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for more information campus president mr russell hardy board of advisors new mexico state university carlsbad ron singleton district iii president steve west district v vice-president doris carleton district i secretary-treasurer andrew harris district iv abel montoya district ii gary perkowski superintendent of carlsbad municipal schools ex officio member board of regents new mexico state university susana martinez governor of new mexico ex officio regent from santa fe michael j davis state superintendent of public instruction ex officio regent from santa fe laura m conniff chair isaac pino vice chair christopher dulany secretary/treasurer javier gonzales member mike cheney member new mexico state university carlsbad academics vp for academic affairs 575 234-9215 admissions registration and student services michael cleary vp for student services 575 234-9220 adult basic education bertha jasso manager 575 234-9254 barnes noble bookstore kathy morrison manager 575 234-9244 business

establishes the student’s academic standing if the transaction is recorded after the student begins another semester the new grade’s effect on academic standing is based upon its inclusion with grades for the semester in which the student is enrolled rr grade required repeat the rr grade applies only to designated skill development undergraduate courses approved by the university curriculum committee and indicates the student has made substantial progress towards completing the requirements of the course it carries neither penalty nor credit the student must reregister and successfully complete the course in order to earn credit the grade of rr may be received only once in any given course and it remains on the student’s transcript s/u option students who have earned a minimum of 28 semester credits at nmsu under traditional grading and with an overall average of 2.5 or better may exercise the s/u option the following limitations apply 1 no more than 7 credits per

2 coursework during the semester as with rule 2 under academic warning and academic probation i and at the discretion of the vice president for academic affairs the student will be required to enter into a contract with the student’s advisor and approved by the vice president for academic affairs to place further stipulations on academic probation ii the vice president for academic affairs may place the student on academic suspension should the student not adhere to the stipulations of the contract the student must maintain a semester 2.0 gpa or higher until the cumulative gpa reaches a 2.0 or higher at which time the student is place on regular status a student unable to maintain a semester gpa of 2.0 or higher and the cumulative remains below 2.0 gpa while under probation ii will be places on suspension transfer students students admitted under special provisions whose transcripts indicate less than a 2.0 gpa are admitted on academic probation i continuing in probationary

of study at a new mexico college or university and considering possible transfer into a certificate and/or degree program at another institution are encouraged to take the courses approved for transfer during their freshman and sophomore years of study transferring courses within degree programs to facilitate the transfer of courses within certain degree programs new mexico colleges and universities have collaborated to develop transferable discipline modules these are composed of an agreed upon number of hours and courses when discipline module courses are taken in addition to the 35-hour general education core the total number of hours in a transfer module are approximately 64 inter-institutional transfer guides and catalogs students who have selected a field of study and/or the institution where they wish to graduate are advised to consult the transfer guide or catalog for that institution for more current and detailed advice to guide their course selection formal published

word processing option – 12 crs acct 252 financial accounting 3 bot 102 keyboarding document formatting 3 bot 202 keyboarding document production 3 bot 207 machine transcription 3 curriculum notes • an additional 3 credits of keyboarding may be needed based on typing placement test results credits taken for proficiency do not count in total credits for degree • students who have completed certain business courses in high school may be eligible to earn college credit for the following courses bot 105 bot 203 and/or bot 110 see an advisor for more information computer and information technology certificate/associate of applied science sam christensen assistant professor digital media 575 234-9413 • the certificate in microcomputer applications is designed for students who desire practical experience and training in the field of microcomputer operations and systems graduates of this program normally seek employment in business

comm 253g public speaking or comm 265g principles of human communication 3 engl 111g rhetoric composition 4 math 120 intermediate algebra 3 nurs/bot 150 medical terminology 3 program requirements – 9 crs oeem 150 emergency med tech – intermed 5 oeem 150l emergency med tech – intermed lab 2 oeem 151 emerg med tech–intermed field/clinical 2 emt-paramedic certificate 48-63 credits branch requirement – 3 crs coll 101 college/life success 3 program requirements – 45 crs oeem 201 human pathophysiology 3 oeem 202 emt-paramedic i respiratory emergencies 3 oeem 203 emt-paramedic ii trauma emergencies 3 oeem 206 intro to advanced prehospital care 3 oeem 207 emt-paramedic pharmacology 2 oeem 210 cardiac rhythm interpretation 3 oeem 212 emt-paramedic iv cardiovascular emerg 3 oeem 213 emt-paramedic medical emergencies i 3 oeem 214 emt-p medical environmental emerg 3 oeem 216 emt-p reproductive childhd emerg 2 oeem 230 emt-paramedic clinical

pre-business associate degree jon strahan instructor business 575 234-9248 • the associate in pre-business is a generalized two-year curriculum that provides students with the necessary general education and lower division courses that constitute a solid base for a bachelor’s degree in one of the many areas of business concentration these areas include accounting finance management marketing real estate and economics the program also provides entry level management skills for those students who decide to pursue employment rather than furthering their education the program curriculum fulfills the requirements needed before a major field may be declared in the college of business administration and economics on the las cruces campus associate 69 credits branch requirement – 3 crs coll 101 college/life success 3 general education other foundation courses – 36 crs area i english communications – 10 crs engl 111g rhetoric

c j 250 courts and the criminal justice system 3 cr structures and functions of american courts roles of attorneys judges and other court personnel operation of petit and grand juries trial and appellate courts c j 293 field experience in criminal justice 3 or 6 cr field experience in a public criminal justice agency or equivalent private sector organization supervised internship experience conferences and observations prerequisites c j 101g prior arrangement and consent of instructor and a gpa of 2.0 or better in major restricted to majors community colleges only c s computer science c s 110 computer literacy 3 cr evolution and application of computers economic and social implications introduction to programming on microcomputers c s 177 c programming 3 cr 2+2p introduction to object-oriented programming in the c language prerequisite c s 167 or previous programming experience in c or consent of instructor ccde developmental english ccde 105n effective communication skills 4 cr

hist 202g intro to recent american history 3 cr history of the united states since 1877 with varying emphasis on social political economic diplomatic and cultural development gas and electrical systems used in comfort heating maintenance procedures safety trouble shooting and servicing malfunctions in equipment prerequisites hvac 103 or consent of instructor hist 261 new mexico 3 cr economic political and social development from exploration to modern times community colleges only hvac 210 commercial air conditioning/heating systems 4 cr 2+3p covers troubleshooting mechanical and electrical problems associated with hvac equipment in commercial buildings includes gas electric and heat-pump systems prerequisite hvac 103 or consent of instructor hist 269 special topics 1-3 cr specific subjects to be announced in the schedule of classes community colleges only may be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits hl s health science hl s 150g personal health and wellness 3 cr a holistic and

oeps 108 cpr first aid 3 cr emphasis on patient rights and the responsibilities of a trained officer when called upon to perform emergency aid proper techniques for administering cpr or first aid for security officers it covers the bls cpr course and the american heart first aid course and provides for certification of each oets – technical studies oets 102 career readiness certification preparation 1-3 cr this course is designed to prepare students to successfully obtain career readiness certifications in all areas and at the appropriate levels for their program of study graded s/u restricted to community colleges only oets 118 mathematics for technicians 3 cr 2+2p analysis and problem solving of technical problems using measuring instruments and techniques of arithmetic algebra geometry and trigonometry prerequisite ccdm 104n or appropriate placement test score p e physical education recreation and dance p e 103 beginning weight training for women 1 cr introduction to basic