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4  table of contents page page 5 general information 6 history of nmsu alamogordo 6 mission of the college 6 accreditation 6 nmsu campuses 6 associate’s degree programs 7 certificate programs 7 limited-entry admission program 7 abitur program 7 admissions 8 student holds 8 transfer admissions 10 readmissions 10 change of admission status 10 international student admission 12 tuition fees and other expenses 13 financial aid 14 resources for students 18 student organizations activities 19 recognition of student achievement 20 new mexico common core 22 military/veterans 22 regulations 31 graduation requirements 33 degrees and certificates 36 3d computer animation associate 37 arts associate 38 automotive and hybrid technology associate 39 biomedical equipment technology associate 40 business office technology associate business office technology certificate 41 computing associate 42 game programming certificate microcomputer applications certificate microcomputer technology

general information 14  general information with the student and his/her family nmsu-a the federal government and the state of new mexico all contribute to assist students pursuing higher education the financial aid office administers an extensive program of grants scholarships and loans the awarding of grants and loans is based on need while the awarding of scholarships is based mainly on academic ability and in some cases financial need assistance in the form of work is available through the federal college work-study program and the new mexico work-study program all financial aid awards are based on information provided by the student and parents availability of funds and eligibility requirements any award may be revised based on changes in enrollment cost of attendance family contribution or failure to meet satisfactory academic progress withdrawals or reductions in enrollment may affect an award or any future awards financial aid will not pay for audited courses the student

completion of 28 credits junior rank 62 credits senior rank 94 credits class load the normal load in a regular semester is 16‑18 credits in all colleges of the university an overload is more than 18 credits a normal load during the summer term is the same number of credits as there are weeks in the session written permission for the student to register for an overload must be obtained from the office of advising career services to be eligible to take an overload the student must have a 2.5 cumulative gpa with no grade less than a c for the two preceding semesters a one‑credit course in physical activity may be taken without being included in the calculation for determining an overload freshmen will not be permitted to assume an overload students may enroll for correspondence or extension courses only upon approval of the vice president for student success such courses must be counted as part of a student’s class load no more than 30 credits in extension and

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degrees certificates 42  degrees certificates nmsu alamogordo 2012-2013 certificate in game programming​ ​certificate in ​microcomputer technology​ art 150 art 161 cmt 135 cmt 160 cmt 165 cmt 175 cmt 225 coll 101 c s 110 or engl 111g math 120 oecs 150 oecs 185 or oecs 203 oecs 245 oecs 246 cs 110 or coll 101 engl 111g et 155 et 253 et 256 math 120 oecs 125 oecs 150 oecs 185 or oecs 215 oecs 220 oecs 221 drawing i​3 cr digital imaging i​3 cr introduction to 3d animation 3 cr ​ modeling and animation 3 cr ​ writing and storyboarding 3 cr ​ 3d character design 3 cr ​ anatomical character design​3 cr college success 1 cr computer literacy 3 cr ​ oecs 105 introduction to microcomputer technology​3 cr rhetoric and composition​4 cr intermediate algebra​3 cr introduction to programming using vb 4 cr ​ pc maintenance and selection i​1 cr et 283 hardware pc

nmsu alamogordo 2012-2013 degrees certificates  51 heritage interpretation​ associate of arts and certificate the associate of arts in heritage interpretation is designed to prepare students for service as park interpreters and technicians or for any field in which knowledge of the cultural and natural heritage of the southwest would be useful the certificate in heritage interpretation is designed to prepare students for service as park interpreters and technicians tour guides and museum or historical society technicians.​ the curriculum emphasizes new mexico’s rich history natural setting and unique cultural blend students will study a variety of subjects that will broaden their knowledge of the southwest’s heritage and improve their ability to communicate with a diverse public.​ communications 13 credits​ comm 265g or engl 111g engl 203g engl 244g principles of human communication 3 cr comm 253g public speaking 3 cr rhetoric and

60  degrees certificates nmsu alamogordo 2012-2013 pre-professional preparation in addition to associate’s degrees and certificate programs nmsu-a sponsors additional programs which prepare students for bachelor’s degrees and certification in several areas these programs include the freshman and sophomore requirements for pre-law pre-medical pre-dental and pre-engineering studies.​ degrees certificates pre-forestry​ students at nmsu-a can complete some of the basic courses that can lead to a bachelor’s degree in forestry nmsu has a special agreement with northern arizona university and oklahoma state university that allows students to be accepted into their forestry programs please see the nmsu undergraduate catalog for more information under the college of agriculture and home economics also review the catalog of the university you wish to attend to verify those courses courses may include but are not limited to:​ ►► hort

70  course descriptions bcis 122 introduction to information systems programming 3 cr includes basic computer algorithms in current programming environments and the java programming language prerequisites c or better in bcis 110 or cs 110 and math 120 biol biology biol 101g human biology 3 cr introduction to modern biological concepts emphasis on relevance to humans and their relationships with their environment cannot be taken for credit after successful completion of biol 111g or biol 211g appropriate for non-science majors requires successful completion of biol 101gl in order to meet the nm common core area iii laboratory science requirements biol 101gl human biology laboratory 1 cr 3p laboratory for biol 101g laboratory experiences and activities exploring biological concepts and their relevance to humans and their relationship with their environment corequisite biol 101g biol 110g contemporary problems in biology 4 cr 3+3p fundamental concepts of biology will be presented

nmsu alamogordo 2012-2013 hist 275 introduction to history and philosophy of science 3 cr introduction to the history and philosophy of science community colleges only hit health information technology hit 150 introduction to medical terminology 3 cr the study and understanding of medical terminology as it relates to diseases their causes and effects and the terminology used in various medical specialties emphasis will be placed on learning the basic elements of medical words appropriate spelling and use of medical terms and use of medical abbreviations restricted to community college campuses only hl s health science hl s 100 introduction to health science 1 cr an overview of professional career opportunities in the realm of health science as well as the functional roles of practice education administration and research some field trips will be required hl s 150g personal health and wellness 3 cr a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach towards promoting positive lifestyles special

88  course descriptions w s women s studies tcen 252 nabcep certification preparation 1 cr preparation for the north american board of certified energy practitioners nabcep photo voltaic and solar thermal installation certification prerequisites tcen 222 pre/corequisites tcen 251 w s 202g representing women across cultures 3 cr historical and critical examination of women’s contributions to the humanities with emphasis on the issues of representation that have contributed to exclusion and marginalization of women and their achievements crosslisted with hon 218 tcen 253 photo voltaic system troubleshooting and maintenance 3 cr 2+2p covers photo voltaic system troubleshooting and maintenance topics to include equipment electrical and installation problem areas prerequisites tcen 222 pre/corerequisites tcen 251 thtr theatre arts thtr 101g the world of theater 3 cr an appreciation class introducing the non-major to all aspects of theatre including its history literature