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Sofas by Natuzzi

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Catalogue: Natuzzi Sofas
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Natuzzi Contact Information

Via Iazzitiello 47
Santeramo in Colle (BA)
70029 Italy
Telephone: +39 080 8820111
Fax +39 080 8820555

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4 values of life values of life 5 we are inspired by harmony and beauty we were born in a country admired in the world for the beauty of its landscapes and its nature for its tradition in the arts for its unmistakable taste how could we forget these qualities our design draws inspiration from these values and translates them into unique products created by expert craftsmanship our centro stile strives not only to develop new shapes materials and colours but also makes strides in the quest for beauty and quality a delicate balance of traits able to convey the uniqueness grace and elegance everyone.

52 living modular version with chaise longue mirŅ a strong and elegant design with well-balanced proportions the armrests run around the sofa and become the backrest where the feather cushions lean large ottoman container in turandot fabric.

100 living three seater version with chaise longue domino the modern and important domino style acquires a soft touch in the chaise longue setting covered with castellani brown fabric the armrests alternate higher and narrower next to the chaise and extremely large and lower next to the sofa. is not a reseller or dealer of Natuzzi.

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