 watts of continuous power per channel that s nearly double that of most competing amplifiers couple that with features like nad s proprietary omc flexpad and ato logic and you have the performance flexibility and reliability that sets category standards the result for you is a home that is custom-made to exceed all