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nmsu grants our history community partnerships stewardship excellence integrity positive attitude employability empowerment intellectual inquiry social justice creativity safe environment nmsu at grants was established as a branch campus of new mexico state university in 1968 through the cooperative efforts of new mexico state university and grants municipal schools during the first year of operation classes were held in the evening in the public school facilities and were taught by qualified part-time instructors from the community in august 1969 the college moved to its present site which previously housed the grants job corps center during 1977–78 a main building was constructed which housed the academic classrooms student lounge library law library as well as faculty and administration offices later the former vocational building and gymnasium became fidel hall which remain from the job corps center were also renovated during the same period accreditation new mexico state

work experiences with employers from business industry government and nonprofit organizations all co-op work assignments are for continuing full-time students and must be completed prior to graduation each semester spring summer fall that a student participates in an approved co-op a notation is placed on his/her permanent academic transcript monday-friday 8am 5pm by walk-in or appointment for more information check our web site at http counsel wave wellness alcohol and violence education program is comprised of the choices program that provides campus organizations classes and other groups with information concerning the decisions that surround drinking alcohol and provides presentations on sexual assault and violence prevention students may register full-time for the alternating plan working one of more work phases throughout the u.s each work phase will last the duration of an academic semester work phases are separated by at least one semester of fulltime on-campus

if a veteran receiving benefits is suspended for academic reasons benefits are terminated and will be restored only after readmission to nmsu nmsu grants has created an academic misconduct appeals committee amac refer to for current forms and protocol if the university has liability claims filed against it as a result of a veteran failing to meet compliance requirements of the u.s department of veterans affairs the university will not release any academic records on the veteran until such time as the veteran has reimbursed the federal government for funds drawn in violation of those requirements a student receiving va education benefits who is pursuing a degree program offered by new mexico state university should adhere to the curriculum of that program failure to do so will result in the student being certified for less than full-time status or becoming liable for an overpayment academic misconduct students at nmsu are expected to observe and maintain the highest

campus medical withdrawal begins at the registrar’s office at all other campuses medical withdrawal begins at the student services office associate of science degree this degree represents the completion of the first two years of several bachelor’s degree programs related to the sciences students pursuing the associate of science degree are advised to select courses that fulfill requirements for specific programs at new mexico state university and that transfer to other four-year institutions many of the courses are general education g courses students interested in the natural sciences e.g biology or fields closely related to the sciences e.g allied health science are encouraged to follow this degree plan students are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment with an academic adviser in the student services office to discuss their program of study withdrawal from nmsu withdrawal from any nmsu campus is an official procedure that must be approved as indicated on

option 2 nmsu school of social work option 6 credits cultural emphasis requirement span 211 intermediate spanish span 212 intermediate spanish ii social services associate degree 66 credits program manager megan stoneking 505-287-6678 other course requirements 13 credits coll 101 college/life success c s 110g computer literacy psy 266 applied psychology or psy 290 psychology of adjustment s wk 253 case management elective the associate degree in social services prepares students for entry-level positions in a social services setting courses taken for this degree may be used to transfer to nmsu las cruces for students wishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social work or sociology new mexico common core 39 credits area i communications 10 credits engl 111g rhetoric and composition engl 203g business and professional communication or engl 211g writing in the humanities social sciences comm 265g principles of human communication or comm 253g public speaking total 66 credits a

oecs 125 operating systems 3 oecs 185 pc maintenance selection i .3 oecs 204 linux operating system 3 oecs 207 windows .3 oecs 215 spreadsheet applications .3 oecs 230 data communication networks i .3 oecs 231 data communications networks ii .3 oecs/cs/cmt electives .6 automotive technology certificate 33 credits program manager dr william serban 505-287-6648 automotive requirements auto 119 manual transmission/clutch or auto 127 basic automatic transmission 5/4 auto 125 brakes 5 auto 126 suspension steering alignment 5 auto 112 basic gasoline engine 5 auto 117 electronic analysis tune-up of gasoline engines 5 auto 120 electrical systems 4 auto 137 fuel system emission control 4 total 30 credits drafting and graphics technology certificate 30 credits program manager richard gutierrez 505-287-6645 total 33 credits if student takes auto 127 for 4 cr student will need to take other auto credits to reach the minimum 33 credits for the certificate this program

c j 210 the american law enforcement system 3 cr historical and philosophical foundations of law and order an indepth examination of the various local state and federal law enforcement agencies ccde 105n effective communication skills 4 cr 3+2p instruction and practice in basic communication to include written and oral presentations develops thinking writing speaking reading and listening skills necessary for successful entry to college and university classes provides laboratory rr applicable c j 221 fundamentals of criminal investigation 3 cr investigation procedures from crime scene searches collection of evidence and case preparation community colleges only note students completing c j 221 may not take c j 321 ccde 110n general composition 4 cr 3+2p instruction and practice in preparation for college-level writing students will develop and write short essays provides laboratory prerequisite ccde 105n c or better or equivalent rr applicable c j 230 introduction to corrections 3

math 111 fundamentals of elementary mathematics i 3 cr numbers and the four operations of arithmetic understanding and comparing multiple representations of numbers and operations in particular how these representations build from whole numbers to integers to fractions and decimals applying properties of numbers and operations in contextual situations including measurement and making reasonable estimates reasoning communicating and problem solving with numbers and operations applications to ratio and connections with algebra taught primarily through student activities and investigations prerequisites engl 111g and grade of c or better in math 120 improper integrals taylor polynomials sequences and series power series and taylor series prerequisites c or better in math 191g math 210g mathematics appreciation 3 cr mathematics and its role in the development and maintenance of civilization prerequisites high school algebra and an adequate score on the placement exam math 215

c 2 building or failing to report in a timely manner a lost university identification card or key i tobacco smoking or tobacco use in any area of campus where smoking or tobacco use is prohibited collusion action or inaction with another or others to violate the code j fire safety violation of local state federal or campus fire policies including but not limited to i intentionally or recklessly causing a fire which damages university or personal property or which causes injury ii failure to evacuate a university controlled building during a fire alarm iii improper use of university fire safety equipment or iv tampering with or improperly engaging a fire alarm or fire detection/control equipment while on university property k ineligible pledging or association pledging or associating with a student organization without having met eligibility requirements established by the university l animal animals with the exception of service and emotional support animals are not allowed on campus

c 4 5 6 officer for students appealing the outcome of fact finding/sanction hearings conducted by a community college vice president of student services/success if the community college president is not available to review and render a decision for an appeal due to time constraints conflict of interest or other reason the vice-president of student affairs and enrollment management will serve as the appeal officer associate director of housing and residential life – the associate director for housing and residential life will serve as the appeal officer for appeals resulting from hearings held by hall directors appropriate administrator one of several key administrators involved in the investigation of alleged student social misconduct and corresponding administrative action and to whose office suspected or observed student social misconduct should be reported a assistant dean of students student judicial services – for misconduct alleged to have occurred on the nmsu-las