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mastersseries there are master musicians and master film makers now there sthemastersseries to bringoutthebestinboth

music and home theatre the way master musicians and master film makers would want them

t h e m 1 5 surroundsoundprocessor as design and technology are catapulted far ahead one thing happens your personal enjoyment goes along for the thrilling ride welcome to the masters series ­ a new range of components that move you like no other they re ability of engineering trailblazers to offer you performance levels that are not just terrific but a triumph those trailblazers lead by the legendary bjorn erik edvardsen are responsible for the nad `music awe-inspiring musical detail audio and video over-achievers first philosophy an approach no ttomention designed to optimize the intent designdetail that provides you with flawless of master musicians and master film makers so suddenly you ll discover that part of the music and film that s so elusive the emotional part a technical adventurousness is at work for you here as is engineering alchemy alchemy how do we define that it s the sound as evidence nad have earned an impressive string of five-star reviews over its thirty plus

t h e m 2 5 sevenchannelpoweramplifier as a masters series owner nad boasting thick steel panels are all works build-artistry tm has the power to uplift of art they re superiority personified your entertainment pleasure think of the masters series is the culmination it as brilliant engineering ­ but to an of over thirty years of electronic design exponential power and manufacturing expertise harnessed your eyes and ears inform to produce an entertainment you you re experiencing a utmost power to experience beyond compare performance level that s more propel your speakers it s nothing short of pushing spirited and inspired it s and your enjoyment the envelope with a sonic an experience that equals or t o g re aterheights realism that transports you exceeds all quality benchmarks into the heat of the action or ­ regardless of price centre seat at the symphony that s hardly a surprise considering so expect enrichment from every its one-of-a-kind construction film score visual effect

but nad offers you something more nad a attuned to your highest expectations build artistry tm others have build

master-class engineering no wonder your how do you resolve every nuance that master musicians and master film makers intended how do you stay fiathful to their aural and visaul intention you invest more technical knowhow into your system here you see the hardware that gives the masters series its exceptional brio ­ to use a musical expression evolved internal construction free-reign engineering ­ that s how to raise the bar on performance that s your gain each of the m25 s seven channels is contained in a `monoblock gain module so you benefit with the lowest distortion and widest channel separation effortless power adds emotional impact to your films the remote with brains and beauty control your home theatre with an ergonomic form that melts into your hand soft illumination guides your finger to the correct key ­ even in theatrical lighting conditions an nad first holmgren custom-made transformers use special steel cores and winding techniques for excellent mains regulation and

r enjoyment takes a sharp upward turn unique nad engineering a `wave form heat sink fits 34 more cooling capacity into the same area as traditional designs greater thermal efficiency is aided by whisper fans that shut off during quiet passages a unique vibration damping foot comprised of a cast aluminum support with a highly absorbent silicon rubber insert combined with the rugged steel chassis you benefit with superb isolation for purer sound generous ventilation for your system powerful microprocessors and power regulators are held within their optimum temperature range for peak performance and long term reliability you gain the advantage of the most detail-oriented nad engineering ­ ever convenient handles are part of the massive heat sink assembly designed specifically for the m3 your speaker connections are optimized with unique custom binding posts you benefit with special goldplated conductors and clear acrylic twist wings for installation ease and a tight corrosion-free

you may call it great design but these components have the impact of something more impressive great architecture

t h e m 3 dualmonointegratedamplifier you could call your house a home better yet you can think of it as a residence an abode of unique and personal expression loftier thinking like this applies to the design of the masters series the impression on the eye is while the masters series is in the vanguard of electronic sophistication its operation isn t unnecessarily complicated you re not baffled by a chaotic arrangement of buttons lights dials and switches these are music and here you are rewarded with nad epitomizes operational symplicity and an obvious dedication to architectural elegance everything is intuitive functional and uncluttered ­ an absolute pleasure to use isn t that how ultra-high resolution audio-video should be extremely low like great architecture there is noise ­ except for film systems for grown-ups a mastery of form and function the volume of those that communicates and distinction simplicity stature who rave about it intelligent design we hope you approve of the

t h e m 5 5 digitaldiscplayer `alive vividly alive that s the kind of performance that greets you when you audition the new masters series it s not a rehash of tired old-school electronics `plain vanilla it s not so prepare for an enhanced finally you ll discover one more precedent ­ theexceptionalvalueof the masters series while no expense was spared in development the cost to you is far less than with a purer approach experience when it comes to toaudio video otherreferenceproduct music and movies prepare to go to unexpected heights every nuance every detail the result offerings more truth for your ears and eyes if that sharpens your desire for performance with emotive flair see your nad dealer an of aural and visual colour is yours the brilliance of great musicians and film makers is revealed with a newfound clarity and presence if you re tempted to shout bravo then we have accomplished our mission ask to audition the masters series and experience a precision that s all too

music home theatre that exudes greater spirit vitality and life no wonder your heart rate quickens

mastersseries music and home theatre the way master musicians and master film makers would want them rendered w w w nadelectronics c o m nad electronics international reserves the right to change specifications or features without notice as design improvements are incorporated nad is a registered trademark of nad electronics international all rights reserved no part of this publication may be reproduced stored or transmitted in any form whatsoever without written permission of nad electronics international printed in canada 08/05 masters series