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58 degrees certificates nmsu alamogordo 2013-2014 pre-professional preparation in addition to associate’s degrees and certificate programs nmsu-a sponsors additional programs which prepare students for bachelor’s degrees and certification in several areas these programs include the freshman and sophomore requirements for pre-law pre-medical pre-dental and pre-engineering studies degrees certificates pre-forestry students at nmsu-a can complete some of the basic courses that can lead to a bachelor’s degree in forestry nmsu has a special agreement with northern arizona university and oklahoma state university that allows students to be accepted into their forestry programs please see the nmsu undergraduate catalog for more information under the college of agriculture and home economics also review the catalog of the university you wish to attend to verify those courses courses may include but are not limited to hort 115 engl 111g engl 218g chem 111g/gl chem 112g/gl c s 110 biol 111g/gl biol 211g/gl econ 251g econ 252g comm 265g math 121g math 190g stat 251 anth 115 and anth 125g pre-health medical or dental students planning to attend medical osteopathic or dental schools may major in any discipline biology chemistry biochemistry and physics are common majors for students entering the health professions and these fields are emphasized on medical entrance examinations like the mcat or dat summary statistics from national surveys of students taking medical entrance examinations show that majors in the social sciences and humanities score as well as science majors as long as the minimum science requirements are met consequently students should not be discouraged from pursuing a field of study outside traditional premedical curriculum if they meet basic science requirements most health professional schools require chemistry 16 credits biology 8-16 credits and physics 8 credits selection to professional schools is typically based on four separate criteria evaluation of academic transcripts evaluation of scores on admissions tests letters of recommendation and personal interviews nmsu-a students who wish to begin studies in preparation for entrance into any medical or dental school should contact an academic advisor for assistance in developing an appropriate personalized program of studies pre-law most law schools require a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite for admission few require specific undergraduate courses or majors a liberal arts undergraduate program is an excellent background for law school it is highly recommended that students take several paralegal courses including but not limited to constitutional law legal research and writing i and ii admission to law school generally is based on three separate but interrelated criteria evaluation of academic transcripts evaluation of score on the law school admissions test lsat and letters of recommendation in addition some law schools will use personal interviews or essays as a criterion prospective law students are advised to take the lsat early in their senior year students at nmsu-a may enroll in courses as part of a pre-law curriculum students planning to enroll in pre-law are urged to research the professional school of choice to determine specific admission requirements and appropriate courses to be taken at nmsu-a contact an nmsu-a academic advisor to develop an appropriate pre-law major/program pre-veterinary students at nmsu-a can complete some of the preparatory courses that are required by many of the professional colleges of veterinary medicine the department of animal and range sciences at nmsu has current requirements for several area veterinary schools for more information see the nmsu undergraduate catalog under the college of agriculture and home economics courses at nmsu alamogordo that meet these requirements may include but are not limited to biol 111g/gl biol 211g/gl chem 111g chem 112g chem 211 engl 111g math 142g or math 191g phys 211g/gl phys 212g/gl one arts/humanities course one history course and one social science course.