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ps2 male to usb male cable st c5v 600 st c5v2ars 1000s dvi to vga monitor kvm 9 pin female female mtbf gmt fuse panels connector 26 pin scsi 26 pin scsi connector 100 pin high density scsi ii connector nti se 15v 4 rs r catalog of television rack enviromux ldsx y hdmi kvm extender xtendex kvm vga s video usb telco racks subnet mask gmt fuses scsi 26 pin speaker mtbf sun keyboard cable relay switch 48vdc flat cat6 cable voice dialer gsm modem interface 8 pin female ps2 connector 6 pin ps2 female connector connection cable rj45 db9 rs232 to rj45 adapter telco female terminal connector 50 pin telco connectors 50 pin telco connector f type 75 ohm splitter smoke density sensor voice activated dialers female usb a to rj45 plug ethernet male adapter usb to ps2 adapter 50 ohm flat coax 68 pin scsi wiring diagram tv air flow direction detector 75 ohm bnc female load flat 75 ohm coax cable scsi connector female 100 pin 100 pin scsi 100 pin scsi connector home audio wiring diagrams digital home theater 2009 smart card ts 2000 front panel 20 sae to 20 sae female scsi cable catalog gsa catalog snr catalog italian auto catalog home digital theater cataloging

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vga extender extend a vga monitor up to 600 feet away from a computer xtendex® available models · 300 extenders · 600 extenders · doesnotrequirepowersupply on remote unit available options · audio · rs232 built-in surge protection ® xtendex® st-c5v-600 remote and local unit features applications the xtendex vga extender transmits vga video up to 300/600 feet away from a computer using cat5/5e/6 cable each video extender consists of a local unit that connects to a computer and also supplies video to a local monitor and a remote unit that connects to a monitor use in-house cat5/5e/6 phone wiring to locate a ideal solution for digital signage applications monitor remotely supports local and remote vga monitors high quality rugged steel construction with durable powder coat supports resolutions to 1920x1440 finish sharpest and clearest vga of any manufacturer optional vesa mounting bracket is available for mounting the built-in surge protection local or remote unit to the back

dvi-d dual link extender via fiber extend a dual link digital dvi display up to 330 feet xtendex® st-fodvidd-lc remote and local units features applications the xtendex® dvi-d dual link extender via fiber optic cable extends a digital flat panel display up to 330 feet away from a dvi-d dual link video source using fiber optic cable each dvi optical extender consists of a transmitter that connects to a computer and a receiver that connects to a monitor supports single link and dual link by selectable function switcher · supports 2560x1600 qxga resolution for dual link devices · supports 1920x1200 wuxga resolution for single link devices · supports hdtv resolutions to 1080p transmits dvi-d signal over 7-strand multimode lc fiber optic cable supports two ddc modes · real mode uses one cat5 cable for ddc · emulation pseudo-ddc detection function for edid extended display identification data information specifications connectors transmitter and receiver configuration and cable

rackmount usb ps/2 kvm drawer provides space-saving convenient control rackmux® specifications host interface cables compatible with ps/2 unix and usb computers multiplatform support windows 2000/xp/vista/server 2000/2003/2008 solaris linux freebsd and mac os 9/10 one female 15-pin hd connector for vga models and one female dvi-i connector for dvi models one female usb type b and two female 6-pin mindin connectors use with nti multi-platform kvm switches to control multiple pc sun and mac computers forward-folding 15 or 17 active matrix lcd flat panel monitor 1024x768 video resolution for 15 monitor 1280x1024 video resolution for 17 monitor frequency · horzontal 31 to 80 khz · vertical 55 to 76 hz osd controls for brightness contrast phase pitch horz and vertcenter alignment zoom and color adjustment 250 nits brightness for 15 monitor and 300 nits brightness for 17 monitor 500:1 contrast ratio typical supports ddc1 and ddc2b protocols keyboard available in multiple languages

video matrix switch switch video from many computers among multiple monitors veemux® veemux® sm-8x8-15v-lc front and back features and applications the veemux video matrix switch routes video from many computers to multiple displays projectors monitors etc signals from a range of input sources can be distributed to various output devices in essence creating a matrix pattern of interconnection possibilities a single computer video output can be routed to one or more monitors each image will be as crisp and clear as if directly connected to the original source each video output is buffered from each input insuring signal integrity throughout the system ® configure and control the switch through ethernet serial port front panel buttons or infrared remote control · ir remote control standard with 2 4 and 8-input models and optional with 16 and 32-input models matrix control software with graphical user interface is included equipped with liquid crystal display lcd for front panel

dvi video matrix switch switch single link dvi-d video from six sources to six displays features applications the veemux® dvi video matrix switch routes video from six single link digital dvi-enabled video sources computers dvd players satellite receivers etc to six displays lcd monitors plasma screens dlp hdtvs projectors etc configure and control the switch through serial port front panel buttons or infrared remote control matrix control software with graphical user interface is included supports dvi-d interface for crisp and clear video quality on flat panel displays supports hdtv resolutions to 1080p and computer resolutions to 1920x1200 each output provides one video signal each input can be independently connected to any or all outputs veemux® veemux® sm-6x6-dvi front back specifications video input compatible with computers and hdtv video sources satellite receivers dvd players etc with dvi-d outputs multiplatform support windows 2000/xp/vista/server 2000/2003/2008

vga kvm matrix switch via cat5 consolidated control for multi-user multi-rack server environment up to 1,000 feet away primux® primux-16x64 front and back features applications the primux kvm matrix switch via cat5 provides non-blocking access for up to 16 simultaneous users to up to 64 servers the switch frees up valuable space by eliminating large kvm switchboxes and bulky hard-to-manage coax cables it is an ideal solution for high-density server environments ® the primux system consists of three components matrix switch connects users to servers host adapters connect to each server and user stations connect to each set of user-station equipment keyboard monitor and mouse the user stations and host adapters can be located as far as 1,000 feet from each other and are connected to the matrix switch via cat5/5e/6 utp cable www.networktechinc.com/kvm-switch-cat5-matrix.html multi-user multi-platform multi-rack access platform-specific host adapters for host connection ­ ps/2 usb

s-video/audio splitter/extender via cat5 drive up to 16 remote s-video tvs/monitors and speakers from one s-video source vopex® built-in surge protection vopex-c5sv-16 local unit front and back and st-c5sv-r-600 remote unit features applications the vopex® s-video/audio splitter/extender simultaneously broadcasts high-resolution video and audio from one s-video source to 4 8 or 16 remote locations using cat5/5e/6 cable this real-time system supports remote s-video displays and speakers up to 600 feet from the s-video source as well as a local display and speakers the vopex s-video/audio splitter/extender system has two components the vopex-c5sv-x s-video broadcast unit which connects to the host device and also supplies audio/video to a local display and speakers and an xtendex® st-c5sv-r-600 remote unit for each remote display and speakers the units are interconnected by cat5/5e/6 cable broadcast real-time s-video or audio/video to multiple display easily expandable add remote

enterprise server environment monitoring system snmp web monitoring/management of server room environments enviromux® motion/intrusion/vibration sensors sensors air flow sensor reliable mechanical solution for monitoring air flow reacts to any condition causing insufficient flow of air such as malfunctioning cooling fan increased enviromux-afm friction or physical blockage can be used for direct monitoring of a cooling fan switch contact is closed when air flow is >8.2 ft/s connection 2x single strand awg26 length 18 in regulatory approvals rohs infrared motion detector door contact sensor enviromux-imd enviromux-m-dcs monitors access with a magnetic bridge sensor which responds to any magnetic material for normally closed circuit connection 2-wire interface screw terminal maximum cable length 1,000 ft wide actuating gap about 1 regulatory approvals rohs registers movement in the area covered condition display via led provides immunity from common-mode signals such as the effect of

vga video switch with audio rs232 options share one monitor among multiple computers vidmux® features applications the vidmux® vga video switch enables up to 16 computers to be connected to a single video monitor projector or lcd/plasma screen compatible with pcs suns and macs with vga video eliminate redundant monitors ideal for classrooms and boardrooms interconnect nti switches and splitters for complex applications available with audio and/or rs232 control options vidmux® se-15v-8-rs front back specifications for 2-port models video for 4-16 port models video crisp and clear 1900x1200 resolution bandwidth 150 mhz 15-pin hd connectors see ordering specifications for gender 110 or 220 vac at 50 or 60 hz via ac adapter power consumption 5w touch button on front with led indication of port selection se-15v-2-2c1u 88,015 hrs se-15v-2-2u1c 88,231 hrs ce rohs crisp and clear 1900x1200 resolution bandwidth 150 mhz female 15-pin hd connectors 110 or 220 vac at 50 or 60 hz via iec

application notes combine nti s switches and splitters for complex applications application notes monitor telect® gmt fuse panels with relay outputs the enviromux® server environment monitoring system monitors telect® gmt fuse panel relay outputs and sends alerts in case of power loss fuse break or bay alarms configure digital inputs as normally open for proper operation server environment monitoring system · pages 80 to 84 local and remote audio/video presentation display interconnect the veemux® audio/video matrix switch with xtendex® vga extenders via cat5 to switch audio and video from many computers among multiple monitors and speakers located up to 600 feet away using cat5 utp cable lcd monitors stereo speakers st-c5va-600 remote units lcd monitors stereo speakers st-c5va-600 local units audio/video matrix switches · pages 42 to 43 vga extenders · pages 4 to 5 sa-xx-mm vext-xx-mm cat5 cable up to 600 ft existing cables veemux sm-nxm-av-lcd 330.562.1999 worldwide