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american indian nations tribes or pueblos all out of state members of an american indian nation tribe and pueblo located wholly or partially in new mexico regardless of the residence of the member prior to acceptance at a postsecondary educational institution shall be eligible to pay the in-state tuition rate these include members of the following tribes or pueblos jicarilla apache mescalero apache taos pueblo picuris pueblo ohkay owingeh santa clara pueblo nambe pueblo navajo tribe san ildefonso pueblo pojoaque pueblo tesuque pueblo cochiti pueblo jemez pueblo santo domingo pueblo san felipe pueblo zia pueblo santa ana pueblo sandia pueblo isleta pueblo laguna pueblo acoma pueblo zuni pueblo and the ute mountain tribe senior citizen discount new mexico residents who are 65 or older may attend new mexico state university at reduced tuition rates admission to the university is required and all other student fees apply individuals must apply and qualify for this program through the

general information 22 general information be eligible for benefits admission procedures for veterans and other eligible persons are the same as for all students all veterans and dependents who are eligible to receive veteran’s benefits must complete the application and certification process prior to registration students must have courses approved by an academic advisor and certified by the nmsu-a veterans office each semester of enrollment additionally all chapter 30 32 34 and 1606 students must self-certify to the va at the end of each month either on the web at or by calling 1-888-gibill1 schedule changes can and will affect va payments especially those under post 9/11 benefits chapter 33 veterans must notify the nmsu-a veterans office when any of the following occurs • dropping or adding courses • withdrawing from courses • discontinuing regular class attendance • changing programs academic majors va

under certain conditions a student may be re-admitted at nmsu or one of its community colleges under regular status while under academic suspension when satisfactory progress has been demonstrated at another college or university credits earned at another university or college while under academic suspension from nmsu or another university or college will be accepted at nmsu only after the student demonstrates satisfactory progress over a period of two semesters after being re-admitted to nmsu acceptance of transfer credits that count toward degree requirements is still governed by the rules established by the student’s respective college or campus effect of summer attendance students suspended at the close of the spring semester may have their academic suspension rescinded if they attend the summer session at nmsu or one of its community colleges such attendance must raise the combined spring semester and summer gpa to 2.0 or better a certification of eligibility to attend

40 degrees certificates nmsu alamogordo 2013-2014 degrees certificates certificate in business applications specialist certificate in basic computer skills this certificate prepares a student for entry-level positions requiring the use of popular business software applications acct 200 a survey of accounting 3 cr or acct 221 finanical accounting 3 cr art 161 digital imaging i 3 cr or cmt 145 digital imaging i 3 cr bmgt 216 business math 3 cr or bot 106 business mathematics 3 cr bot 205 microcomputer accounting i 3 cr or bot 206 microcomputer accounting ii 3 cr coll 101 college success 1 cr cs 110 computer literacy 3 cr or oecs 105 introduction to microcomputer technology 3 cr oecs 207 windows 1 cr oecs 209 computer graphic arts 3 cr or bot 214 word processing ii 3 cr oecs 211 word processing applications 3 cr or bot 213 word processing i 3 cr oecs 215 spreadsheet applications 3 cr oecs 220 database application and design 3 cr oecs 252 project management 3

nmsu alamogordo 2013-2014 degrees certificates 49 heritage interpretation associate of arts and certificate the associate of arts in heritage interpretation is designed to prepare students for service as park interpreters and technicians or for any field in which knowledge of the cultural and natural heritage of the southwest would be useful the certificate in heritage interpretation is designed to prepare students for service as park interpreters and technicians tour guides and museum or historical society technicians the curriculum emphasizes new mexico’s rich history natural setting and unique cultural blend students will study a variety of subjects that will broaden their knowledge of the southwest’s heritage and improve their ability to communicate with a diverse public communications 13 credits comm 265g or engl 111g engl 203g engl 244g principles of human communication 3 cr comm 253g public speaking 3 cr rhetoric and composition 4 cr business

58 degrees certificates nmsu alamogordo 2013-2014 pre-professional preparation in addition to associate’s degrees and certificate programs nmsu-a sponsors additional programs which prepare students for bachelor’s degrees and certification in several areas these programs include the freshman and sophomore requirements for pre-law pre-medical pre-dental and pre-engineering studies degrees certificates pre-forestry students at nmsu-a can complete some of the basic courses that can lead to a bachelor’s degree in forestry nmsu has a special agreement with northern arizona university and oklahoma state university that allows students to be accepted into their forestry programs please see the nmsu undergraduate catalog for more information under the college of agriculture and home economics also review the catalog of the university you wish to attend to verify those courses courses may include but are not limited to hort 115 engl 111g engl 218g chem 111g/gl

nmsu alamogordo 2013-2014 art 255 introduction to graphic design 3 cr 2+4p introduction to the principles of visual communication and digital media letter forms typograhy and identity marks art 260 introduction to painting 3 cr 2+4p introduction to basic skills of painting through various exercises that emphasize working from observation art 261 painting methods techniques and applications 3 cr 2+4p the investigation of formal aspects of painting an examination of painting techniques and an exploration of various methodologies regarding form and content as applied to critical thinking skills through medium of paint prerequisites art 150 art 260 course descriptions 67 art 294 special topics in studio 1-3 cr specific subjects and credits to be announced in the schedule of classes no more than 9 credits toward a degree prerequisite consent of instructor art 295g introduction to art history i 3 cr an introduction to the principles of art history within a chronological framework of the

76 course descriptions hist history hist 101g roots of modern europe 3 cr economic social political and cultural development from earliest times to about 1700 f sp hist 102g modern europe 3 cr economic social political and cultural development from 1700 to the present f sp hist 110g making history 3 cr general introduction to history how historians carry out research and develop interpretations about the past hist 201g introduction to early american history 3 cr history of the united states to 1877 with varying emphasis on social political economic diplomatic and cultural development f sp hist 202g introduction to recent american history 3 cr history of the united states since 1877 with varying emphasis on social political economic diplomatic and cultural development f sp hist 261 new mexico history 3 cr economic political and social development of new mexico from exploration to modern times community colleges only f hist 269 special topics 1-3 cr specific subjects to be announced

nmsu alamogordo 2013-2014 tcen 113 osha 10 hour construction hazard identifications 1 cr intended for entry-level participants to provide instruction on a variety of construction safety and health standards topics include introduction to osha electrical ladder excavation scafford and forklift hazards fall protection materials handling personnel protective equipment and confined space entry hazards meets osha 10-hour requirements tcen 221 roofing materials and methods 3 cr 2+2p covers application techniques and estimation of asphalt and wood roofing products and accessories including gutters and flashing presents roof penetration roof loading issues and energy system installation requirements for mounting photo voltaic or solar thermal systems prerequisites tcen 112 tcen 222 photo voltaic grid tie installation 2 cr 2+1p concentrates on providing the student photo voltaic installation information necessary to tie into the electrical grid system in addition teaches the student how to