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nmsu alamogordo 2013-2014 art 255 introduction to graphic design 3 cr 2+4p introduction to the principles of visual communication and digital media letter forms typograhy and identity marks art 260 introduction to painting 3 cr 2+4p introduction to basic skills of painting through various exercises that emphasize working from observation art 261 painting methods techniques and applications 3 cr 2+4p the investigation of formal aspects of painting an examination of painting techniques and an exploration of various methodologies regarding form and content as applied to critical thinking skills through medium of paint prerequisites art 150 art 260 course descriptions 67 art 294 special topics in studio 1-3 cr specific subjects and credits to be announced in the schedule of classes no more than 9 credits toward a degree prerequisite consent of instructor art 295g introduction to art history i 3 cr an introduction to the principles of art history within a chronological framework of the art of the western world all media will be discussed from prehistoric times to the fourteenth century art 296g introduction to art history ii 3 cr continuation of art 295 art of the western world from late gothic to the present prerequisites art 295 art 262 aspects of painting 2-3 cr varied painting media continued development of painting skills prerequisites art 150 art 155 for art majors art 260 or consent of instructor art 297 introduction to art history iii continuation of art 296 art of the western world from the enlightenment to the present art 265 introduction to sculpture 3 cr 2+4p introduction to compositional organization of three-dimensional space and scupltural processes such as mold-making welding and woodworking creative problem solving and visual thinking skills emphasized astr astronomy astr 105g the planets 4 cr 3+2p comparative study of the planets moons comets and asteroids which comprise the solar system emphasis on geological and physical processes which shape the surfaces and atmospheres of the planets laboratory exercises include analysis of images returned by spacecraft intended for non-science majors but some basic math required this lecture/lab course satisfies the new mexico common core area iii lab sciences requirement f sp art 267 art portfolio preparation 3 cr 2+4p refine general marketing strategies personal portfolio and resumes define target and penetrate personal target markets students develop individual promotional packages prerequisites art 163 art 269 and art 272 or consent of instructor art 269 advanced computer-based illustration 3 cr 2+4p design custom graphics and create special effects with filtering special effects on type graphing technical illustrations and threedimensional drawing using adobe illustrator prerequisites art 157 art 160 and art 161 or consent of instructor art 270 introduction to photography digital 3 cr 2+4p introduction to photography with digital cameras this is a general photography course with emphasis on basic camera operation picture composition image processing and digital workflow a dslr camera and laptop are required art 272 digital imaging ii 3 cr 2+4p refining of individual creative styles and technical skills using adobe photoshop emphasis on input and output predictability and working with large file productions community colleges only prerequisites art 161 restricted to community colleges only art 275 introduction to ceramics 3 cr 2+4p a concentrated examination of ceramic construction clay and glaze materials and use of equipment to produce ceramic sculpture this course becomes a fast track entry into competent and independent use of the department for students new to ceramics students broaden their skills and gain a more thorough understanding of material characteristics and processes develop their firing skills and participate in dialogue about theory and content specific to ceramic sculpture art 276 ceramics i b 3 cr 2+4p beginning ceramics complementary half to art 275 art 275 and art 276 do not need to be taken consecutively basic building techniques of coil slab and throwing are introduced high-fire and low-fire clays are used astr 110g introduction to astronomy 4 cr 3+2p a survey of the universe observations theories and methods of modern astronomy topics include planets stars and stellar systems black holes and neutron stars supernovas and gaseous nebulae galaxies and quasars and cosmology emphasis on physical principles involving gravity light and optics telescopes generally non-mathematical laboratory involves use of the campus observatory and exercises designed to experimentally illustrate principles of astronomy this lecture/lab course satisfies the new mexico common core area iii lab sciences requirement f sp auto automotive technology auto 103 auto mechanics fundamentals 4 cr 2+4p theory and operation of all areas of auto mechanics basic repair and maintenance operations auto 113 automotive electricity and electronics pt i 4 cr topics include mastery of dc electricity use of digital multimeters troubleshooting electrical problems in starting charging and accessory systems restricted to branch campuses only auto 114 automotive electricity and electronics pt ii 4 cr advanced ac and dc automotive electronic circuits troubleshooting electronically controlled components including supplemental restraint systems and convenience accessories restricted to branch campuses only auto 115 automotive engine repair 5 cr principles of gasoline engine operation identification of engine parts operation and function disassembly and reassembly engine problem diagnoses cooling system lubrication system engine noises restricted to branch campuses only auto 122 automotive brakes 4 cr focus is on theory diagnosis and service of drum disc and anti-lock braking systems brake component machining hydraulic component reconditioning friction and hardware replacement restricted to branch campuses only auto 124 automotive heating and air conditioning 4 cr r12 and r134a air conditioning systems maintenance diagnosis and repair r12 to r134a conversion procedures troubleshooting automatic temperature controls and leak detection restricted to branch campuses only course descriptions art 271 introduction to film and darkroom 3 cr 2+4p introduction to silver based photographic materials film development enlargement printing and darkroom work students will work with a range of cameras including medium format toy and pinhole emphasis on understanding the syntax of silver halide photographic materials development of conceptual vocabulary and the creation of images with thematic unity may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits prerequisites art 270 3 cr.