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Aurora, OH 44202
US & Canada:
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15 pin vga connector 15 pins 16 pin network connector 20 pin to 20 pin 220 vac 3 pin stereo jack male connector at the cable 4 pin female connector 6 pin male connector 6 pin power connector audio video splitter dvi usb kvm kvm switch male to male pin male to usb b male signal to noise ratio thd st c5v 600 straight wires of the networking tia eia 568b touch screen monitor usb sun r usb to ps 2 adapter usb type a vga to vga monitor cable video matrix switch xp vista

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vga extender extend a vga monitor up to 600 feet away from a computer xtendex® available models · 300 extenders · 600 extenders · doesnotrequirepowersupply on remote unit available options · audio · rs232 built-in surge protection ® xtendex® st-c5v-600 remote and local unit features applications the xtendex vga extender transmits vga video up to 300/600 feet away from a computer using cat5/5e/6 cable each video extender consists of a local unit that connects to a computer and also supplies video to a local monitor and a remote unit that connects to a monitor use in-house cat5/5e/6 phone wiring to locate a ideal solution for digital signage applications monitor remotely supports local and remote vga monitors high quality rugged steel construction with durable powder coat supports resolutions to 1920x1440 finish sharpest and clearest vga of any manufacturer optional vesa mounting bracket is available for mounting the built-in surge protection local or remote unit to the back of a flat

audio/video matrix switch switch audio and video from many computers among multiple monitors and speakers veemux® veemux® sm-8x8-av-lcd front and back features and applications the veemux audio/video matrix switch routes audio and video from many computers to multiple displays projectors monitors etc and speakers this switch can drive standard vga cables thus eliminating the need for external interfaces and coax cable connections via bnc connectors ® signals from a range of input sources can be distributed to various output devices a single computer video output can be routed to one or more monitors each video output is buffered from each input ensuring signal integrity throughout the system when switching ports the audio automatically mutes until the video has been synchronized the audio can be muted on command control and configure the switch through ethernet serial port or front panel buttons matrix control software with graphical user interface is included see page 40 inputs and

usb kvm splitter allows two users to control one usb computer and connect three usb devices vopex® features applications the vopex usb kvm splitter with built-in usb hub allows two users two usb keyboards usb mice and vga monitors to access one usb computer pc sun mac and up to three usb devices printers scanners security cameras etc ® vopex-usbv-2 front back compatible with usb computers pc sun mac built-in hub for multiple usb devices access one computer from multiple locations multiple users can enter data into the same program both low speed and full speed usb devices are supported usb 1.1 compliant supports plug-n-play specifications supports international keyboard layouts in auto-detection mode high quality rugged steel construction with durable powder coat finish specifications host connection devices male 15-pin hd connector female usb type b connector supports a usb computer pc sun mac multiplatform support windows 2000/xp/vista/server 2000/2003/2008 solaris solaris x86 l is not a reseller or dealer of Network Technologies Inc..

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