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4  table of contents page 5 general information 6 nmsu campuses 6 history of nmsu alamogordo 6 college mission vision and core values 6 accreditation 6 academic programs 7 admissions 9 transfer students 10 international student admission 12 tuition fees and other expenses 14 financial aid scholarship services 15 resources for students 19 student organizations activities 20 recognition of academic achievement 20 general education courses new mexico common core 22 military and veterans programs 25 regulations policies 35 graduation requirements 37 degrees and certificates 40 allied health associate of science 41 arts associate 42 automotive and hybrid technology associate automotive maintenance and light repaid specialist certificate automotive heavy line specialist certificate automotive diagnostic specialist certificate 43 biomedical equipment technology associate 44 business management associate leadership skills certificate 45 business office technology associate business

general information 14  general information nmsu alamogordo 2016-2017 • dual credit • foreign military dependent • foreign military spouse • foreign military stationed in new mexico • immigrant student nm hs grad • military dependent • military spouse if you were enrolled in college in an eligible program or career school prior to july 2 2012 you may show you are qualified to obtain a higher education by • military stationed in new mexico • • summer session • veteran waiver passing an approved ability-to-benefit test if you don’t have a diploma or ged a college can administer a test to determine whether you can benefit from the education offered at that school • completing six credit hours or equivalent course work toward a degree or certificate you may not receive aid while earning the six credit hours • be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a regular student working toward a degree or

• veterans affair’s id • nm driver license indicating veteran status new students are not eligible for veterans priority registration until proof of service has been provided costs active-duty active-duty military personnel armed forces stationed in new mexico or at fort bliss texas may complete a “resident tuition application for active duty military” waiver to qualify for in-state tuition spouses and minor children of active-duty personnel who are stationed in new mexico and fort bliss texas who are not otherwise entitled to claim in-state residency may apply for in-state tuition by submitting a “resident tuition application for active-duty military veterans and dependents of the us armed forces” waiver to the military and veterans programs office applications are available by contacting veterans programs at 2400 n scenic drive alamogordo nm 88310 575 439-3600 or email dependents receiving va educational benefits per

general information 32  general information nmsu alamogordo 2016-2017 students may only enroll in non-nmsu courses with approval from the vice president for student success and these courses will still be counted as part of a student’s class load the special examination privilege is based on the principle that the student exclusively has the responsibility for preparing for a special examination class rank classification a student’s classification credit for military service see section military and depends upon the number of credits completed toward graduation sophomore rank is achieved with successful completion of 28 credits junior rank 60 credits senior rank 90 credits credit by college level examination program clep prior to or during a student’s enrollment at nmsu or any of its community colleges credits may be earned through the college level examination program clep of the college entrance examination board clep is a national program of credit by

nmsu alamogordo 2016-2017 degrees certificates  41 arts​ associate degree the associate of arts degree represents the completion of the first two years of most bachelor’s degree programs in the college of arts sciences students following the associate of arts degree are advised to select courses that fulfill the new mexico common core requirements required for all bachelor degree programs at new mexico state university this information is available in the nmsu catalog or on the web site at since approximately half of the requirements for the associate of arts are met with elective courses it is recommended that students plan these electives to meet other requirements for their bachelor’s degree such as the second language requirement or specific requirements within the major.​ undecided students are advised to follow this degree plan because it is flexible and will help structure their selection of classes until they decide on a

50  degrees certificates nmsu alamogordo 2016-2017 education​ associate degree the associate degree in education is designed to prepare the student for work as a teacher’s aide substitute teacher or other paraprofessional in elementary or secondary schools the curriculum is also designed for maximum application of credits to the teacher education program tep at nmsu for those students planning to complete the bachelor’s degree in education.​students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education must apply to the teacher education program tep admission is competitive nmta basic skills test score and a cumulative gpa of 2.5 or higher note any education course more than seven years old taken at nmsu or at another institution will not be counted toward the student’s undergraduate program a student may ask for a reivew of this time limit by the appropriate department the department head and/or faculty may recommend accepting a course that is

60  degrees certificates nmsu alamogordo 2016-2017 renewable energy systems technology​ associate of applied science degree and certificates the associate of applied science degree in renewable energy systems technology is designed for students who intend to enter the alternative energy career field note students must complete oets 104 or receive appropriate compass test score before entering the program grades of c or better are required in all tcen courses degrees certificates total credits required for degree 66 ​coll 101 et 104 et 125 oeem 101 oets 117 phys 110g tcen 111 tcen 112 tcen 113 tcen 115 tcen 121 tcen 221 tcen 222 tcen 223 college success 1 cr soldering techniques​1 cr introduction to renewable energy​3 cr cpr for the health care professional 1 cr writing for technicians 3 cr the great ideas of physics 4 cr ​ photo voltaic basic electrical principles 4 cr pv power generation design fundamentals 3 cr osha 10 hour

nmsu alamogordo 2016-2017 art 294. special topics in studio 1-3 cr specific subjects and credits to be announced in the schedule of classes no more than 9 credits toward a degree prerequisite consent of instructor art 295g. introduction to art history i 3 cr an introduction to the principles of art history within a chronological framework of the art of the western world all media will be discussed from prehistoric times to the fourteenth century art 296g. introduction to art history ii 3 cr continuation of art 295 art of the western world from late gothic to the present prerequisites art 295 astr astronomy astr 105g. the planets 4 cr 3+2p comparative study of the planets moons comets and asteroids which comprise the solar system emphasis on geological and physical processes which shape the surfaces and atmospheres of the planets laboratory exercises include analysis of images returned by spacecraft intended for non-science majors but some basic math required

78  course descriptions math 111. fundamentals of elementary mathematics i 3 cr numbers and the four operations of arithmetic understanding and comparing multiple representations of numbers and operations in particular how these representations build from whole numbers to integers to fractions and decimals applying properties of numbers and operations in contextual situations reasoning communicating and problem solving with numbers and operations applications to ratio and connections with algebra taught primarily through student activities and investigations prerequisites engl 111g and grade of c or better in math 120 restricted to educ,epar,e ed,eced majors math 112g. fundamentals of elementary math ii 3 cr geometry and measurement multiple approaches to solving problems and understanding concepts in geometry analyzing and constructing two and three-dimensional shapes measurable attributes including angle length area and volume understanding and applying units and