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table of contents 1 general information the university 1 the graduate school 1 accreditation 1 policies 2 graduate degree programs concentrations approved minors 2 admissions 5 tuition fees other expenses 7 funding opportunities 9 financial aid 10 registration 12 military veterans programs 12 regulations 14 disciplinary issues 18 enrollment requirements 19 the master s degree 20 the doctoral degree 23 research facilities 26 post-doctoral fellowships 30 resources for students 30 college of agricultural consumer and environmental sciences 34 agricultural economics and agricultural business agricultural and extension education entomol­ogy plant pathology and weed science family and consumer sciences fish wildlife conservation ecology plant and environmental science water science and management college of arts and sciences 44  nthropology art astronomy biology chemistry and biochemistry communication studies computer a science criminal justice english geography geological sciences

2015-2016 • required to collect information from the faculty and/or student involved in the case the academic dean’s office where the course is taught may convene an ad hoc committee to investigate the case 5 if after the fourth step the student or any of the other parties involved is still not satisfied with the response he or she must present to the dean of the graduate school within ten working days a formal letter that provides specific details regarding the nature of the grievance copies of all documents including course materials and grades must accompany the letter in the letter the student can request that their case be presented to the graduate student appeals board after receiving a letter complaint not an email the dean of the graduate school will determine whether the complaint has merit he or she will do so after reviewing the letters from the faculty member the department head and the office of the academic dean as well as the materials from the student and

2015-2016 • biol 587 behavioral and evolutionary ecology 3 fwce 488 conservation genetics 3 fwce 459 aquatic ecology 4 fwce 538 vertebrate physiological ecology 3 fwce 540 wildlife habitat relationships 3 geog 557 fundamentals of biogeography 3 organismal biology eligible courses biol 547 advanced ornithology so 43+3p fwce 530 large mammal ecology conservation and management 3 fwce 532 environmental biology of fishes 43+3p fwce 536 advanced avian ecology 3 fwce 539 game bird ecology and management 3 fwce 567 herpetology 4 fwce 582 ichthyology 4 ecological techniques eligible cours fwce 464 management of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems 43+2p fwce 522 fishery and wildlife research methods f 3 fwce 533 fisheries management 3 fwce 534 aquatic contaminants and toxicology 43+3p fwce 537 wildlife damage management 3 fwce 571 gis for natural resource scientists 4 fwce 580 advanced management of aquatic systems 3 geog 521 gis t applications and modeling 3 rgsc 452 vegetation

2015-2016 • excellent laboratory facilities for research in mineralogy igneous petrology geochemistry stratigraphy paleontology and sedimentology available are a large fully equipped rock preparation laboratory mineral separation laboratory plus computer geochemical and petrographic labs major equipment includes a gemeni heavy mineral separation table x-ray fluorescence spectrometry xrf laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy libs a class 1000 clean lab thermal ionization mass spectrometry tims and laser-ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry la-icp-ms the department maintains its own fleet of field vehicles also available are computing facilities that include an hp color plotter and gis system financial support is available to graduate students in geology through teaching and research assistantships and scholarships inquiries regarding financial aid should be directed to the graduate advisor government phone 575 646-4936 website http n harvey

2015-2016 • students seeking teacher licensure must meet all teacher education program requirements those requirements include an undergraduate gpa of 2.5 passing scores on basic and general portions of the nmta and satisfying the requirements for the academic teaching field each student must possess the academic ability character and attitude suitable for teaching students who in the professional judgment of the faculty and staff do not possess these qualifications may be examined by a selective review committee the committee may recommend a variety of actions ranging from remedial procedures to withdrawal from the teacher education program competitive admission process for teacher licensure emeriti a l armendáriz ph.d university of new mexico– school administration leadership development organizational theory r dominguez ph.d new mexico state university educational administration higher education community college administration leadership development m.l gonzález

2015-2016 • course descriptions 99 course descriptions course listings courses are titled in the following style astr 110g introduction to astronomy 4 cr 3+3p • course number 110 indicates the course is a freshman course • suffix g indicates a new mexico common core course • suffix v indicates a viewing a wider world course • credits the unit of university credit is the semester hour which is the equivalent of one hour s recitation or a minimum of two hours of practice per week for one semester the 3+3p means that the class meets for 150 minutes per week for lecture and also requires 150 minutes per week of “laboratory” practice field work or recitation course number designation 100-199 – freshman courses 200-299 – sophomore courses 300-399 – junior courses 400-499 – senior courses 450-499 – senior or graduate courses 500-599 – first-year graduate courses 600-699 – advanced graduate

2015-2016 • course descriptions 119 c e 455 masonry design 3 theory and design of masonry structural members and systems subjected to gravity and lateral loads taught every other year alternates with c e 454 wood design prerequisites c e 301 and c e 315 pre/corequisites c e 311 and c e 365 c e 457 foundation design 32+3p application of principles of classical soil mechanics to the design of shallow and deep foundations and the fundamentals of geotechnical site investigation prerequisites c e 357 c e 459 geomechanics and rock engineering 32+3p application of rock mechanics principles to the design and construction of structures in and on rock including design of rock support systems rock slopes and blasting/excavation techniques prerequisites c e 357 pre corequisites c e 457 c e 460 site investigation 32+2p investigation and characterization of surficial and subsurface geologic materials and ground water for civil engineering projects includes exploration program

2015-2016 • course descriptions 139 econ 460 intelligence research and analysis 3 this course explores the organization functions and processes of the u.s intelligence community ic with focus on practical intelligence research and analytical methods students will learn in-depth research techniques that will be valuable to any course of study critical thinking skills will be enhanced through the practice of analytical methods that can be applied toward national security and/or commercial interests unclassified and declassified data including human intelligence imagery and other sources of evidence will be used in class projects and assignments intelligence successes and failures will be examined as well as the politicization of intelligence and the relationship of intelligence activities to policy and policymakers prerequisite junior status or above econ 465 economics of human resources 3 measurement allocation and utilization of human resources labor supply value of

2015-2016 • course descriptions 159 hist 527 labor history 3 seminar discussions explore labor and working-class history including such topics as pre-industrial labor slavery debt peonage indentured servitude and housework may explore the history of labor organization working-class culture and leisure activities and responses to labor issues by the state hist 528 history of terrorism in modern europe and the middle east 3 advanced analyses of causes methods and consequences of terrorism in europe and the middle east from the reign of terror in the french revolution to al-qaeda hamas and hezbollah in the contemporary middle east and beyond hist 529 plague plunder and preservation american environmental history 3 explores how the natural environment influenced human actions decisions and cultural and social development from the colonial period to the present how people reshaped and reordered the natural environment and how people perceived or imagined the natural world

2015-2016 • course descriptions 179 nurs 631 population based approaches to health promotion 3 population based approaches to health promotion focuses on preparing nursing students to identify critically analyze and evaluate health promotion initiatives in culturally diverse and border populations using the southwestern u.s and u.s mexico border as the case exemplar it examines historical socio-economic legal and professional issues associated with health promotion and policy initiatives it considers prospects for social change political movements and alternative approaches to develop and hasten adaption of health promotion initiatives in partnership with communities advocacy groups and health care agencies nurs 640 chronic diseases a health promotion approach in underserved populations 3 focus on the interrelationships of various chronic diseases and conditions in the understanding of how co-morbidities influence the prevention and health promotion in the infant school-age

198 course descriptions • 2015-2016 w s 584 women s literature 3 intensive study of literature by women in particular historical aesthetic cultural or intellectual contexts repeatable under different subtitles crosslisted with engl 581 werc a consortium for environmental education and technology development werc 466 fuel cell and hydrogen technology 3 same as ch e 466 prerequisites chem 111g and phys 215g werc 473 nuclear regulations and compliance practices 3 same as ch e 473 consent of instructor required prerequisites math 191g and chem 111g or chem 115 crosslisted with ch e 473 werc 566 fuel cell and hydrogen technology 3 crosslisted with ch e 566 with differentiated assignments for graduate students werc 595 special topics 1-3 lecture instruction on special topics such as energy environment and economics prerequisite consent of instructor may be taken for a maximum of 6 credits wsam-water science and management wsam 452 geohydrology 4 origin occurrence and