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general information 1 table of contents general information 3 accreditation 3 the graduate school 3 graduate degree programs specializations/concentrations approved minors and interdisciplinary graduate programs 3 admission 6 tuition fees and other expenses 8 funding opportunities 9 financial aid 11 registration 12 military and veterans programs 12 regulations and procedures 14 requirements for enrolled students 18 the master s degree 19 the doctoral degrees 21 research facilities 24 postdoctoral fellowships 27 resources for students 27 college of agricultural consumer and environmental sciences 31 agricultural economics and agricultural business agricultural and extension education animal and range sciences entomology plant pathology and weed science family and consumer sciences fish and wildlife conservation ecology plant and environmental science water science and management college of arts and sciences 39 anthropology art astronomy biology chemistry

20 new mexico state university 2014-2015 graduate catalog accepted and that the final examination has been passed must be filed with university admissions not later than one week before the degree is conferred time limit the graduate program leading to the master s degree must be completed within seven years or eight successive summers including completion of the master s thesis or final project any course work more than seven years old at time of the final examination will not be included in the program minors a candidate for a master s degree may select up to two approved minors in addition to the major a minimum of nine credits of graduate work is necessary for a minor at the master’s level see “graduate degree programs specializations concentrations and approved minors” for a list of approved minors to record a minor on a student’s permanent record the minor must be listed on the “application for admission to candidacy,” and this form must be

college of arts and sciences 39 college of arts and sciences #a=j] dneop=#2h=pkj ook?e=pa#a=j1aoa=n?d=j@&n q=pa bb=eno ]abbnau/!nksj ook?e=pa#a=j aie?o ]!apd/khh g associate dean academic planning and reokqn?ao ]+eo=!kj maupin ook?e=pa#a=j#arahkliajp=j@$tpanj=h bb=eno ]ajjapd5=j6ejgha ook?e=pa#ena?pkn 1aoa=n?d ajpan].hc=.opko director academic advising ]ajjeban k@cao kkn@ej=pkn 2pq@ajp1a?kn@o] eh ,.her=o anth 320 and anth 355 may be required to take these courses or corresponding sections of anth 502 anthropology department website http 575 646-2725 m chaiken department head ph.d california santa barbara– participatory development resettlement and rural health and nutrition gender applied anthropology africa and southeast asia r t alexander ph.d new mexico– mesoamerican archaeology historical archaeology of yucatan ethnohistory and colonialism agrarian ecology fauna analysis f arakawa ph.d

58 new mexico state university 2014-2015 graduate catalog students may choose areas of emphasis from a variety of experimental theoretical and computational re-search programs in the department the current major research areas of the department include atmospheric physics condensed matter physics/materials science geophysics optics particle and nuclear physics physics education and others these research projects are supported by multimillion-dollar funding by various federal agencies and two national laboratories within the state of new mexico los alamos national laboratory and sandia national laboratories in addition to the in-house research the department conducts collaborative research programs with the brookhaven national laboratory the center for integrated nanotechnologies los alamos national laboratory sandia national laboratories the thomas jefferson laboratory fermilab air force research laboratory and other national and international laboratories the department is housed in

college of engineering 77 selection as a ta nominations for new tas are made by the advisor after a student is admitted research assistants are hired directly by the faculty member who has received a contract or grant for research the college of engineering awards graduate scholarships and fellowships on behalf of electrical and computer engineering these include the mit/lincoln laboratory fellowship the paul and valerie klipsch grad scholarship the admiral paul arthur grad scholarship and the barry neil rappaport grad scholarship applications can be completed on-line at http on or before march 1 the electrical utility management program has a limited number of fellowships for students interested in pursuing master s degrees in electrical energy systems admission prospective graduate students for the master of science or doctor of philosophy in electrical engineering must first meet the entrance requirements of the graduate school the prospective us

96 new mexico state university 2014-2015 graduate catalog illustration course for graphic designers emphasizing the creation of editorial informational and cultural illustrations using vector and bitmap computer programs prerequisite art 359 or consent of instructor may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits art 460 painting workshop 3 media materials and advanced technical problems of contemporary painters may be taken up to 6 credits prerequisites art 350 and art 361 art 461 painting workshop ii 3 advanced issues in contemporary painting may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits restricted to majors prerequisites art 460 art 465 advanced sculpture special topics 3-6 thematic classes deepen students’ knowledge of contemporary sculpture and extended media through a series of interpretive assignments that culminates in a unified body of work course topics include artists’ maps installation art/land art sculpture and the 1960s sculpture and the 1970’s

courses 115 introduction to bioinformatics and computational biology computational approaches to sequences analysis protein structure prediction and analysis and selected topics from current advances in bioinformatics not for c s graduate students prerequisites at least a c in c s 272 and c s 278 c s 491 parallel programming 3 programming of shared memory and distributed memory machines tools and languages for parallel programming techniques for parallel programming parallel programming environments not for c s graduate students prerequisites c or better in c s 370 or consent of instructor c s 492 computer systems modeling and simulation 3 basic concepts of modeling computer systems continuous and discrete time models states and transition probabilistic models structure of simulation programs time driven and event driven simulation on captured and synthetic traces generation of random variables queuing models markov chains random walks poisson markov renewal branching and brownian

134 new mexico state university 2014-2015 graduate catalog engl 516 graduate study in approaches to literature 3 understanding appreciation techniques of instruction in the high school requirements include independent directed research prerequisite at least 6 credits in upper-division english courses engl 517 graduate study in critical theory 3 advanced study of one or more major trends in theoretical inquiry within english studies some prior study of theory such as english 301 302 or 303 strongly recommended repeatable under different subtitles engl 518 history of rhetoric 3 an investigation of the crucial writings that have shaped western attitudes towards and practice of rhetoric course will examine key texts from the greeks through the enlightenment especially as they have influenced contemporary rhetorical theory engl 519 graduate study in modern rhetorical theory 3 major figures in rhetorical theory with particular emphasis on developments in rhetorical theory in the 20th

courses 153 i e industrial engineering i e 451 engineering economy 3 discounted cash flows economics of project contract and specifications as related to engineering design same as ch e 451 i e 453 leadership and motivation 3 theories of leadership and motivation motivational programs for complex organizations relationships between organizational power authority and management styles prerequisite mgt 309 or consent of instructor same as mgt 453 i e 460 evaluation of engineering data 3 analysis of engineering systems possessing variability employing regression analysis of variance distribution theory and experimental design methods prerequisite i e 311 or equivalent i e 466 reliability 3 application of statistical theory to engineering reliability estimation reliability improvement and the analysis of reliability test data prerequisite i e 311 or equivalent i e 467 discrete-event simulation modeling 4 basic modeling concepts organizations of simulations input data analysis random

172 new mexico state university 2014-2015 graduate catalog an introduction to finite difference methods fourier expansions fourier integrals solution of differential equations monte carlo calculations and application to advanced physics problems prerequisites phys 150 or equivalent and math 392 phys 477 fiber optic communication systems 4 see e e 477 prerequisites c or better in e e 315 or phys 461 crosslisted with e e 477 phys 478 optical sources detectors and radiometry 4 see e e 478 prerequisites phys 217 crosslisted with e e 478 phys 479 lasers and applications 4 see e e479 prerequisites c or better in e e 315 or in phys 461 crosslisted with e e 479 phys 480 thermodynamics 3 thermodynamics and statistical mechanics basic concepts of temperature heat entropy equilibrium reversible and irreversible processes applications to solids liquids and gases prerequisites phys 217 phys 315 and math 291g phys 485 independent study 1-3 individual analytical or laboratory studies

new mexico state university academic calendar 2014-2015 fall semester 2014 summer semester 2015 campus housing opens august 17 faculty report august 18 fall convocation august 19 instruction begins august 21 late registration august 21 deadline for registration/course addition august 22 deadline for filing degree application august 29 memorial day holiday may 25 campus housing opens may 27 registration for new students may 27 faculty report may 27 instruction begins may 28 deadline for registration/course addition may 29 independence day holiday july 4 deadline for filing degree application july 6 last day to drop course with “w” july 7 last day to withdraw from the university july 23 last day of classes august 6 campus housing closes august 7 final grades due august 10 august 22 december 13 2014 students meeting requirements at end of fall labor day holiday september 1 last day to drop course with “w” october 21 except courses carrying