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new mexico state university grants proud history martinez hall the administrative office space was enlarged and a new larger bookstore was built nmsu grants was established as a public two year community college of new mexico state university in 1968 through the cooperative efforts of new mexico state university and grants cibola county school district in 1998 one of the two remaining job corps buildings on campus was named in honor of francis w frank mcclure to recognize his crucial role in the campus’ successful beginning during the 1999-2000 school year the building was refurbished with new entrances new carpet and tile enlarged hallways and newly painted walls mcclure hall currently houses the building trades courses the certified nursing assistant program the nmsu bachelor of science in nursing classroom a nursing skills lab two itv studios a creative media lab/studio two art labs a photography lab a computer lab our teacher education center and several renovated

or withdrawal all charges due to the university must be paid before refunds will be permitted financial aid as an open-door institution nmsu grants is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to students regardless of personal economic or social conditions this commitment means helping students overcome financial barriers in getting the education they seek each year nmsu grants provides aid to many students who would otherwise be unable to attend the college because of lack of funds in cases of academic or disciplinary suspension eligibility for tuition adjustments will depend on the conditions of the suspension and will be entirely at the option of the university should unforeseen circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the university result in curtailing classes closing residence facilities or otherwise withdrawing services that are a normal function of nmsu refunds of any nature will be at the discretion of the university administration the mission of the

anth 203g introduction to language and cultural anthropology 3 c ep 110g human growth and behavior 3 c j 101g introduction to criminal justice 3 econ 201g introduction to economics 3 econ 251g principles of macroeconomics 3 econ 252g principles of microeconomics 3 geog 112g world regional geography 3 geog 120g culture and environment 3 govt 100g american national government 3 govt 110g introduction to political sciences 3 govt 150g american political issues 3 govt 160g international political issues 3 hl s 150g personal health and wellness 3 hon 203g understanding the science of human behavior 3 hon 232g the human mind 3 hon 235g the world of anthropology 3 hon 237g archaeology search for the past 3 hon 248g the citizen and the state great political issues 3 hon 249g american politics in a changing world 3 journ 105g media and society 3 ling 200g introduction to language 3 psy 201g introduction to psychology 3 soc 101g introduction to sociology

3 4 5 6 a written appeal to the department head in which the course in question is taught this is to be done within ten days of the receipt of the faculty member’s written decision the faculty member the department head and the student are to meet to discuss the problem the department head will send a written response outlining his or her decision to the student and faculty member within ten days of this meeting appeals to the vice president for academics if a satisfactory decision cannot be reached among the department head the faculty member and the student the student or the faculty member may submit a written state of appeal to the associate dean for academics of the college in which the course was taught this is to be done within ten working days after the receipt of the written decision by the department head the associate dean may request a written recommendation from an academic appeals board should this be the case the academic appeals board will conduct a hearing with

mus 101g or 201g phil g course thtr 101g criminal justice associate degree 66 credits program manager interim megan stoneking 2876678 criminal justice core courses 15 credits c j 101g introduction to criminal justice c j 205 criminal law cj 210 american law enforcement c j 230 introduction to corrections c j 250 courts and the criminal justice system the associate in criminal justice introduces students to three areas of the criminal justice system police courts and corrections this degree is interdisciplinary in nature studies include the humanities law natural behavioral and social sciences the curriculum seeks to balance theoretical inquiry with applied knowledge related course requirements 8 credits refer to nmsu catalog for college of arts and sciences second language requirements second language requirement 1 completion of a second language through the 112 level or 2 completion through the 213 level for native speakers this associate degree satisfies the first two years of the

cmt 155 selected topics or cmt 255 selected topics creative media technology associate of applied science 69 credits other course requirements/electives 9 credits coll 101 college/life success c s 110 computer literacy any lower division courses total credits 69 program manager doug larson 287-6656 the associate of applied science in creative media prepares students for entry-level work in the media industry skills include both above and below the line concepts including working with audio and video equipment editing acting directing and writing students also build skills in communications project management and computers that are transferable to other media related jobs including education television and gaming general education requirements 16 credits area i communications 7 credits engl 111g rhetoric and composition comm 265g principles of human communication or comm 253g public speaking area ii mathematics 3 credits math 120 intermediate algebra or higher level math course area

college of extended learning bachelor of applied studies bachelor of individualized studies the college of extended learning extends new mexico state university s reach beyond traditional campuses classrooms and academic programs to provide a wide range of educational opportunities for students to meet their academic professional and personal learning goals the college of extended learning also provides educational and partnership opportunities for faculty and staff in the university community through training networking and mentoring the college of extended learning offers • flexible degree programs in the bachelor of applied studies and the bachelor of individualized studies giving students the opportunity to develop their own interdisciplinary studies program appropriate to their unique educational and career goals • distance education degree programs and courses for students unable to attend an nmsu campus • weekend courses for students unable to attend las

individualized study skill strategies necessary for success in the composition classroom may be repeated for a maximum of 3 credits communications 3 cr overview of the process of creating a digital product from conception to final implication incorporates basic principles of art and design typography layout color imagery logos and advertising basics chem—chemistry chem 100 basic chemistry 3 cr for students whose preparatory science or math training has been deficient does not meet the chemistry requirement in any curriculum prerequisite enhanced act composite score of at least 18 or a grade of c or better in ccdm 114n cmt 110 introduction to web design 1 cr basics of creating a web presence for digital portfolios for personal use cmt 120 introduction to creative media 3 cr 2+2p exploration and discovery of the creative processes through art music theater narrative and other avenues chem 110g principles and applications of chemistry 4 cr 3+3p a survey of the properties

hnds 251 human nutrition 3 cr principles of normal nutrition relation of nutrition to health course contains greater amount of chemistry and biology than hfns 163 open to non-majors student had previously passed with a grade of c or better note students without an adequate placement score to enroll in math 111 math 120 or math 210g can gain admission to the course by earning a c or better in ccdm 114n at an nmsu community college students wishing to enroll in math 121 142g 180 191 230 235 279 280 or stat 251 must satisfy one of the following a have passed the stated prerequisite course with a c or better or b have earned an adequate score on the mathematics placement examination the results of which will be made available to the student’s advisor jour—journalism and mass communication jour 105g introduction to mass communications 3 cr functions and organization of the mass media system in the united states power of the mass media to affect knowledge opinions and

weld 115 structural welding ii 6 cr 3+6p continuation of weld 100 emphasis on aws entry and advanced level welder skills with smaw including all-position welding with mild and stainless steel electrodes plasma arc and air-carbon arc cutting metallurgy heat treatment and weld defects prerequisite weld 100 weld 170 welded fabrication 3 cr 1+4p development of fabrication skills including basic layout measuring and utilization of various welding processes including out-of-position welding use of common shop tools prerequisites weld 100 110 130 and oets 104 or 118 weld 180 gtaw ii 3 cr 2+2p continuation of weld 140 development of more advanced gtaw skills emphasis on pipe welding with mild steel stainless steel and aluminum prerequisite weld 140 or consent of instructor weld 118 technical math for welders 3 cr 2+3p geometry algebra and basic arithmetic pertaining to applications in the welding trades weld 120 basic metallurgy 3 cr properties of ferrous and nonferrous materials