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table of contents general information 1 the university 1 accreditation 2 the graduate school 2 graduate degree programs specializations concentrations approved minors and interdisciplinary graduate programs 5 admission 8 tuition fees and other expenses 10 funding opportunities 11 financial aid 12 registration 13 military veteran family members 14 regulations and procedures 18 requirements for enrolled students 19 the master s degree 22 the doctoral degrees 24 research facilities 28 postdoctoral fellowships 28 resources for students college of agricultural consumer and environmental sciences 32 agricultural economics and agricultural business agricultural and extension education animal and range sciences entomol­ogy plant pathology and weed science family and consumer sciences fish wildlife and conservation ecology plant and environmental science college of arts and sciences college of business college of education college of engineering college of extended learning 160 college of

18 general information • 2012-2013 of the campuses of new mexico state university including alamogordo carlsbad dona ana grants and las cruces privacy issues privacy rights the following information has been designated as directory information and is subject to release to the public under the buckley amendment pl 98380 the family educational rights and privacy act of 1974 student s name address e-mail address telephone listing date and place of birth major field of study classification participation in officially recognized activities and sports weight and height of members of athletic teams dates of attendance degrees and awards received and the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student other information regarding disclosure of student data is posted at the office of the registrar in compliance with the act requests for withholding directory information must be filed in writing with the office of the registrar purging of student files

2012-2013 • aeec 598 creative component project 3-6 cr individual investigations either analytical or experimental a minimum of 3 to 6 credits per semester no more than 6 credits toward degree consent of instructor required prerequisites consent of instructor restricted to aeec majors aeec 599 master’s thesis thesis 0-88 cr descriptions for the following courses may be found under the section economics and international business later in this chapter econ 450v international economics 3 cr econ 453 introduction to health services policy 3 cr econ 455 public utilities regulation 3 cr econ 457 mathematical economics 3 cr econ 458 development of economic thought 3 cr econ 460 intelligence research and analysis 3 cr econ 465 economics of human resources 3 cr 3 cr econ 490 selected topics 1-3 cr econ 498 independent study 1-3 cr econ 503 managerial economics 3 cr econ 545 econometrics ii 3 cr econ 550 special topics degree master of agriculture specialization domestic animal

56 arts and sciences • 2012-2013 art 525 northern renaissance art 3 cr history of painting manuscript illumination and graphics in northern europe from the late 14th century to the mid-16th century taught with art 325 consent of instructor required prerequisites art 295g art 296g and graduate standing art 528 art and architecture in northern europe 3 cr architecture painting and sculpture in flanders holland france england and germany as indigenous developments and as reflections of the italian baroque prerequisite graduate standing art 529 survey of western architecture 3 cr survey of history of western architecture from prehistoric time to the present prerequisites graduate standing art 530 modern architecture 3 cr study of the architecture of the later eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the context of technological social and stylistic changes focus on the works of louis sullivan frank lloyd wright and european architects of the international style and the

2012-2013 • engl 487 modernist and experimental film 3 cr explores the variety of film aesthetics that depart to some degree from the conventions of classical cinema focuses on how film form relates to modernist postmodernist experimental and avant-garde tendencies in the arts special attention will be paid to the implications of radical formal experimentation for cultural politics in particular in the context of modern and contemporary history repeatable once under a different subtitle engl 488 film and literature 3 cr intensive study of literary and film texts in particular historical generic or cultural contexts such as film adaptation religion in literature and film or the american west in fiction and film repeatable under different subtitles engl 489 cultural studies literature and theory 3 cr examines the theory and practice of cultural studies in relation to the variety of discourse describable as literary including autobiography avant-garde writing nonfiction prose the

94 arts and sciences • 2012-2013 molb 546 biochemistry ii same as bche 546 3 cr molb 550 topics in molecular biology 1-3 cr selected topics of current interest in field of molecular biology for master s level students molb 590 discussions in molecular biology 1 cr oral presentations of ongoing research and/or research proposal for the masters thesis must be repeated twice for masters and three times for doctoral students graded by 2 options s/u or letter grade molb 597 laboratory rotations/research discussions 1-3 cr all entering students are required to take at least one credit during their first semester in which they will circulate through at least three different labs working on assigned problems and discussing research programs may be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits graded s/u molb 598 special research programs 1-3 cr individual investigation experimental or theoretical under the supervision of a molecular biology faculty member course may be repeated up to a total of

2012-2013 • bcis 575 management of information security 3 cr provides management overview of information security and thorough examination of administration of information security surveys field of information security including planning policy and programs protection and people relative to information security prerequisite bcis 110 or equivalent same as bcis 482 bcis 580 systems design development and implementation 3 cr covers design development and implementation of business information processing systems includes maintenance evaluation and system management considerations prerequisite either bcis 350 bcis 540 or consent of instructor same as bcis 450 with differentiated assignments for graduate students bcis 584 object-oriented systems development techniques 3 cr business information systems development in the object-oriented environment taught with bcis 470 with differentiated assignments for graduate students prerequisites c or better in bcis 322 or consent of instructor

132 college of education • 2012-2013 emd 600 doctoral research 1-88 cr research s/u to traditional grade options emd 620 doctoral seminar 1-3 cr a study of current issues in educational administration at the national state and local levels emd 621 doctoral seminar ii 3 cr a survey of research methodologies in educational administration prerequisite consent of instructor restricted to majors emd 622 quantitative research i 3 cr explores quantitative research methods and models and their application in the field of educational leadership prerequisite consent of instructor restricted to majors emd 623 qualitative research i 3 cr explores qualitative research methods and models and their application in the field of educational leadership prerequisite consent of instructor restricted to majors emd 630 concepts of leadership in education 3 cr survey of concepts of leadership in general and educational leadership in particular consideration of implications for practice restricted to

2012-2013 • e e 500 special problems 1-9 cr individual investigation in a particular field of electrical engineering may be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits e e 501 research topics in electrical and computer engineering 1 cr ethics and methods of engineering research contemporary research topics in electrical and computer engineering taught with e e 401 with differentiated assignments for graduate students e e 513 active network synthesis 3 cr active network synthesis including sensitivity of circuits operational amplifier realizations of cascaded and coupled active filters and gyrator and frequency-dependent-negative-resistor realizations recommended preparation is e e 312 or equivalent restricted to main campus only e e 515 electromagnetic theory i 3 cr electromagnetic theory of time-harmonic fields in rectangular cylindrical and spherical coordinates with applications to guided waves and radiated waves induction and equivalence theorems perturbational and variational

170 college of health and social services nurs 606 quantitative methods in nursing research • 2012-2013 3 cr focus on approaches to developing nursing knowledge by means of quantitative research methods as applied to clinical problems theoretical modeling of human responses to health and illness and health policy issues emphasizes detailed analysis and critique of non-experimental and experimental designs issues pertaining to sampling and statistical power the reliability and validity of measurers and uses and abuses of descriptive and inferential statistics in nursing research literature students are expected to develop sufficient discernment to read critique evaluate and discuss the quality significance and limitations of published quantitative nursing research prerequisite nurs 621 nurs 607 qualitative methods in nursing research 3 cr major methodological traditions of qualitative research and their applications to knowledge development and clinical research in nursing are

n ewmexicos tat euniversity aacademic cademic ccalendar alendar 22012-2013 010 2 011 fall semester 2012 fallaugust semester 2010 23 december 14 2012 august 16 december 2010 august 19 campus housing14 opens campus housing opens august 15 faculty report august 20 faculty report august fall convocation august1621 fallinstruction convocationbegins august august 17 23 program/registration for new students august 17 late registration august 23 instruction august deadlinebegins for filing degree application august1931 late registration august 19 students meeting requirements at end of fall deadline for filing degree application august 27 labor day holiday september 3 deadline for registration/course addition august 30 deadline for registration/course addition september 4 students meeting requirements at end of fall last day to drop course with “w” october labor day holiday september 616 except carrying dates last day to courses drop with “w”designated