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4 doña ana community college basic policies and general information the intent of this catalog technical standards for admissions this publication focuses primarily on academic matters candidates for degrees and certificates may elect to fulfill requirements as outlined in the catalog in effect at the date of initial enrollment provided the catalog is not more than six years old or any subsequent catalog in effect during their dates of registration at doña ana community college readers should be aware of the following some programs may require technical standards for admissions and/or continued program participation technical standards may include possessing or acquiring skills or behaviors to complete performance-based tasks completion of these tasks may be required for program completion • the dacc catalog is not a complete statement of all procedures policies rules and regulations that might apply to a student in all circumstances it may be necessary to consult other

2013-2014 catalog 19 ri nc o na da sono north or th r is e dr ma r a nch blvd to albuquerque s ta r i-25 to el paso wy n te l s hor blvd mo rning er 70 approximate distance from central campus 10 miles 20 minutes using freeways drunn oa pk nr east mesa campus rd n dacc east mesa campus 2800 n sonoma ranch blvd las cruces to albuquerque 1-25 to las cruces 85 41 tree ns nkli fra exit 41 to nm 26 frankiln st t hatch center w c 26 anal approximate distance from central campus 43 miles 45 minutes using freeways roa d e c w roosevelt street d hatch center 219 e hill street hatch n.m et e hill stre t foster stree eet main str e ll ha w hall street 26 roa t n main s w davis street franklin street w hill street anal t ee

2013-2014 catalog 33 7 other course options available at dacc and nmsu the following courses electives continued option d health this option is designed for students interested in any health field the courses prepare a student for transfer to the bachelor of science degree at the university in biology chemistry or microbiology required courses students must take the following courses to complete the required 66 credits for the associate of science degree pre-health option ahs 120/oeho 120 biol 225 biol 101g+gl biol 226 biol 111g+gl chem 111g biol 211g+gl chem 112g biol 221+l chem 210 common core course preferences students will be better served by taking the following courses from the common core area i—engl 218g area ii—math 121g area iii—chem 110g phys 211g+gl phys 212g+gl note the balance of the electives must be chosen from area iii may also be used in fulfillment of associate of science degree requirements however they may not necessarily apply to a

48 doña ana community college additional program information technical requirements continued students receive training from highly qualified faculty in modern classrooms and drafting and design laboratories equipped with the latest in computers peripheral equipment and professional software the drafting and design technologies program is housed at the dacc east mesa campus of see map in front of catalog classes are scheduled during the day evening and weekends as well as during the summer to serve both full and part-time students including high school students who are participating in a dual credit enrollment program courses are available at the various dacc locations as well as selected high schools in the area students gain professional development and leadership skills through the drafting and graphics association daga or the american institute of architecture students aias these student organizations are affiliated with at least one of the following american design drafting

62 doña ana community college vidual courses are phlebotomist basic electrocardiogram technician and disability support services course admission is contingent upon results of criminal background check categories of essential functions • national ecg technician certification • national phlebotomy certification note courses with course prefixes appearing in italics are identical to those offered at new mexico state university las cruces main campus in order to participate in the health care assistant program the student must capable of performing the following core requirements observation 1 visually discriminate incremental readings on various medical equipment 2 visually discriminate between different colored objects 3 discriminate between various auditory stimuli math or ahs communication 1 communicate effectively in english using verbal nonverbal and written formats 2 read and interpret the english language without assistance related requirements motor 1 stand

76 doña ana community college various other imaging modalities the clinical work is offered in las cruces alamogordo artesia carlsbad deming ruidoso silver city and el paso graduates of the program are eligible to take and must pass the american registry of radiologic technologists arrt national certification exam in order to obtain employment in this field it should be noted that felony or misdemeanor convictions may make a student ineligible to take the arrt exam many states also require a license to practice as a radiographer in that state continuing education is required with both the arrt and state licenses to retain current certification status recertification is required every ten 10 years in order to maintain arrt national certification the dacc radiologic technology program is fully accredited by the joint review committee on education in radiologic technology related requirements cs or oecs 110 105 biol or biol 154 225 technical requirements 100 radt 101 radt 102 radt 103

2013-2014 catalog 91 bmgt 274 small business planning and development 3 cr bmgt 276 small business advanced business plan development 3 cr bmgt 277 small business management 3 cr teaches the skills to effectively conceive plan and open a business initial course in a series aimed at preparing individuals to start and run their own business preparing a detailed business plan as the first step in creating a successful business study of the principles advantages and problems of owning or operating a small business location capital marketing control and sales promotion prerequisite bmgt 110 bmgt 278 sustainable real estate development 3 cr the awareness of environmental and economic sustainability in project development and planning is an important aspect of the developer’s role in the 21st century the ability to design projects that consider multiple stakeholders and address environmental concerns is addressed in this course bmgt 280 introduction to human resources 3 cr personnel

2013-2014 catalog 105 hl s 275 foundations of health education 3 cr hl s 295 essentials of public health 3 cr role and responsibility of the health educator with emphasis on small group dynamics oral and written communication skills building community coalitions and an introduction to grant writing taught with hl s 375 cannot receive credit for both hl s 275 and hl s 375 prerequisite either hl s 100 or hl s 150g or consent of instructor the courses will focus on principles and major areas of public health including ecological and total-personal concept of health care system epidemiological approaches to disease prevention and control hnds—human nutrition and food science hnds 251 human nutrition 3 cr host 214 purchasing and kitchen management 3 cr host 216 event conference and convention operations 3 cr technical purchasing concepts product selection and specifications safety and sanitation as they relate to food service establishments prepares student for work with haccp

120 doña ana community college watr 220 water treatment systems 3 cr theory of water systems operation including surface water treatment fluoridation sodium zeolite softening corrosion control iron removal various filtration methods and overview of sdwa prerequisites watr 180 and watr 182 or consent of instructor watr 222 water systems operation 1 cr 3p operations of various water treatment systems including surface water treatment sodium zeolite softeners and various filtration methods prerequisite watr 220 or consent of instructor watr 230 advanced wastewater treatment 4 cr watr 232 wastewater systems operations 1 cr 3p calculations and operations involved in wastewater and water reclamation plants prerequisites watr 140 watr 190 and watr 192 or consent of instructor weld 120 basic metallurgy 3 cr properties of ferrous and nonferrous materials service conditions and heat treatment of metals related to welding trade prerequisites weld 100 or consent of instructor weld 125

134 constitution of the associated students of doña ana community college article i preamble we the students of doña ana community college hereby adopt this constitution which makes provision for a democratic student government organization the executive committee will consist of a president vice-president secretary and treasurer duly elected by the doña ana community college student body the academic divisions will be represented by senators from within each of the divisions and shall be elected by their constituency from their respective divisions this student government will provide a communication link with the doña ana community college administration faculty and student body the name of this organization shall be called “associated students of doña ana community college,” hereafter referred to as the asdacc article ii purpose the primary purpose of the asdacc shall be as follows a to represent the student body of doña ana community college b to