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4  table of contents page page 5 general information 6 nmsu campuses 6 history of nmsu alamogordo 6 mission of the college 6 accreditation 6 academic programs 7 admissions 10 international student admission 11 tuition fees and other expenses 13 financial aid 14 resources for students 18 student organizations activities 19 recognition of academic achievement 19 required courses new mexico common core 21 military and veterans programs 23 regulations 33 graduation requirements 35 degrees and certificates 36 arts associate 37 automotive and hybrid technology associate automotive maintenance and light repaid specialist certificate automotive heavy line specialist certificate automotive diagnostic specialist certificate 38 biomedical equipment technology associate 39 business office technology associate business office technology certificate 40 computing associate 41 business applications specialist certificate web design certificate web mastery certificate basic computer skills

general information 14  general information • sign a statement on the fafsa certifying that you will use federal student aid only for educational purposes • sign a statement on the fafsa certifying that you are not in default on a federal student loan and that you do not owe money back on a federal student grant • register with the selective service if required note financial aid will be paid in two disbursements during the semester aid will not be paid for any courses added after the census date students will be billed for courses they drop or do not attend if a change of enrollment status results the financial aid office provides support services for students who wish to apply for financial aid the financial aid office awards funds from federal programs that include the pell grant the supplemental educational opportunity grant leveraging educational assistance partnership work-study and direct loan state grant and work-study programs are also available

mos based on the american council of education guide ace as well as through national standardized tests such as clep ap pep and dantes credit for military-training is in accordance with nmsu faculty senate legislation proposition 24-07/08 which was passed in may 2008 military training and military occupational specialties mos must have a recommendation evaluation by ace in the ace guide for credit to be awarded courses accepted for transfer credit are given an nmsu equivalent and become part of the student’s official nmsu transcript and academic record if a student wishes to appeal a decision regarding the acceptance of military training/education and/or mos for academic credit the student must submit a written statement of appeal to the dean of the college to which the student has applied the dean will review the merits of the appeal and render a decision the decision of the dean is final only primary mos s are eligible for academic credit in the initial review and evaluation

general information 32  general information no circumstances may a student on academic warning or academic probation be allowed to register for an overload academic warning status is continued if the student withdraws from the university probation or suspension status applies to all subsequent enrollments academic probation there are two stages in academic probation academic probation i this occurs when a student under academic warning has a semester gpa less than 2.0 and the cumulative gpa remains below 2.0 at the conclusion of the semester or if the student maintains a semester gpa greater than 2.0 while on academic probation i but the cumulative gpa is still less than 2.0 under academic probation i the following conditions apply 1 the student cannot enroll in more than 13 hours of coursework during the semester note students falling below 12 credits in any one semester may jeopardize their eligibility for financial aid should this occur students should see their academic

nmsu alamogordo 2015-2016 degrees certificates  41 a grade of c or better is required in all courses on each certificate.​ certificate in ​business applications specialist this certificate prepares a student for entry-level positions requiring the use of popular business software applications for example entry-level positions in the fields of software support software consulting and software training total credits required for certificate 32 certificate in web design this certificate prepares students to design web sites and intranets for clients create engaging web pages and design ecommerce sites total credits required for certificate 32 art 101g orientation in art​3 cr art 165 web page design​3 cr c s 110 computer literacy 3 cr ​ or oecs 105 introduction to information technology 3 cr ​ cmt 130 introduction to web design 3 cr cmt 145 image processing i 3 cr or art 161 digital imaging i 3 cr cmt 190 digital video production i

50  degrees certificates nmsu alamogordo 2015-2016 graphic design​ associate in applied science and certificate the associate in graphic design emphasizes the use of computers in a creative art-centered technologically challenging conceptually-based framework the degree is designed to prepare students for immediate entry into the job market or for transfer to four-year degree programs in art or other disciplines at the nmsu campus in las cruces at least 53 of the 69 credits in this program will apply to a typical bachelor’s degree in fine art and other majors at the nmsu las cruces campus and many will transfer to other 4-year institutions a course in html and java strongly recommended.​ students must earn a grade of c or better in all courses for both the degree and the certificate.​ degrees certificates total credits required for degree 69 ​ rt 101g a orientation in art​3 cr art 150 drawing i​3 cr art 155 2-d fundamentals 3

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nmsu alamogordo 2015-2016 chem 112g general chemistry ii 4 cr 3+3p descriptive and theoretical chemistry chem 111g/112g are general education alternative to chem 110g prerequisites chem 111g sp chem 211 organic chemistry 4 cr 3+3p a one-semester survey for students requiring a brief coverage of important classes of organic compounds prerequisite chem 112g or chem 114 cmt creative media technology cmt 115 digital photography and imaging i 3 cr 2+2p principles and techniques of photography using digital equipment with an emphasis on lighting focus and composition f cmt 130 introduction to web design 3 cr 2+2p introduction to web development techniques theory and design incorporates html and industry-standard web editing software in developing various web sites restricted to:community colleges only sp cmt 145 image processing i 3 cr 2+2p design and creation of digital graphics using a raster or bitmap program for use in print multimedia video animation and web may be repeated for a

78  course descriptions phys 212g general physics ii non-calculus treatment of electricity magnetism and light prerequisites phys 211g or phys 221g f sp nmsu alamogordo 2015-2016 3 cr phys 212gl general physics ii laboratory 1 cr laboratory experiments in topics associated with material presented in phys 212g prerequisites corequisites phys 212g f sp phys 215g engineering physics i 3 cr calculus-level treatment of kinematics work and energy particle dynamics conservation principles simple harmonic motion prerequisites math 191g fall odd phys 215gl engineering physics i laboratory 1 cr 3p laboratory experiments associated with the material presented in phys 215g corequisite phys 215g students wishing to use the phys 215g-216g sequence to satisfy the basic natural science general education requirement must register for either phys 215gl or phys 216gl fall odd phys 216g engineering physics ii 3 cr a calculus-level treatment of topics in electricity magnetism and optics