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new mexico state university carlsbad catalog 2016-2017 volume 64 number 1 july 2016 academic programs at new mexico state university carlsbad are available to all students without regard to age ancestry color disability gender national origin race religion sexual orientation or veteran status any item in this catalog is subject to modification at any time by proper administrative procedure catalog effective summer 2016 through spring semester 2022 new mexico state university carlsbad 2016-2017 catalog

rr au cr s or u in a repeated course may be submitted in the calculation of the grade point average though the original grade also remains on the transcript the first occurrence with a c or better grade will count in earned/passed hours future attempts will not count in earned/passed hours if a student repeats a course eligible for grade substitution in which he has earned a d and fails the course the second grade of f may be substituted for the original grade neither credits nor grade points may be earned by repeating a course for which a grade of c or higher has already been received repeat options applies only to eligible courses that were completed prior to the time a student was awarded a degree at nmsu undergraduate enrollment in graduate courses undergraduates who wish to enroll in a graduate-level course numbered 450 or higher for undergraduate credit must secure prior written permission from the instructor and course dean enrollment is by petition only and is limited to

nmsu has a number of university-wide programs that recognize academic achievement these include the honors college the crimson scholars program the dean’s report of academic achievement and graduation with honors in addition many colleges and departments have their own programs and awards that recognize the academic achievement of their students crimson scholar programs crimson scholars is a recognition program for academically superior students crimson scholars receive a number of benefits including you do not need to apply to be crimson scholar at the beginning of each semester that you qualify as a crimson scholar you will receive an email message confirming your status privileges – you become automatically eligible for all honors classes early registration allows you to have the first choice of classes library privileges include being able to check books out for an extended period you may have the opportunity for independent study research projects and other

workkeys® scores for vocational certificates 2016-2017 catalog certificate reading for information level locating applied information mathematics level level accounting dev ed dev ed dev ed banking dev ed dev ed dev ed business office tech – medical transcription option 4 4 4 business office tech office assistant option 4 4 4 building trades 4 4 4 drafting and graphics technology – architectural 4 4 3 drafting and graphics technology – general drafting 4 4 3 electrical trades 3 4 3 heating air conditioning refrigeration 4 5 5 industrial maintenance technician – electrical option 3 4 3 industrial maintenance technician – mechanical option 3 4 3 welding technology 4 4 4 auto refinishing 4 4 4 structural collision repair 4 4 4 non structural collision repair 4 4 4 automotive technology 4 4 4 digital animation 5 4 5 digital graphics 5 4 5 digital storytelling 5 4 5 digital video game animation 5 4 5 digital video media production 5 4 5 digital video

new mexico state university at carlsbad 59 computer and information technology the certificate in microcomputer applications is designed for students interested in microcomputer operations and systems upon completion students are prepared to take the microsoft office specialist certification exams in word and excel the associate of applied science degree in computer and information technology equips students for employment which involves the analysis and design of computerized information and management decision systems graduates of the program are prepared to take the comptia a certification exam which demonstrates competency in the maintenance of pcs mobile devices operating systems and printers graduation requirements certificate in microcomputer applications workkeys® scores of level 5 in reading for information level 4 in locating information and level 5 in applied mathematics cumulative gpa of 2.0 or higher the last 15 credits taken at nmsu aas in computer and information

electrical trades and electronics technology the electrical trades and electronic technology programs prepare students for entry-level employment as electronic technicians or electrical tradesmen in a wide range of industries including consumer electronics industrial controls avionics manufacturing construction and computers the electrical trades certificate is designed for students who intend to enter the industrial workforce as maintenance persons linemen or building construction workers students will learn electricity theory ac/dc circuits maintenance and safety operation of industrial equipment the use and care of common measuring instrumentation and national electric code branch circuits the aas in electronics technology curriculum emphasizes how to fabricate operate test troubleshoot and maintain existing electronic equipment and systems graduates will be prepared to work with hardware and gain basic knowledge of software graduation requirements certificate in electrical trades

nursing the nursing curriculum of nmsu carlsbad prepares students for beginning nursing practice in a variety of health care settings the program is approved by the state board of nursing and the associate degree in nursing is accredited by the accreditation commission for education in nursing acen questions regarding accreditation should be directed to acen at 800 669-1656 or 212 363-5555 3343 peachtree road ne suite 850 atlanta ga 30326 upon completion of the certificate for practical nursing graduates are eligible to write the national council licensure exam nclex-rn which leads to licensure as a practical nurse upon completion of the associate degree in nursing graduates are eligible to write the national council licensure exam that leads to licensure as a registered nurse please note that certain felonious convictions may prohibit graduates from writing the nclex-rn in new mexico students considering application to the nursing program who have any prior felony convictions should

bmgt – business management bmgt 110 introduction to business 3 cr terminology and concepts of the business field role of accounting computers business management finance labor and international business in our society restricted to community colleges only bmgt 112 principles of banking 3 cr banking in today’s economy language and documents of banking check processing teller functions deposit function trust services bank bookkeeping loans and investments restricted to community colleges only bmtg 140 principles of supervision i 3 cr principles of supervision emphasizing planning organization rating of employees and procedures to develop good morale introduction to interpretation of case studies restricted to community colleges only bmgt 150 income taxation 3 cr federal income taxation of individuals sole proprietorships partnerships corporations trusts and estates with particular reference to clu life insurance and annuities restricted to community colleges only bmgt

eced 275 curr for diverse learners and their families 3 cr implementation of family-centered programming that includes developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive curriculum the course will also cover the establishment and maintenance of healthy and safe learning environments consent of instructor required eced 276 eff prog dev diverse learners &their fam 2 cr practical experience in observing and carrying out the role of the director/administrator in the implementation of family-centered programming that includes individually appropriate and culturally responsive curriculum in a healthy and safe learning environment consent of instructor required corequisites eced 275 restricted to eced majors eced 280 professional relationships 3 cr development of staff relationships that will foster strong professional relationships with and among families communities and advisory boards issues of staff recruitment retention support and supervision will lay a foundation for positive

an introduction to power point software to develop business presentations includes concepts of basic presentation methods and graphic design principles students will create and deliver presentations using text charts digitized images and sound prerequisites bcis 110 c s 110 or oecs 105 development of skills in programming using the c programming language restricted to community colleges only oecs 193 c programming ii 3 cr continuation of oecs 192 prerequisite oecs 192 oecs 125 operating systems 1-3 cr installation configuration and optimization of current operating systems restricted to community colleges only oecs 195 java programming i 1-3 cr developing of skills in programming using the java programming language restricted to community colleges only oecs 128 operating systems linux/unix 3 cr installation configuration and use of linux/unix operating system software and utilities including hardware management file management use of command line and scripting community colleges