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4  table of contents page page 5 general information 6 nmsu campuses 6 history of nmsu alamogordo 6 mission of the college 6 accreditation 6 academic programs 7 admissions 10 international student admission 11 tuition fees and other expenses 13 financial aid 14 resources for students 18 student organizations activities 18 recognition of academic achievement 19 required courses new mexico common core 21 military veterans family members 22 regulations 31 graduation requirements 33 degrees and certificates 34 arts associate 35 automotive and hybrid technology associate 36 biomedical equipment technology associate 37 business office technology associate business office technology certificate 38 computing associate 39 business applications specialist certificate web design certificate web mastery certificate basic computer skills certificate 40 criminal justice associate 41 early childhood associate 42 education associate 43 electronics technology associate 44 fine arts associate

cards are accepted term charges can be paid in full or paid by using a payment plan for payment plan options go to http uar/paymentplan.htm fees vary based on the plan all financial aid received must be paid toward balances owed additional penalty charges may be assessed for failure to make payments when due nmsu-a reserves the right to deny a payment plan to any student who has a poor credit rating or who has been negligent in making payments to the university for previous debts course reservations may be cancelled if payment arrangements for past due dates are not completed by the deadlines as outlined in a term’s registration guide academic credits transcripts and diplomas will be withheld until all financial obligations are paid students are prohibited from registering for a term until all previous debts due to the university are paid in full tuition adjustments refund and forfeitures any student officially dropping or withdrawing from a course or courses

general information  21 hon 228g religion and the state 3 hon 229g the new testament as literature 3 hon 230g bamboo and silk the fabric of chinese literature 3 hon 234g the worlds of arthur 3 hon 239g medieval understandings literature and culture in the middle ages 3 hon 241g telling american stories society and culture in early america 3 hon 242g claiming an american past 3 hon 244g masterpieces of world literature 3 hon 270g theatre beginnings to broadway 3 mus 101g introduction to music 3 mus 201g history of jazz in popular music a blending of cultures 3 phil 100g philosophy law and ethics 3 phil 101g the art of wondering 3 phil 124g philosophy of music 3 phil 136g the quest for god 3 phil 201g introduction to philosophy 3 phil 211g informal logic 3 phil 223g ethics 3 thtr 101g introduction to theatre 3 nmsu-a degree programs are approved by the state approving agency directory at the new mexico higher education department eligible students may

general information 30  general information academic standing the following academic regulations apply to all nmsu‑a students note see section on incomplete i grades to determine the effect of removal of i grades on academic standing academic warning probation and suspension when students do not maintain adequate academic standing they begin a progression of academic warning to academic probation i and ii and finally to academic suspension each state imposes more structure and limitations on the student in order to help the student return to normal academic standing the intent is not to punish but to help the student return to normal academic standing and success since some of these limitations involve limitations on the number of credit hours students on probation ii or suspension may be subject to loss of financial aid it is the responsibility of the student to determine the impact of their changed academic standing on their financial aid notification to students of

38  degrees certificates nmsu alamogordo 2014-2015 computing​ associate in applied science and certificates this degree prepares students for a career in the computer field specializing in one of two areas of concentration business applications specialist or web mastery a grade of c or better is required in all courses on the degree and each certificate total credits required for degree 66 degrees certificates general education requirements 10 credits comm 253g public speaking 3 cr or comm 265g principles of human communication 3 cr ​ engl 111g rhetoric and composition​4 cr engl 203g business professional communication​3 cr or engl 218g technical and​scientific communication​3 cr releated requirements 6 credits art 161 digital imaging i​3 cr or cmt 145 imaging processing i 3 cr busa 111 business in a global society​3 cr campus requirements 4 credits c s 110 computer literacy​3 cr or oecs 105 introduction

46  degrees certificates nmsu alamogordo 2014-2015 general studies​ associate degree the associate in general studies degree program is intended for those wishing to tailor an associate degree to their own specific needs it allows students to include courses from a variety of program areas any general studies degree plan must be approved by the vice president for student success the associate in general studies is not intended to be a substitute for the associate of arts or associate of science degree programs which prepare students for transfer to bachelor degree programs degrees certificates note students who have previously earned an associate degree from nmsu alamogordo or from any other institution are ineligible to receive the associate in general studies degree similarly the associate in general studies degree will not be awarded concurrently with any other associate degree offered by nmsu alamogordo total credits required for degree 66 requirements for this

nmsu alamogordo 2014-2015 degrees certificates  55 certificates certifications,​ or career preparation preparation for licensure emergency medical services oeem 120 120l 121 emt basic 9 cr ​ oeem 150 150l 151 emt intermediate​9 cr oeem 115 first responder​3 cr for specific prerequisite and co-requisite requirements contact the ems department in the math and science division at 439-3863 ​ emt-basic college certificate​ students who want to receive the nmsu-a certificate need to complete the following courses in addition to emt certificate of completion.​ total credits required for certificate 33-35 biol 111g/gl natural history of life and lab​4 cr biol 211g/gl cellular organismal biology and lab​4 cr chem 110g principles and applications of chemistry​4 cr or chem 111g general chemistry i​4 cr coll 101 college success 1 cr engl 111g rhetoric and composition​4 cr math 120 intermediate

nmsu alamogordo 2014-2015 astr astronomy astr 105g the planets 4 cr 3+2p comparative study of the planets moons comets and asteroids which comprise the solar system emphasis on geological and physical processes which shape the surfaces and atmospheres of the planets laboratory exercises include analysis of images returned by spacecraft intended for non-science majors but some basic math required this lecture/lab course satisfies the new mexico common core area iii lab sciences requirement f sp astr 110g introduction to astronomy 4 cr 3+2p a survey of the universe observations theories and methods of modern astronomy topics include planets stars and stellar systems black holes and neutron stars supernovas and gaseous nebulae galaxies and quasars and cosmology emphasis on physical principles involving gravity light and optics telescopes generally non-mathematical laboratory involves use of the campus observatory and exercises designed to experimentally illustrate principles of

72  course descriptions mus music mus 101g an introduction to music 3 cr an introduction to music for the non-music major to encourage the enjoyment of listening to and understanding the world’s great music from the past to the present f sp mus 110 fundamentals of music 2 cr sight singing ear training beginning harmony for students with little or no theory background may be taken for a maximum of 4 cr f & sp mus 130 applied music 1-2 cr private or group instruction for non-music majors secondary instruments and music majors preparing for 200-level applied music may be taken for unlimited credit f sp mus 161 concert choir 1 cr campus choir composed of both music and non-music majors emphasis on vocal techniques sight-singing and basics of choral musicianship may be taken for unlimited credit na nursing assistant oebm 211 cbet exam preparation 1 cr an overview of the certified biomedical equipment technician exam topics include anatomy and physiology electronics

80  personnel nmsu alamogordo 2014-2015 personnel president jimeno cheri,  president nmsu-a ph.d utah state university administration carstens ryan,  vice president for academic affairs ed.d university of texas austin garcía juan,  vice president for student success ed.d texas a&m university salinas antonio,  vice president for business and finance b.a new mexico state university personnel exempt staff ackall viviane,  accessibility services coordinator m.a jones international university aragon paul,  financial aid advisor b.a new mexico state university aranda elizabeth,  administrative assistant senior bacon jeffrey,  program operations director m.s new mexico state university beavers linda,  administrative assistant senior b.a university of new mexico bond gary,  web developer intermediate m.a new mexico state university bratton john-david,  web developer associate a.a.s new mexico