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nmsu alamogordo 2013-2014 tcen 113 osha 10 hour construction hazard identifications 1 cr intended for entry-level participants to provide instruction on a variety of construction safety and health standards topics include introduction to osha electrical ladder excavation scafford and forklift hazards fall protection materials handling personnel protective equipment and confined space entry hazards meets osha 10-hour requirements tcen 221 roofing materials and methods 3 cr 2+2p covers application techniques and estimation of asphalt and wood roofing products and accessories including gutters and flashing presents roof penetration roof loading issues and energy system installation requirements for mounting photo voltaic or solar thermal systems prerequisites tcen 112 tcen 222 photo voltaic grid tie installation 2 cr 2+1p concentrates on providing the student photo voltaic installation information necessary to tie into the electrical grid system in addition teaches the student how to layout an installation for maximum performance using standard industry tools such as a solar path finder conduit bending wiring roof penetrations are also part of the course prerequisitiess tcen 112 tcen 223 photo voltaic national electrical code principles 2 cr 2+1p focuses on all sections of the national electrical code and local code requirements applicable to photo voltaic electrical installation a partial list of areas covered is chapters one through four and section 690 “solar photovoltaic systems” of the national electrical code prerequisites tcen 112 pre/corequisites tcen 222 tcen 250 photo voltaic system integrator fundamentals 3 cr teaches the student project management fundamentals for working with homeowners businesses government contractors and manufacturers to design build and install complete alternative energy systems covers photovoltaic small wind and micro-hydro system designing permitting budgeting and cost estimating requirements prerequisites e t 125 pre/corequisites tcen 222 tcen 252 nabcep certification preparation 1 cr preparation for the north american board of certified energy practitioners nabcep photo voltaic and solar thermal installation certification prerequisites tcen 222 pre/corequisites tcen 251 tcen 253 photo voltaic system troubleshooting and maintenance 3 cr 2+2p covers photo voltaic system troubleshooting and maintenance topics to include equipment electrical and installation problem areas prerequisites tcen 222 pre/corerequisites tcen 251 thtr theatre arts thtr 101g the world of theater 3 cr an appreciation class introducing the non-major to all aspects of theatre including its history literature and professionals students attend and report on stage productions thtr 105 acting for non-majors 3 cr an introduction to basic performance techniques for non-majors thtr 141 introduction to stagecraft 3 cr basic techniques used in the construction of scenery props and sound lab required pre/corequisites thtr 141l thtr 141 l stagecraft laboratory 1 cr class members will assist with construction for productions in a studio environment pre/corequisites thtr 141 85 thtr 249 running crew ii 1 cr students work on a technical aspect of a production in a rehearsal and performance environment w s women’s studies w s 201g introduction to women s studies 3 cr analysis of the status of women in society today and history and consequences of gender stratification and inequality from the perspectives of sociology anthropology psychology political science and other sciences sp w s 202g representing women across cultures 3 cr historical and critical examination of women’s contributions to the humanities with emphasis on the issues of representation that have contributed to exclusion and marginalization of women and their achievements crosslisted with hon 218 f weld welding technology weld 100 structural welding i 6 cr 3+6p development of basic skills in smaw ofc and ofw in accordance with the aws entry-level welder program weld 101 fundamentals of welding 3 cr set-up and adjustment of arc and oxyacetylene equipment welding safety procedures and terminology skill development in laying weld beads with various patterns positions and processes weld 102 welding fundamentals 3 cr 2+2p survey of welding and cutting processes for nonmajors classroom instruction and laboratory work with ofc/ofw smaw gmaw fcaw and plasma arc cutting weld 130 introduction to gmaw mig 3 cr 2+2p development of basic skills with gas metal arc welding mig in accordance with aws entry-level welder objectives wire electrodes shielding/purge gases and modes of metal transfer weld 140 introduction to gtaw tig 3 cr 2+2p development for basic skills with gas tungsten arc welding tig in accordance with aws entry/advanced welder objectives welding mild steel tungsten electrode preparation filler wire selection and equipment set-up course descriptions tcen 251 advanced photo voltaic on/off grid installation 3 cr 2+2p photo voltaic advanced topics to include panel racking and installation battery storage charge controllers mechanical integration of arrays on buildings and key elements involved in choosing a mounting system prerequisites tcen 222 course descriptions thtr 149 running crew i 2 cr 1+2p students learn about backstage and front of house production positions and work on a technical aspect of a production in a rehearsal and performance environment.