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4 doña ana community college basic policies and general information the intent of this catalog technical standards for admissions this publication focuses primarily on academic matters candidates for degrees and certificates may elect to fulfill requirements as outlined in the catalog in effect at the date of initial enrollment provided the catalog is not more than six years old or any subsequent catalog in effect during their dates of registration at doña ana community college readers should be aware of the following • the dacc catalog is not a complete statement of all procedures policies rules and regulations that might apply to a student in all circumstances it may be necessary to consult other documents such as the dacc student handbook as well • dacc reserves the right to change at any time and without notice any item contained in this publication including program offerings and content course offerings and descriptions procedures policies and regulations

20 doña ana community college dacc locations east mesa campus 2800 n sonoma ranch blvd las cruces n.m 575-528-7000 see map on page 21 ing additional admissions procedures students may attend one or more campuses and/or centers simultaneously however the total credit-hour load may not exceed that stipulated by the normal class-load policy the east mesa campus is home to the following associate degree and certificate programs the associate of arts and associate of science degree programs business management business office technology computer and information technology creative media technology criminal justice culinary arts drafting and design technologies early childhood education education emergency medical services fire investigations fire science health information technology hospitality and tourism hospitality services management law enforcement library science paralegal studies and pre-business all students currently attending or planning to attend one of the south county

36 doña ana community college 3 electives a maximum of nine applied credits taken in any combination will be accepted as electives for the associate of arts degree applied courses include those with the following prefixes arct bot cmt coll dhyg drft eced elt mat l sc lawe nurs pl s as well as prefixes starting with the letters “oe-” students pursuing a bachelor’s degree are strongly encouraged to consult with academic advisors at both dacc and nmsu early in their associate degree program to ensure that their elective credits will apply toward the requirements in their intended bachelor’s degree 4 nine or more credits all under one prefix may be substituted for a single general education g course with that same prefix for example art 150 155 and 156 totaling 9 credits could be used in place of the general education course art 101g in the nmsu system 5 other course options available at dacc and nmsu the following courses may also be used in fulfillment of

2016-2017 catalog 51 dhyg 218 pain and anxiety management 3 dhyg 220 dental hygiene theory iv 3 information on requirements forms and deadlines for applications are available on our website at http you can also find information at the health sciences division office room dahl 190 or by calling 575-527-7730 dhyg 222 clinical dental hygiene iv 4 required physical and cognitive skills dhyg 224 principles of practice 2 sonography students must be able to do the following dhyg 226 community oral health 2 1 read write and communicate effectively in english technical requirements continued diagnostic medical sonography 2 possess emotional and physical health sufficient to meet the demands of the profession 3 position move and lift patients in wheelchairs and stretchers 4 maintain prolonged arm positions necessary for scanning 5 position and move ultrasound equipment on wheels up to 500 lbs associate of applied science degree 6 effectively operate

2016-2017 catalog public safety providers for funding according to the united states fire administration nearly 70 percent of fire companies are staffed by volunteer firefighters most job growth will occur as volunteer fire-fighting positions are converted to paid positions in addition to job growth openings are expected to result from the need to replace firefighters who retire stop working for other reasons or transfer to other occupations doña ana community college provides training for firefighting personnel through its fire science technology program which is accredited by the international fire service accreditation congress this program provides classroom instruction leading to an associate of applied science degree in fire science technology or a certificate of completion in firefighting it is suited to those who are new to the field as well as seasoned firefighters • career and volunteer firefighters and nmsu student firefighters will improve their job performance

82 doña ana community college paralegal studies core/general education requirements continued associate of applied science degree 575-527-7642 if you have an interest in the law and how it affects individuals and society as a whole then a career as a paralegal could be an excellent choice for you paralegals enjoy the intellectual challenge of assisting attorneys in finding legal solutions for their clients’ problems a precise description of the paralegal’s role is found in the new mexico supreme court’s definition in the rules governing paralegal services rule 20-102a which states that a paralegal is one who 1 contracts with or is employed by an attorney law firm corporation governmental agency or other entity 2 performs substantive legal work under the supervision of a licensed attorney who assumes professional responsibility for the final work product and 201g 211g introduction to philosophy informal logic 3 psy or soc or bmgt 201g 101g 240

98 bmgt 126 retail management doña ana community college 3 cr phases of retailing including types of retail outlets and basic problems of organizing and operating a retail store bmgt 132 principles of selling 3 cr analysis of customer behavior persuasive communication process of the sales interview bmgt 136 fundamentals of buying and merchandising 3 cr covers operational aspects of procuring and selling merchandise for the retail store procedures covered are buying receiving pricing strategies sales promotions and operational controls bmgt 138 advertising 3 cr psychological approach to non-personal consumer persuasion applied techniques in media selection layout mechanics production methods and campaign structures bmgt 140 principles of supervision i 3 cr principles of supervision emphasizing planning organization rating of employees and procedures to develop good morale introduction to interpretation of case studies bmgt 150 income taxation 3 cr federal income taxation of

114 hit 158 advanced medical terminology doña ana community college 3 cr builds upon the concepts covered in hit 150 or ahs 120 providing greater understanding of how to properly use and apply medical terminology used in the various health fields medical terminology associated with the body system’s anatomy and physiology pathology diagnostic and therapeutic procedures pharmacology and abbreviations will be emphasized prerequisites hit 150 or ahs 120 hit 221 internship i 1–3 cr work experience that directly relates to a student’s major field of study that provides the student an opportunity to explore career paths and apply knowledge and theory learned in the classroom internships may be paid or unpaid students are supervised evaluated by both the employer and the instructor may be repeated up to 6 credits consent of instructor required restricted to hit bot majors s/u grading s/u audit hit 222 internship ii 1–3 cr continuation of hit 221 may be

2016-2017 catalog watr 175 programmable logic controllers 129 2 cr this course will introduce students to electrical safety theory and the function operations programming and troubleshooting of the plc controlling common electrical components utilized in control circuits associated with the water and wastewater industry watr 180 water chemistry 3 cr basic chemistry with applications to water and wastewater analysis prerequisite ccdm 114n or consent of instructor watr 182 water chemistry analysis 1 cr 3p beginning water and wastewater laboratory analysis including gravimetric volumetric and quality control techniques prerequisite ccdm 114n or equivalent or consent of instructor watr 190 water and wastewater microbiology 3 cr overview of microorganisms associated with water and wastewater growth and reproduction energy production and methods of counting prerequisite watr 130 watr 180 or consent of instructor watr 192 water and wastewater microbiological analysis 1 cr 3p introduction to

2016-2017 student handbook constitution of the student government association of doña ana community college article i preamble we the students of doña ana community college hereby adopt this constitution which makes provision for a democratic student government organization the executive committee will consist of a president vice-president secretary and treasurer duly elected by the doña ana community college student body the academic divisions will be represented by senators from within each of the divisions and shall be elected by their constituency from their respective divisions this student government will provide a communication link with the doña ana community college administration faculty and student body the name of this organization shall be called “student government association of doña ana community college,” hereafter referred to as the sgadacc article ii purpose the primary purpose of the sgadacc shall be as follows a to represent the student