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2015-2016 catalog 3 table of contents general information academic and career programs 2 �����welcome / una bienvenida e información en español 33 �����aerospace technology 4 �����basic policies and general information 5 �����academic calendar and contact information 6 �����institutional and program accreditations 7 �����certifications and state approvals of individual programs 8 �����about the community college 8 �����admissions academic career programs cont’d 34 �����associate in general studies 79 �����new mexico common core certificate program 34 �����associate of arts 79 �����nursing 35 �����associate of science 81

2015-2016 catalog write to or visit http student-health-insurance information and communication technologies ict ict maintains computer labs throughout the las cruces campus that provide pc’s and mac’s loaded with computer software to meet the academic needs of nmsu students access to other campus resources include wireless zones account management equipment checkout and an online learning environment student admissions registration financial aid and grades are easily accessible through the mynmsu portal for further information call 575-646-1840 write to or visit http online student admission is available at http registration functions grade reports and e-mail may be accessed via the web at https trio student support services program the trio student support services program offers academic support to help ensure that program participants succeed at nmsu services

34 doña ana community college associate in general studies core requirements—area ii: mathematics/algebra 3 credits note a grade of c or better is required in all area ii courses associate in general studies degree math or math 575-527-7519 121g 210g 3 college algebra see note 5 mathematics appreciation may not apply to all nmsu b.a degree programs the associate in general studies degree program is intended for those wishing to tailor an associate degree to their own specific needs it allows students to include courses from a variety of program areas it is not intended however to be a substitute for the associate of arts or associate of science degree programs which prepare students for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs students who have previously earned an associate degree from dacc or from any other institution are ineligible to receive the associate in general studies degree similarly the associate in general studies degree will not

50 diagnostic medical sonography associate of applied science degree certificate of completion 575-528-7047 sonography is an allied health specialty that uses high-frequency sound waves ultrasound to image many structures in the body sonographers function as members of the healthcare team by providing and evaluating high quality images that aid physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of their patients sonographers are highly motivated independent critical thinkers who enjoy one-on-one patient interaction doña ana community college 2 possess emotional and physical health sufficient to meet the demands of the profession 3 position move and lift patients in wheelchairs and stretchers 4 maintain prolonged arm positions necessary for scanning 5 position and move ultrasound equipment on wheels up to 500 lbs 6 effectively operate sonographic equipment 7 evaluate sonograms acquiring appropriate diagnostic information 8 integrate diagnostic sonograms laboratory results patient histories

2015-2016 catalog 65 note the following categories will eliminate a person from access to in ternships training academies off-site law enforcement related work-study opportunities and most criminal justice related jobs • arrest for domestic violence dui/dwi drug use and possession felony crimes and misdemeanor crimes agency dependent technical requirements 40 credits note some of the following courses may have prerequisites found in the “leveling courses” section cj 101g introduction to criminal justice 3 • mental impairment based on mental illness and/or drug-alcohol abuse cj 205 criminal law i 3 cj 210 american law enforcement systems 3 • false statements on an application or background check cj 221 fundamentals of criminal investigations 3 • social networking or internet postings deemed inappropriate or damaging to a candidate’s reputation or reputation of potential hiring entities also any postings images etc demonstrating a

2015-2016 catalog 81 paralegal studies core/general education requirements continued associate of applied science degree 575-527-7642 if you have an interest in the law and how it affects individuals and society as a whole then a career as a paralegal could be an excellent choice for you paralegals enjoy the intellectual challenge of assisting attorneys in finding legal solutions for their clients’ problems a precise description of the paralegal’s role is found in the new mexico supreme court’s definition in the rules governing paralegal services rule 20-102a which states that a paralegal is one who 1 contracts with or is employed by an attorney law firm corporation governmental agency or other entity 2 performs substantive legal work under the supervision of a licensed attorney who assumes professional responsibility for the final work product and 201g 211g introduction to philosophy informal logic 3 psy or soc or bmgt 201g 101g 240 introduction to

96 auto 120 electrical systems doña ana community college 4 cr 2+4p troubleshooting and repair of starters alternators and associated circuits reading electrical diagrams diagnosis and repair of electrical accessories prerequisite consent of instructor auto 125 brakes 5 cr 2+6p theory of operation diagnosis repair and maintenance of disc and drum brakes safety and use of special tools bct 110 blueprint reading for building trades 4 cr 2+4p bct 111 small equipment maintenance and repair 4 cr 2+4p bct 114 basic carpentry 3 cr 1+4p 3 cr 1+4p same as drft 151 oeet 101 oepb 110 covers small engine theory troubleshooting and repair auto maintenance hydraulic theory and repair lubricants batteries and scheduled tool maintenance auto 126 suspension steering and alignment types of steering systems suspension maintenance and repair four wheel alignment procedures 5 cr 2+6p covers orientation to the trade wood building materials fasteners and adhesives detailed description and explanations of

112 fire 115 hazardous materials responder doña ana community college 4 cr training for personnel expected to respond to and handle defensively emergencies involving hazardous materials in order to protect people property and the environment from as much exposure as possible preparation for awareness level i and operations level ii meets or exceeds nfpa 471 472 473 osha 1910.120 part q hmer plan fire 120 fire protection hydraulics and water supply 3 cr this course provides a foundation of theoretical knowledge in order to understand the principles of the use of water in fire protection and to apply hydraulic principles to analyze and to solve water supply problems fire 126 fire prevention 3 cr this course provides fundamental knowledge relating to the field of fire prevention topics include history and philosophy of fire prevention organization and operation of a fire prevention bureau use and application of codes and standards plans review fire inspection fire and life safety

2015-2016 catalog resp 243 respiratory therapy neonatal resuscitation 127 1 cr advanced practice of the neonatal resuscitation and certification prerequisites admission to program and resp 230 resp 230l resp 233 and resp 234 corequisites resp 240 and resp 244 restricted to resp majors resp 244 respiratory therapy vi clinical 3 cr 9p clinical experience on special modalities requires a c or better to remain in program prerequisites admission to program and resp 230 resp 230l resp 233 and resp 234 corequisites resp 240 restricted to resp majors resp 255 respiratory therapy special topics 1–4 cr specific subjects to be announced in the schedule of classes may be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits consent of instructor required prerequisites admission to program restricted to resp majors resp 298 respiratory therapy independent study 1–10 cr individual study for respiratory care majors chosen topics must have approval of program coordinator may be repeated for a

2015-2016 student handbook constitution of the student government association of doña ana community college article i preamble we the students of doña ana community college hereby adopt this constitution which makes provision for a democratic student government organization the executive committee will consist of a president vice-president secretary and treasurer duly elected by the doña ana community college student body the academic divisions will be represented by senators from within each of the divisions and shall be elected by their constituency from their respective divisions this student government will provide a communication link with the doña ana community college administration faculty and student body the name of this organization shall be called “student government association of doña ana community college,” hereafter referred to as the sgadacc article ii purpose the primary purpose of the sgadacc shall be as follows a to represent the student

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