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general information 5 master s provisional an applicant whose scholastic record is not satisfactory can be admitted as a provisional student students admitted with this classification can be either a transferring graduate students whose cumulative grade-point average is less than a 3.0 b students whose grade-point average the last half of undergraduate work is less than a 3.0 but who does have a minimum grade-point average of 2.5 a student admitted provisionally must complete his or her first three courses a total of 9 credits of graduate work with a minimum grade-point average of a 3.0 a provisional student who does not meet the 3.0 grade-point average after at least 9 credits of graduate work is subject to dismissal a student admitted on a provisional basis is prohibited from working as a teaching assistant however he or she may work as a research assistant or a grader for one semester a provisional student can be employed for one semester as a grader to hire a provisional student

26 new mexico state university 2016-2017 graduate catalog its member institutions to help their students and faculty gain access to federal research facilities throughout the country to keep its members informed about opportunities for fellowship scholarship and research appointments and to organize research alliances among its members through the oak ridge institute for science and education orise the doa facility that orau operates undergraduates graduates postgraduates as well as faculty enjoy access to a multitude of opportunities for study and research students can participate in programs covering a wide variety of disciplines including business earth sciences epidemiology engineering physics geological sciences pharmacology ocean sciences biomedical sciences nuclear chemistry and mathematics appointment and program length range from one month to four years many of these programs are especially designed to increase the numbers of underrepresented minority students pursuing

college of arts and sciences 47 partner in the sdss project the department also operates a 24-include telescope on tortugas mountain near the nmsu campus the department is home to nasa’s planetary data system’s planetary atmosphere node where solar system exploration data are archived biology phone 575 646-3611 website http r preszler department head ph.d northern arizona– biology education a.l dawe associate department head ph.d tennessee– eukaryotic microbiology c d bailey ph.d cornell– plant systematics w j boecklen ph.d northern arizona– plant insect and community ecology m g castillo ph.d wisconsin– microbiology/immunology j curtiss ph.d colorado– cell and development k a hanley ph.d california-san diego– evolution ecology and control of flaviviruses i a hansen ph.d university of wurzburg– molecular vector biology p w houde ph.d howard– avian systematics e indriolo ph.d perdue plant

68 new mexico state university 2016-2017 graduate catalog dean • james hoffman associate dean academic programs • kathleen brook associate dean research • william gould assistant dean development • anthony casaus mba academic advisor • john shonk accounting and information systems phone 575 646-4901 website http k melendrez department head ph.d arizona– financial accounting m j billiot d.b.a mississippi state– c.p.a managerial and financial accounting r clemons ph.d texas a&m c.p.a taxation t.joo ph.d arkansas financial accounting and taxation s k mills ph.d texas tech– c.p.a managerial accounting and fraud examination e.a scribner emeritus ph d oklahoma state c.p.a financial accounting and accounting systems c seipel ph.d oklahoma state– c.p.a c.f.e financial accounting and auditing p l tunnell ph.d oklahoma state– c.p.a taxation y zhang ph.d texas tech financial accounting degree master of

college of engineering 89 include a large subsonic wind tunnel a large water channel a robotics controls and uas lab a reduced gravity simulation lab a space dynamics and controls lab and a composite materials lab a mechanical testing lab is also available in the college of engineering degree master of science in mechanical engineering major mechanical engineering in addition to fulfilling the basic requirements for admission to the graduate school applicants are expected to have an undergraduate degree equivalent to a bs in mechanical or aerospace engineering from a university accredited by abet graduate students whose bs degree is in a discipline other than a e or m e will normally be required to take undergraduate courses in m e or a e in order to prepare for graduate course work such undergraduate preparatory work will be determined by the graduate coordinator on a case by case basis a candidate for the master’s degree can choose one of two options a thesis option or a

courses 109 art 549 advance figure drawing 3 cr 2+4p art 578 seminar selected topics in art history 3 cr advanced figure drawing class with emphasis on developing technical and conceptual skills prerequisite art 449 reading research and discussion of advanced problems prerequisite graduate standing may be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits art 550 drawing and painting workshop 3-6 cr 4+4p art 579 graduate seminar art theory criticism historiography 3 cr graduate level drawing and painting course focusing on the development of concepts expression and visual form may be repeated up to 27 credits restricted to art majors theories and methodologies in art history and art criticism prerequisite graduate standing art 555 graphic design 3 cr art 580 printmaking workshop 3-6 cr may be repeated up to 27 credits may be repeated for a maximum of 33 credits prerequisites graduate standing art 560 painting workshop 3-9 cr art 582 advanced digital capture and output 3-9 cr

130 new mexico state university 2016-2017 graduate catalog c s 581 advanced software engineering 3 cr chem 466 h advanced organic chemistry honors 3 advanced tools and methods for developing large software systems topics include object-oriented modeling and design component architectures templates and generic programming software configuration and revision control static and dynamic analysis tools model checking advanced testing and verification students are expected to have knowledge of software engineering equivalent to c s 371 same as chem 466 additional work to be arranged c s 582 database management systems ii 3 cr chem 471 instrumental methods of analysis 4 cr 3+3p analytical techniques including optical and procedures prerequisites chem 371 and either phys 212g or phys 216g chem 472 analytical methods for toxic organics and metal ions in the environment 3 cr 2+3p advanced data models and abstractions dependencies implementations languages database machines and other

courses 151 engl 489 cultural studies literature and theory 3 cr engl 517 graduate study in critical theory 3 cr examines the theory and practice of cultural studies in relation to the variety of discourse describable as literary including autobiography avant-garde writing nonfiction prose the essay online writing folklore and popular genre fiction such as mystery romance thriller or horror repeatable once under a different subtitle advanced study of one or more major trends in theoretical inquiry within english studies some prior study of theory such as english 301 302 or 303 strongly recommended repeatable under different subtitles engl 493 middle english textual cultures 3 cr intensive study of cultures of reading writing and literary production in latemedieval england situating middle english literature in its manuscript contexts no prior experience with middle english required engl 497 internship 3-6 cr engl 518 history of rhetoric 3 cr an investigation of the crucial

172 new mexico state university 2016-2017 graduate catalog i b international business i e 515 stochastic processes modeling 3 cr trade and capital flows between countries international payments government policy in balance-of-payments and tariff matters international organizations prerequisites econ 251g and econ 252g crosslisted with econ 450g introduction to the use of stochastic processes in the modeling of physical and natural systems use of generating functions conditional probability and expectation poisson processes random walk models markov chains branching processes markov processes and queuing processes in an applied setting prerequisites i e 311 or equivalent and math 392 or equivalent i b 458 comparative international management 3 cr i e 522 queuing systems 3 cr i b 450 international economics 3 cr cultural influences on management are examined in a global business environment with a particular emphasis on human behavior in multinational organizations and the

courses 193 pe p 558 adapted physical education national standards apens professional preparation 3 cr this distance education course is to prepare physical education teachers to pass the certified adapted physical education cape national examination which is based on the adapted physical education national standards apens these standards were developed by professionals in the field to ensure that physical education instruction for students with disabilities is provided by qualified physical education teachers phil philosophy phls 453 occupational health 3 cr identification control and prevention of occupational diseases and injuries prerequisites junior or senior standing restricted to c hl and e s majors crosslisted with e s 455 phls 454 environmental epidemiology 3 cr covers thematic and research aspects as well as methodological issues related to environmental health and epidemiology along with international and national priorities prerequisites hl s 450 and hl s 452 phls